Felix! Felix! Felix the Cat!

Sheet music courtesy of Ron Magliozzi.
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There's a cat, a fuzzy creature
In the movies, he's a feature
He's some Cat!
All the kiddies and the mammas
Say that he's the cat's pajamas
He's all that!
When on the screen he appears,
They shout these words in his ears (Doggone it!)

Felix, Felix, Felix the Cat,
Welcome, welcome, home to our flat.
You fascinate me with your funny meow;
I'll feed you catnip and sweet milk from the cow.
Felix, Felix, in our backyard,
You can hang up your hat.
Make your pillow underneath a pussywillow,
Felix, Felix the Cat!

I've seen cats from Maine to China
But I've never seen one finer
He's a bear!
All the cats in old Kilkenny
Kitty, Katie, Jane and Jenny
Can't compare!
I'll let him sleep on my rug,
I'll let him drink from my mug (Doggone it!)

Felix, Felix, Felix the Cat,
You're a real true-blue Democrat.
We watch your capers in the papers each day,
And all our troubles float like bubbles away.
Felix, Felix, just stick around
Make us laugh and grow fat.
Now and ever -- may your kittens be as clever,
Felix, Felix the Cat!

Felix, Felix, Felix the Cat,
You're no fool when you "smell a rat".
All of the kittens who live down on our block
Powder their noses when you go for a walk.
Felix, Felix, you know your furs
When you play tit-for-tat!
Sweet or sour -- you're my wonderful meower,
Felix, Felix the Cat!

Felix, Felix, Felix the Cat,
Drop around and we'll have a chat.
Brush your whiskers Felix, put "on the Dog",
Look just as nifty as a frog on a log.
Felix, Felix, we like your name,
Please don't change it to "Pat"!
Mercy, mercy, never let them call you Percy,
Felix, Felix the Cat!

Felix, Felix, Felix the Cat,
Eat and drink, but never grow fat.
You've got a wishbone that sticks out through your hide,
Perhaps it's a fishbone that you swallowed inside.
Felix, Felix, you're just the kind
I could keep in my flat!
Love your Mommy -- wrap your tail around me Tommy
Felix, Felix the Cat!

Felix, Felix, Felix the Cat,
You're a stuck-up gay-ristocrat!
When you go riding you sit back in the car,
You get familiar but you don't go too far.
Felix, Felix, you seem to know
You know just where you're at.
All the highbrows imitate your Felix eyebrows,
Felix, Felix the Cat!

Felix, Felix, Felix the Cat,
Wish you would keep out of our flat!
On our piano ev'ry night if you please
You are the kitten that walks over our keys.
Felix, Felix, you wake us up,
Spoil our sleep and all that --
You're a jumper but a bad piano thumper,
Felix, Felix the Cat!

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Last updated 22 July 2007

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