Depatie Freleng Cartoons - Thanks
This is an archived version of the now defunct GAC website, reproduced here by the permission of the webmaster, Jon Cooke. We are currently working on reformatting and transferring all the files. On the main page, any link with an asterix next to it is one that has not been completed yet. Be patient ... we'll get there!

This website was no one-man mission. I went through many people to make this website possible, and I decided to give thanks when due. (If I left you out and you think you deserve a thanks, let me know)

Thanks to Jerry Beck, Ron Kurer, Andrew Morris, Guille Gomez, Thad Komorowski, Aaron Higgins, Bruce Saidi, Leif's Lounge for providing me copies of works from DFE. Without you guys, I would've never made it this far.

Thanks to Jerry Beck, Tim "Sogturtle" Cohea for providing information from DFE studio.

Special thanks to Art Leonardi and Dale Case for writing to me about their experience with the studio when they were working there.

Thanks to Dave Mackey, Tim Cohea, Jerry Beck, Greg Method, E.A. Voitto, John Talpur, Bruce Saidi, John Lund, Paul Belanger, Guille Gomez, Thad Komorowski for materials used in filmography pages (title-cards, credits, etc.)

Thanks to Tripod for hosting my site for about six months (back when the site looked horrible)

Thanks to Brian Cruz for hosting my site on ToonZone for over a year (December 31, 2003 to January 5, 2005).

Thanks to Jon Cooke for hosting my site on Golden Age Cartoons (January 6, 2005 to present).

Thanks to Cartoon Network for getting me hooked to "Pink Panther" when you aired it many years ago. No thanks for cancelling it.