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New Posts Popeye and Flintstones return to Boomerang666,458 
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popeye and the flintstones airing on the Boomerang channel

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New Posts The Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries and Baby Looney Tunes on Discovery Kids1299
Also The Smurfs (the hand-drawn original series)

New Posts Universal/Warner to re-release Complete Rankin/Bass Christmas Collection on Blu-ray, October 31st0262
With all R/B Christmas specials in 5-disc set, excluding Santa, Baby
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New Posts Animation Restoration at Universal Studios3603
Lantz, Magoo, George of the Jungle, and long rumored destroyed: He-Man

New Posts Walter Lantz shorts coming to MeTV61,024
Enough said.

New Posts Supermodels (2000)2502
Icebox superhero comedy series

New Posts Jim Korkis (1950-2023) +141,070

New Posts Homestar Runner3625
2000 comedy web series

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