Yet Another GAC-IAD Valentine's Day - Forum.
Fade into the 1956-57 Merrie Melodies rings as the WB shield zooms up (to the usual twang)...


The 1955-1964 rendition of "Merrily We Roll Along" starts playing. Fade to this...


Fade out, then fade in over a background filled with Sweethearts. The following credits appear over the background in bold Futura font while the Overture to Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker plays:

The Internet Animation Database presents

Yet Another GAC-IAD Valentine's Day

Ben Washam
Ken Harris
Bobe Cannon
Rudy Larriva
Tom Ray
Phil Monroe
Lloyd Vaughan
Abe Levitow
Richard Thompson
Don Towsley
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Ken Champin
Irv Spence
Kenneth Muse
Ed Love
Don Patterson
Carlo Vinci
Jim Tyer
George Nicholas
Bill Littlejohn
Norm McCabe
Robert McKimson
Manny Gould
Rod Scribner
Cal Dalton
Izzy Ellis
Art Davis
Bill Melendez
Basil Davidovich
Emery Hawkins
Don Williams
Preston Blair
Michael Lah
Walter Clinton
Grant Simmons
Vladmir Tytla
Art Babbitt
Grim Natwick
Dave Tendlar
Ward Kimball
Milt Kahl
Dick Lundy
Mark Kausler (oh, I wish!)

Effects Animation:
Harry Love

Maurice Noble
John McGrew
Robert Gribbroek
Ernie Nordli
Hawley Pratt

Philip DeGuard
Paul Julian
Richard H. Thomas
Art Lozzi
Fernando Montealegre

Film Editors:
Treg Brown
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Rick Steward
Sam Horta

Voice Characterizations:
Mel Blanc
Arthur Q. Bryan
Daws Butler
Bob Holt
June Foray
Bea Benaderet
Frank Graham
Sara Berner
Mae Questel
Larry D. Mann
Tom Holland
Stan Freberg

Minako's Voice:
Cherami Leigh

Toadette's (and Princess Peach's) Voice:
Sam Kelly

Carl Stalling
Milt Franklyn
Raymond Scott
Various classical composers
Dean Elliott

Additional Music:
Capitol Hi-Q
The libraries of APM

Sequence Directors:
Chuck Jones
Frank Tashlin
Tex Avery
Friz Freleng
Bob Clampett
Robert McKimson
Art Davis

Fade out as the second part of the Overture (the part in F-major) ends.

The reprise of the first part of the Overture continues playing over this scene. Valentine's Day has just begun in Toontown. At the mansion, [bugs2] is ballet-dancing frivolously in his Valkyrie costume from "What's Opera, Doc?" (to the music, of course!), clearly quite happy, while [daffy], gloomy, is binging on Sweethearts. Chuck Jones directs this scene (the two are in their 50s designs).

[bugs2]: Eh, what's melancholy, mallard?

[daffy]: I just can't handle the thought of another party involving those skimpy Sailor Soldiers!

[bugs2]: I thought they were the Sailor Scouts...and didn't you like them, at least several parties ago?

[daffy]: Soldiers, not Scouts!! And don't you remember what happened the first time they appeared back in the GAC days? And that was Thanksgiving, mind you! Imagine what adulterers the toons will be at THIS time of year.

[bugs2]: Wait a carrot-chewing minute...*smiling* you want them to yourself, don't you? Come on, now!

[daffy] (blushing): WaitWHAT!? It's—it's not—oh, forget it!

[daffy] zips into the kitchen. (Here, Frank Tashlin takes over directing from Chuck Jones. [daffy] now looks 40s, yet quite angular nonetheless.) Seemingly looking for something else to binge on, he looks in the kitchen fridge. Nothing but carrots of all kinds: carrot juice, carrot pie, carrot stew, carrot clam chowder, carrot cake, carrot hash, and...a lone carrot.

Looking around to make sure [bugs2] isn't looking, [daffy] snatches the lone carrot and stretches his leg out into the next room (just a lone leg for a moment!), the rest of his body zipping in afterwards. In private...

[daffy]: Psst! Hey, Minako! Are you there?

Minako (whose voice is coming from the carrot, which is moving and squirming around expressively and suggestively to the voice!): Yep! I'm already telling the other Scouts—

[daffy]: Soldiers!

Minako: *ahem* Soldiers to bring their wolf pacifiers against the other toons.

[daffy]: Good! Your business is with me, after all. *wink* But really, did you really have to make my personal communicator with you a carrot?

Minako: It was the only thing I could think of that would blend in with the rest of the house.

[bugs2] (off-screen): Oh, Daaaaffyyyy?

[daffy] (zipping back into the kitchen, nervous; Chuck Jones is back to directing): Uh, yes, Bugsy?

[bugs2]: Now what's that you've got behind your back?

[daffy] (opening the fridge behind him and throwing the carrot Communicator in there): Um, nothing!

[bugs2] (pushing him aside): Alright, doc, no time for frivolous games! (to the fourth wall) Unless you're yours truly, of course. *opening the fridge* Hmmm, no time is a bad time to have a carrot.

And the one [bugs2] picks up happens to be the Communicator!

[daffy]: Wait, [bugs2]!! Don't eat that—

Too late! To this  music, [bugs2] is already munching on the carrot-communicator, while [daffy] makes some absolutely dramatic yet funny, very human (or, to put it simply, Chuck Jones-esque) expressions of horror and agony, one after the other, one expression quickly registering and then dry-brushing to the next!

[bugs2] (who has eaten the carrot up): You know, doc, maybe you should start eating carrots more. Maybe you wouldn't be so tense.

Indeed, [daffy] at this point, slowly hyperventilating as he is, looks like he REALLY needs to calm down.

[bugs2], meanwhile, ballet-steps over to the trash can, opens the lid with his foot (the can being one of those with a foot pedal), elegantly drops the carrot stem in, and grandiosely bounces out of the scene.
Mister Bighead
[daffy] is now out of [bugs2]'s sight.

[daffy] : Oh no, how am I going to get another secret communicator?

There's a knock on the door. [daffy] opens it to see Hunky and Spunky.

[daffy] : Now who are you two?

Hunky: Wazzup, bro! [bugs2] invited us to the party! Now where them girls at?

[daffy] : Now first of all, I doubt [bugs2] remembers you. Second of all, there are no girls here yet. You two were the first to arrive.

Hunky: Now come on! He would definitely invite us knowing we are full of swag!

Spunky: Would you cut it out, Hunky? I just came here to look for a new sweetheart.

Hunky: Be sure to tweet that with a hashtag SingleReadyToMingle!

[daffy] : I have no idea what's going on!

Hunky: Spunky and I are obscure toons from back in the late '30s. We were created by the Fleischers and distributed by Paramount. We quickly became obsolete and we stayed that way for decades. We're trying to be cool and hip so Viacom will pay attention to us again. Maybe we can be as popular as that Sponge guy, who I think has a new movie.

Spunky: I don't think SpongeBob is trying to be cool, he's just overexposed.

Hunky: Shut up! Everyone knows that keeping up with the times leads to exposure.

Spunky: Oh, good grief! Maybe it's best if we stay in obscurity!
[daffy]: Stop the presses...aren't you a MOTHER burro, Hunky? Yet you're here looking for girls!? Don't tell me you're a...

Hunky: A-bup-bup-bup! Just a slip up, is all.

Spunky: Was this trip really necessary?

[daffy]: You said you were looking for a new sweetheart, weren't ya? Well, I have a whole PACK of newly recalled Sweethearts, mainly because some of the messages are very unusual, to say the least. Here ya go!

The pack is thrown over, and Spunky tears it up. Cue a shot of the new but recalled Sweethearts!

Spunky: "Want some woojie-woojie-woojie?" "Let's have a nap together"? "I only have eyes for your..."

[daffy] (immediately stuffing Spunky's mouth with a bar of soap): Shush! I think it's best to take these away.

[buddy] (randomly barging in drunkenly while "Little Brown Jug" plays in the background): Did somebody *hiccup* say "woojie-woojie-woojie"? I haven't *hiccup* heard that since *hiccup* '33 !
Justin Delbert
Meanwhile in another part of Toontown at the Seville's

Dave: Isn't it great boys, we are invited once again to Bugs's Valentines Day Party.
Simon: At, Valentines
Theodore: Candy.
Dave: Now Theodore, you know you shouldn't eat all that candy as you'll get sick.
Theodore: Ok, Dave.
Dave: How about you Al..Alvin, why are you wearing that Hockey Team shirt?
Alvin: I'm not going!
Dave: What do you mean you're not going??
Alvin: I'm gonna go watch Hockey!
Dave: No, you're NOT going to watch Hockey, you're going to the Valentine's Party.
Alvin: Valentine's Day....UGH! I HATE Valentine's Day! I'm going to watch Hockey!
Alvin leaves to the ice hockey arena.
Mister Bighead
To Toadette: You noticed my continuity error. Kudos to you for paying close attention!

Simon: Nice going, Dave! You screamed so loud, you broke the forums' code.

Dave: Hey, I'm a music guy, not a technology guy.

Theodore: And you're certainly not a family guy!

Simon: I'm sure Dave is a more responsible parent than Peter Griffin.

Dave: Guys, [bugs2] asked us to promote our new Blu-ray/DVD release of "The Alvin Show" at the party. If only I could get Alvin to come with us. We can't do the promotion without him.

Alvin: Ah, nobody remembers our old show anyway! The kids are now into our hybrid CG/live-action movies and that new animated series coming out soon.

Theodore: There is no hope for the Chipmunks.

Simon: You said it!

Back at [bugs2]'s house...

[buddy] : Hey (hic) Hunky! Wanna dance?

Hunky: Heck yeah! Do you know how to twerk?

[buddy] : Girl, (hic) I invented twerking (hic)!

[daffy] : Oh my gosh! These parties are getting out of hand!

[porky] , [speedy] , [sniffles] , UserPostedImage , UserPostedImage , and UserPostedImage arrive at the party.

[porky] : H-h-h-h-greetings everyone! We all brought the Valentines!

[daffy] : Did you bring Rocko and Heffer again?

[porky] : Th-th-th-they're not coming this year. They've instead g-g-g-gone to the Valentine's Day party at T-t-t-t-UserPostedImage's house.

[daffy] : (sighs) Why am I not there instead?

[porky] : Instead, [sniffles] and I brought the Van Pelts. [speedy] tagged along as well.

[speedy] : I'm here to dance with everyone's seester!

UserPostedImage : I hope Schroeder shows up and plays some romantic music for the big Valentine's Day ball.

UserPostedImage : I hope Miss Othmar shows up as well! I made her an interactive Valentine.

[sniffles] : Porky, can UserPostedImage and I play video games?

[porky] : Certainly, Sn-sn-sn-[sniffles] !

[daffy] : Why don't you two play with Spunky?

[sniffles] : I would love to do that. I love making new friends!
Fade to [sniffles], UserPostedImage, and Spunky playing Super Smash Bros. for Wii U...and [sniffles] has won with the cute, lighter-pink sun-hat-wearing Jigglypuff!

Spunky: Ah, forget this!

In rage, Spunky is about to back-kick the TV showing the Jigglypuff...but Jigglypuff does a horrified take and grabs the legs just as they are going to kick him, in turn slamming Spunky around to the wacky sound editing you'd expect in a Tex Avery cartoon!

Jigglypuff, smug with victory, actually jumps out of the TV and starts ballet-dancing!

[daffy]: Not again! First [bugs2], and now a sun-hat-wearing Jigglypuff from out of the TV!

Then Spunky gets up and growls at Jigglypuff, who runs into [bugs2]'s secret fridge, Spunky in pursuit...Jigglypuff runs into the secret fridge cavern, where, conveniently, there is a glass container on the wall with an axe!

Jigglypuff, going past it (not noticing it at first) and then bugging his eyes out exaggeratedly at it, with the rest of his body zipping to it as well, pounds it, grabbing the axe, then grabs Spunky by the neck and...

...starts hitting him on the head with the flat side of the axe repeatedly (with a continuous honking sound), then punching him in the stomach unsparingly with both hands (to a constant CLANGing; Spunky's tongue keeps going out with each punch), and finally jumping on him over and over again!!

Hunky: Spunky! What's going on in there!?

Jigglypuff does a typical Avery take, rushes into a random secret fridge and takes a blood sausage (the label: "Made with 100% Jigglypuff blood!"), rushes back, squeezes a bunch of blood from the sausage onto himself and onto the axe blade, shoves the axe handle into Spunky's mouth, and drops dead!

Hunky, who has crawled into the cavern, lets out a horrible scream at the hideous sight!!

Hunky: I leave you for ONE post just to twerk with a washed out 30s character and you KILL this innocent little sun-hat-wearing creature! (Jigglypuff briefly gets up and does a typical Jones "eyebrows up and down" gesture at the fourth wall as Hunky is saying this, then drops quickly as Spunky looks at his "corpse".)
Meanwhile [bugs] has come from Daffy's dream in "An IAD Christmas Carol" and starts writing this letter to [bugs2] in the manner of Charlie Brown's note to the Little Red-Haired Girl in "You're In Love, Charlie Brown".

[bugs] VO playing as he writes:

Dear Bugs Bunny,
How I wish there were more heroes like you.....
There's something about you that makes me flourish in a million roses.
Everyone laughs at me for who I am
They think I'm strange and wicked!
I think you wouldn't care
Please would you be my valentine?

Your secret admirer!

PS Meet me at the Fancy Restaurant

2368 Loving Lane
Toontown, CA

Having written this, [bugs] flies throughout Toontown with his letter (to gentle harp music). Note the design work throughout this pan: heart-shaped leaves, a pleasant palette of varying reds and pinks and purples, bushes that look like hearts with arrows through them, heart-shaped clouds, trees that look like roses...pure eye candy!

Finally, [bugs] arrives at the post box, fluttering down delicately. Just as he is putting the letter in, however, a gloved hand pops out of a nearby bush and curiously feels around [bugs]'s rear...finally, a rabbit foot comes out and kicks [bugs] into the post box! His legs sticking out, [bugs] struggles to get out, but to no avail!

Out of the bush comes [bugs2], still in his Valkyrie outfit.

[bugs2]: Be careful where you put your crushes, doc, cause you never know if they'll last afterwards!

He looks up at the street just so happens that this is Heartbreak Lane! Below the street sign is another sign that says "Where Valentine's Day crushes are crushed into Sweethearts."

[bugs2]: Eee-hee-hee-hee-hee!

Like in "Rabbit's Feat", [bugs2] screws into the ground...but with his Valkyrie hair rather than his ears.

Going from Chuck Jones to Art Davis here, it is then that the Japanese Beetle arrives on the scene with his Cupid bow and arrows, singing a little song to himself.

Japanese Beetle: Ah yes, strange rabbit regs in mailbox! I wonder if Ermer Fudd caught something for sweetheart.

[bugs]: Get me out of here, please!

Japanese Beetle: Hmm. Rive rabbit, I assume.

To a "Huza!!" and the WB clang, the Beetle chops the post box, which cracks in two, letting [bugs] (who is now visibly depressed) out.

Japenese Beetle: Oh, harro, strange [bugs]! You do not rook werr.

[bugs]: Oh, Japanese Beetle, I try and try to get [bugs2]'s affection, but every time he always blows me off! You gotta help me, ya just gotta!!

Japanese Beetle: Werr, you were rucky to come upon me today! I am Cupid, shooting arrows to make peopre farr in rove!

And at that moment (switching back to Jones here), the Beetle and [bugs] hear a nervous [lepew].

[lepew]: Please, be reasonable, my dear! What have I done to deserve this?

Pan over to a dark alley. It turns out that [lepew], sweating with a nervous expression, is being a shotgun-wielding Penelope!

[lepew]: I 'ave not done you wrong! Why?

Penelope: Because...I'm SICK of you chasing me every single time a white stripe goes down my back! Are you blind enough to not know the difference between a skunk and a cat like moi!? *shoots the gun, with [lepew] jumping and narrowly dodging*

[lepew] (as the gun is shot and he jumps): YIPE!!

In some striking camera shots, [lepew] runs out of the alley and into the street, with Penelope chasing after and shooting at him!!

[lepew] (looking at the fourth wall and running): Can one of you readers 'elp me win my love back!? *continues getting shot at and jumping*

Japanese Beetle (to [bugs]): Ret me demonstrate.

The Beetle shoots an arrow into Penelope's tail, with Penelope flinching on all fours (and dropping the shotgun)!

[lepew] skids to a stop.

[lepew]: Penelope?

Penelope comes to...

Penelope (excitedly): PEPE!!! *runs into [lepew] and starts kissing him*

[lepew] (startled at first, but then very pleased): You know, this is like a dream come true.

So Penelope and [lepew] kiss each other endlessly...switch back to Davis for this next part.

[bugs]: Wow! If you could finally end a famous toon conflict that has been going on since 1949, then imagine what you could do for me and [bugs2]! At last, he'll really be my Valentine! UserPostedImage
Fade to a shot of the outside of the house.

Hunky: Consider yourself lucky that jiggly little puffball lived! Now get out!

To the WB whack sound, Spunky is booted out of the house, skidding to a stop on his rear (to the WB skid). [bugs2] (still in his Valkyrie costume, of course) dances by; Spunky reacts with a funny look.

In the mansion, the sunhat-wearing Jigglypuff, who happens to be quite cultured, is daintily relishing in some Lindor truffles. Cue a knocking on the window; the puff looks over and (with a joyful reaction) sees a container of marzipan pigs!

He zips over, climbs up the window, opens it, and licks his lips and rubs his hands in delight...but before he can take a bite, the window is closed shut on him, leaving his face stuck outside (and causing the pigs to fall over—oh, what a woeful waste)!

It turns out that Spunky is the culprit. He ear-gratingly hee-haws in delight, and then starts back-kicking the stuck Jigglypuff in the face!

Spunky: Haw! *kick* Hee! *kick* Haw!—

And at that point a black-feathered fist goes out the window and punches Spunky in the rear such that he's sent flying off-screen!

[daffy] (sticking his head out as well): QUIET, you little jack***!!

Spunky skids to a stop again (this time to the Jay Ward skid), this time laying down.

Then [bugs2] screws himself out of the ground and starts ballet-dancing on Spunky, practically stepping all over him! (Jim Tyer provides nice distortion on Spunky as he is being squished around and stepped on.) Then he dances off somewhere else.

Bob Clampett supervises this scene.

Sunhatpuff, meanwhile, is picking up as much marzipan pigs as he possibly can, but then [bugs2] zips over, stealing the pigs in the midst of the drybrushed zip!

Balletpuff keeps trying to run to get them, but [bugs2]'s foot blocks him. Finally, throwing the pigs into the air, [bugs2] kisses the puffball on the lips!

Pan very quickly to [bugs] hiding in a nearby bush, doing a wild shock take!

Anyways, off [bugs2] goes (while Just-kissedpuff spits around), stretching his hand out to grab the neat stack of marzipan pigs that had been thrown up earlier, and then that zips off too. Sunnypuff turns not so sunny, becoming red and angry and steaming, then zips off violently (to a Treg Brown explosion) after [bugs2].

[bugs] (dramatically): Ohhh, the aaaa-go-knee!! AaAaAaAaaa-go-nyyyyy!!
Frank Tashlin supervises here.

Only eight guests right now back at the house: [buddy], [porky], [sniffles], [speedy], UserPostedImage, UserPostedImage, UserPostedImage, and Hunky, and the only host is [daffy]. Less is more, more or less...except...


[daffy] zips over and opens the door to Agnes, the little girl from "Nasty Quacks".

Agnes: Oh, [daffy]! It's been so long! *hugs*

[daffy]: At least she's far more tolerable than Elmyra.

Agnes: And guess who else I brought?

Cue a stampede of yellow, white, and black ducklings, followed by (to a "Beeu-woop!") the female duck from the end of "Nasty Quacks" zipping into [daffy]!

[daffy]: Darling! You came!

They zip over to the living room couch, and [daffy] starts loudly telling tales of the previous parties and laughing to the girl duck while their ducklings start wreaking havoc in the house!

One triplet is booing at the Boomerang rebrand and throwing random objects at the HDTV...the last being a mallet that destroys it!

A white duckling is dueling with UserPostedImage...using Wii-motes! They go out to the back of the house, crash right through the wooden fence (the electric fence has been taken down), and literally duel all over the block! Finally, they have made a complete circle back to the mansion, and the duckling decides to throw his Wii-mote, which misses when UserPostedImage ducks...but the wrist-strap is still on, and after stretching out right next to UserPostedImage (who is in an argument with UserPostedImage), the Wii-mote comes back and knocks out UserPostedImage in the back of the head just as he has the duckling beat!

Some have cornered [speedy].

A yellow duckling: So, you messed with our father, eh?

They try to pile [speedy], but he jumps up and zips off yelling "Arriba!", of course.

The rest of this post is directed by Art Davis. This next part is animated by Don Williams; a sample of his work here . His work for Davis during the late-40s was heavy on brush strokes; notice the multiple eyes on the fast parts!

[buddy] and Hunky are twerking while some other ducklings are drinking rum.

[buddy]: Hey, wanna twerk with us?

Ducklings: Shaddup, ya has-been!

And they slam their bottles of rum onto [buddy], sending him crashing through the ground!

A black duckling: And no one except maybe Luke Brooks  ever liked YOU, Hunky! Your attempts at modernization will make you even MORE dated in just a decade!

He grabs a boot from off-screen and boots Hunky out of the mansion!

Finally, one of the ducklings has built a sort of mechanical Swiss Army Knife, with lots of weapons and knifes and scissors and tools spinning around and twirling and snipping and shooting and such!

Bill Melendez animates some WILD takes on [porky], [speedy], [sniffles], and the Van Pelts (this  is proof of what he could do, if Larry Trembley's ID is accurate) as the mechanical Army Knife heads towards them! Cue a chase around the house involving the six beleaguered guests and the giant bizarre contraption while [daffy] and his wife (I think) and Agnes continue laughing at their stories and the other ducklings continue ruining everything.

[sniffles] (hanging onto [porky]): Gosh gee wilikers! What is that thing!? What are we doing here? What's this got to do with Valentine's Day? Is Mary Jane going to come? Why are we running? Where did the machine gun come from?

[porky] (who, throughout the dialogue, is constantly dodging various weapons): G-g-g-gosh! And to think that D-d-d-d-[daffy] earlier complained about how things were going c-c-craz-c-c-craz-uh, out of hand!
This post will be WAY out of the ordinary. It's going to be a scene in commentary form, something like this , so bear with me. I promise something more comedic will happen in my next post.

Moving back to the balletic chase (here set to "Samuel Goldenberg and Schmuÿle", part of Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition) between Brünnhilde [bugs2] and Sunhatpuff throughout Toontown, directed by Friz Freleng...

Notice the differences between the two here. The Jigglypuff, searching for [bugs2] to Samuel Goldenberg's theme, and in contrast to his sole piece of attire, a sunhat, is grumpy-faced, and his balletic actions are carried out with a certain angry force. [bugs2], dressed as a Valkyrie, is dancing frivolously and light-heartedly to Schmuÿle's theme, and beckons the Jigglypuff to come over and get him.

So [bugs2] is dressed as Brünnhilde. At the beginning of this thread, I didn't really intend for [bugs2]'s dressing up like this to be anything other than (besides a homage to "What's Opera, Doc?") one of those throwaway gags typical in these party threads, if not a homage to this  post. Indeed, [bugs2]'s first appearance after that initial post, when he has thwarted [bugs]'s plans for love with him, depicts him acting rather normally, though in costume. But the posts since then seem to show that he has adjusted to his role as a frivolous dancer. Or is he playing hard to get with Jigglypuff, using his feminine role? Why, after all, did he take the marzipan pigs?

And the sunhat-wearing Jigglypuff, also a ballet dancer, is on the surface only chasing after Brünnhilde [bugs2] because he's stolen his marzipan pigs, earlier a trap set up by Spunky, and the puffball is now trying to get them back. Certainly he doesn't seem to have fallen for [bugs2]'s charms, having spit away at his kiss earlier. But does he know that "she" is [bugs2]? Or does he really think he's Brünnhilde?

As the two themes mix, Sunhatpuff finally starts chasing [bugs2]-as-Brünnhilde. As the camera cuts back and forth between [bugs2] dancing forward and Sunhatpuff imitating him, you see Sunhatpuff gradually lightening up. His moves in imitation are getting less forceful, and approaching the frivolity of [bugs2]. His expression is no longer one of anger, but gradually one of enjoyment.

The music comes to a halt as Sunhatpuff leaps into [bugs2]'s arms. For the final part, the two are dancing together in a pas de deux, and as Jigglypuff is allowing [bugs2] to perform a penché, he spies the marzipan pigs in [bugs2]'s skirt's pocket (to the very short, calm part just before the loud ending to the music)...he has not forgotten his original purpose in this chase. To the crescendoing final notes, Sunhatpuff grabs a stick and tries to give one to [bugs2] on the head, but [bugs2] immediately takes out a mallet and smashes him to the very last, abrupt note!

Cue the Harry Love explosive-impact-followed-by-stars-on-a-gradient animation!

The Jigglypuff is quite dazed, and [bugs2] is now ballet-stepping towards Princess Peach's castle in Videoville. Yet he has left behind the marzipan pigs.

Now something's going on in the mind of Sunhatpuff. He has his marzipan pigs now, but he still feels unsatisfied. He's clearly wondering why.

And the answer comes as he sighs dreamily. He has now fallen in love...with Brünnhilde, not [bugs2]. He did not know who this mysterious creature was at first, but this long dance has seduced him.

So, after stuffing all the pigs into his sunhat for later, the puffball runs hastily, but gently towards the castle as well. He must reunite with "her" dance, perhaps.

I'm going to watch "The Big Snooze" tonight. Expect something fun tomorrow!
[bugs2] Whoa, what just happened?

[daffy] You were in a "Big Lipped Migraine Moment". You had a migraine and weird chasing happened.

[bugs2] Uhhghhh.....would you give me some Asprin?

[daffy] Be sure to "Toon In" to Toadette's wacky post. Say I wonder what happened to him as "The Dogfather"? Did he get tired of DFE cartoons?

BTW, thanks for mentioning me in one post, Toadette!
Very sorry for the delay! As can be seen, this was too insane to write in just one work day, and it'll try your patience.

Regarding the Dogfather: he will be coming to this thread soon, and so will Pug and Louie. (He says that since almost every other toon who died during the Halloween chaos has since been resurrected, he's going to lift his ban.) Hence the credit for Bob Holt during the opening. How Charlie Brown will react to that, especially with Valentine's Day and the Little Red-Haired Girl and the still-somewhat-unresolved love triangle, won't be savory, to put it simply. And the Japanese Beetle, of course, is a DFE character.

And the chasing's going to get even weirder in this post; the majority of it will be directed by Bob Clampett. [bugs2] has just taken an aspirin, and it turns out...

[bugs2] (waking up under the shadow of UserPostedImage's castle): AAH-who-what-where-when!? *looking down and seeing himself still dressed as Brünnhilde* Oh. So I'm still in role after all.

And Balletpuff approaches in the distance.

[bugs2] elegantly kicks down the castle door, and steps in.

UserPostedImage (dusting off a stairwell statue): Well, [bugs2]! You didn't tell me you were visiting.

Outside, it turns out [bugs] and the Japanese Beetle have been following [bugs2] as well. And when the Jigglypuff goes by their bush, [bugs] grabs him and beats him up inside!

[bugs]: Now aim carefully, Japanese Beetle! I just can't stand any more setbacks!

The Beetle shoots an arrow inside...

[bugs2] is dancing to Mendelssohn's Spring Song for UserPostedImage; UserPostedImage and I are watching as well. He does a great leap and dodges the arrow, which instead goes into Peach!

UserPostedImage (wildly reacting): AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaAAHH!!!!!

[bugs2] has finished dancing, and takes a bow. But UserPostedImage zips up and starts trying to smooch him and getting in an uncomfortable position!

[bugs2] (trying to shove her away): Hey, stop! What are you doi—your children are watching here! STOP!!

UserPostedImage: Oh, marry me, [bugs2]!! You're so much better than that Mario!

UserPostedImage (as a reminder, he's voiced by Daws Butler): What did you do this time, Toadette?

Me: Trust me, things are going to get worse. *wink*

[bugs] (barging in): Unhand him, woman! He's mine!!

This distraction gives enough time for [bugs2] to pry UserPostedImage off with a crowbar! But then UserPostedImage and Baby Bowser come crashing down through the castle ceiling!

UserPostedImage (here voiced by Frank Graham): And said woman belongs to ME!

[bugs2] (who does a nervous grin): Well, uh...byenow! *zip off up the stairwell*

A fast, chaotic-sounding rendition of Raymond Scott's "Dinner Music For A Pack of Hungry Cannibals" starts to play as UserPostedImage lustfully zips off after [bugs2] up the stairwell, with [bugs] in pursuit! And Balletpuff enters the chase as well! So do the Bowsers!

They all zip off to different places at the top floor of this very abstract John McGrew-designed castle! (Like this , perhaps.)

First, [bugs] hides behind a corner as [bugs2] approaches. But Peach comes out of a room and frying pans him!

Then [bugs2] skids to a stop, and jumps up as Peach lunges at him...and she suddenly finds herself kissing Balletpuff who was chasing [bugs2] from behind! Not pleased, the puffball pounds Peach out of the way (to the WB whack)
while [bugs2] continues ballet-running off.

The factory-sounding part of Scott's "Powerhouse" starts playing as UserPostedImage runs all the way down to the kitchen and starts preparing a "French-Kiss Pie", while (switching to the fast part of "Powerhouse") Sunhatpuff chases after [bugs2]. But then [bugs] jumps out with an axe in front of the Jigglypuff and chases after him, swinging the axe at him!

Baby Bowser is hiding inside a knight's helmet, grabbing [bugs2] inside as he passes by, thinking he's Peach. But he puts out [bugs2] and puts a "REJECT" stamp on his Valkyrie's helmet, which [bugs2] tears off and wildly stuffs into the knight helmet.

UserPostedImage runs up to the corner of the particular hall and almost throws the finished pie at [bugs2], but UserPostedImage is standing behind the corner; he pulls the Cupid arrow out of Peach's rear, ending (in a wild reaction) her lust for [bugs2]!

UserPostedImage: Now why did I bake a French-Kiss Pie?

...which is [bugs2]'s signal to pull Baby Bowser (who, it turns out, has the reject stamp stuffed into his mouth) out from the knight's helmet!

UserPostedImage: Baby Bowser!!!

She furiously throws the pie, which, upon landing on Baby Bowser's face, REALLY starts to smooch him!! He's unable to get it off, despite his best efforts to do so, while [bugs2] dances off again.

UserPostedImage and UserPostedImage are laughing hysterically at the sight. But a bunch of UserPostedImage-colored brush strokes go by and capture Peach!

UserPostedImage (whom UserPostedImage is running off with): Help! Help! Help! Help! Help! Help! Help! (and so on)

UserPostedImage does a shock take, and I, on the other side of the hall, do one too! As a fast-paced rendition of Scott's "The Toy Trumpet" plays, both of us speed down the stairwell and go to rooms on different sides, from which we each begin riding trains with unbelievably long lances at the front towards the entrance hall in the middle! (Just don't ask me how trains fit in a castle.)

Meanwhile, UserPostedImage is for all practical purposes beating the crackers out of UserPostedImage, as she (while continuously screaming "Help!") keeps grabbing random objects around her and rapidly beating UserPostedImage with them!! First a door that she literally pulls from its hinges, then a cello (low piano notes play as it strikes UserPostedImage), then a sword hanging on the wall (which she promptly swings to try to decapitate Bowser, who hides his head within his shell just in time), then a grandfather clock (which completely breaks to pieces with just one hit, and leaves UserPostedImage with a clock face), then an anvil (which completely flattens UserPostedImage except for his arm holding UserPostedImage and his feet), and last but not least, a banana which she eats and the peel of which drops on the ground, causing Bowser to slide down the stairwell!!

As Bowser approaches, the lances of the trains of UserPostedImage and I collide, sending us flying towards a collision of our own. UserPostedImage slides right into the collided lances on his stomach, with his head edging slightly forward—and UserPostedImage and I end up smashing right into his head!

UserPostedImage (stepping out of Bowser's clutch): Ouch! A three-way collision headache.

On the upper floor, on the far left side of the first hall encountered once the top of the stairwell is reached, Balletpuff has gotten the upper hand and is hacking [bugs] to pieces with the axe (though it's done so exaggeratedly that it's less gross than it sounds). Chuck Jones takes over directing as he turns around and, with some very special lighting and effects adding to the effect, sees Brünnhilde [bugs2] in a lovely pose on the other side of the hall. The two lovers, to the opening of the Waltz of the Flowers (from Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker), balletically reunite at the top of the stairwell and embrace each other as the harps gliss smoothly and pluck...

...and then Clampett's direction returns abruptly as [bugs2] launches right into his insane run-bounce-dance-in-place-combined-with-Russian-dancing from "The Big Snooze", complete with the same music! (You really thought another ballet sequence was going to occur, didn't you?) "She", now at the middle of the upper part of the stairs due to the Russian dancing, then invites Sunhatpuff to go down with "her", and he accepts "her" offer, first running and hopping in place, then doing a large "HEY!" at the screen and Russian dancing down to [bugs2]'s spot.

From there, it's an on-and-off as [bugs2], then Balletpuff, keep running and bouncing in place then proceeding further down the stairs by the Russian dancing. Each time, the routine (and the music) gets faster and faster.

Finally, when they have both reached the bottom of the stairwell, Chuck Jones's direction returns as Brünnhilde [bugs2] and Balletpuff perform yet another pas de deux to the final part of the Waltz of the Flowers while a transparent purple iris surrounds them. (You know, like during the duet in "What's Opera, Doc?".)

Once it ends, UserPostedImage, UserPostedImage, and I applaud and whistle at the two on one side of them. On the other side, however, switching back to Clampett's direction, UserPostedImage comes to and lets out a big roar! Baby Bowser slides down the stairwell with a big lipstick mark on his face, joining his father, while [bugs]'s body parts roll down the stairs and reassemble at Bowser's side!

UserPostedImage: GET THEM!!

As the main theme from the "Mother Ginger" piece from Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker starts to play, we five do wild Clampett takes and zip off and turn a corner into another hall! (No more insanity on the higher floor, I'm afraid.) Cue a shot similar to that on "The Great Piggy Bank Robbery" where everybody's in a chase and the shadows on the walls are the most dominant element.

Here, however, Tex Avery takes over directing as everybody enters a hall with many rooms. The music gets faster, and at first sight it's one of those typical "everybody enters one room but goes out through another" door chases...but then things go out of hand as (like in Lonesome Lenny) multiple clones of us start to appear and random characters join the chase! The music keeps on speeding up and getting higher-pitched, and the chase speeds up accordingly to the point that you'd have to use the pause button and go frame-by-frame to know what's going on—and by now there are not just multiple [bugs2]es, Sunhatpuffs, UserPostedImagees, UserPostedImages, mes, UserPostedImages, Baby Bowsers, and [bugs]es, but also 🦊 and [crow], [bosko], [audryy], [willy], Charlie Horse (Clampett's "It's A Grand Old Nag"), multiple Screwy Squirrels, the dog from "Chow Hound", Hubie and Bertie, and [tom] and [jerry] (in their earliest designs)!

Baby Bowser (voiced by Stan Freberg): That's enough!

Everything comes to a halt, with some even in mid-air while running.

Baby Bowser: How's about we just have an old-fashioned brawl about this, eh?

And with that, ALL the chasers—including the various clones of us and those who just came out of nowhere—jump into the middle and form a chaotic fight cloud to the equally chaotic sound of explosions, junk crashing, mass destruction, and glass breaking all at once! But then us five—Brünnhilde [bugs2], Balletpuff, UserPostedImage, UserPostedImage, and I—sneak out.

Robert McKimson directs the rest of this post in his 40s style.

[bugs2]: Well, Peach, Toad, Toadette, it's been awfully fun, but I completely forgot that there's a party going on at my mansion right now. Tell [bugs], once he's out of this big brawl, that I left with this lovely sunhat-wearing Jigglypuff that Toadette wrote into the story.

And so Sunhatpuff and Brünnhilde [bugs2] ricochet out together.

UserPostedImage (waving goodbye): Do drop back sometime! Whenever I have a Golden Age character around, I get an excuse to do insane things. *whispering to the fourth wall* It makes me enjoy being kidnapped by Bowser.

Me: You know, mother, I think I went too far in this post, don't you think?

Cut to a shot outside the castle, where [bugs2] and Balletpuff dance off into the distance.

Phew, it's over! Anyways, if anybody writes the next post before I do, know that things back at the mansion are as mad as they were in my last post dealing with them. (That is, [daffy] and his hot wife and their children and their owner Agnes are effectively the real party while the other guests—[porky], [sniffles], [speedy], and the Van Pelts—are running for their lives from a murderous contraption of weapons and tools and the like. Hunky and Spunky have been booted out, and [buddy] has been knocked out underground by rum bottles.)

Justin Delbert
Toadette: So as Bugs's house was still a wreck, we break to a fourth wall where we see Alvin watching this whole thing on his iphone at the Hockey Arena.
Alvin: Fools...They don't even celebrate Valentine's Day, so why should I? Valentine's Day....eugggghhhh.....

Over at the Seville's

Dave: Fellas...I hacked into Alvin's Twitter and Facebook, and I think I know how to get Alvin to the party.
Simon: Oh great...
Theodore: But, how??
Dave: I've gotten into contact with....whispers.....because he likes.....whispers.....

Toadette: Of course it may be a while before we find out Dave's plan, so let's go back to the house of madness
Frank Tashlin directs.

Anyways, the contraption has chased the guests out of the house and is now running wild around Toontown, leaving just [daffy] and his family.

Agnes (whose nose has just been honked by [daffy]): Oh, how I just love ya, [daffy]!

Then picking up his unnamed girlfriend/wife...

[daffy]: Now, if you guys'll excuse me, I have some business with the missus! *walking off with the girl duck*

But then a female leg kicks down the door! (Tashlin's leg fetish, not mine.) In comes an angry Minako.

[daffy] (this particular shot has Minako's shadow on the floor, getting closer; the girl duck backs away into the kitchen as [daffy] begins sweating nervously and backing towards the stairs): Oh, uh...Minako! I didn't think you would come.....

Minako: You left me hanging, chewed up the Communicator that I spent $7.98 for, and NOW you're with ANOTHER girl!?!? *looking back* And you had kids!?!?!? This was supposed to be my moment where I finally found romance, on Valentine's Day no less, and you screwed it up!!

[daffy]: Oh, Agnes? Aaaaggy?

But Agnes is too busy with the other ducks.

Minako (not knowing he's talking about the little girl): So THAT's her name, eh!?

So Minako goes into the kitchen, where the girl duck is about to spread butter on her toast, and takes a butter knife of her own and clinks it onto the duck's knife before it can spread butter!

Minako: I'm going to make foie gras out of you, Agnes.

At first, the duck tries to ignore Minako, turning around holding the bread in one hand and the butter knife (with butter) in the other. But Minako continues blocking the knife with her own!

She turns around again, again trying to spread the butter, but Minako continues rudely interrupting.

Fed up, she uses the knife to try to get Minako's knife out of the way!

Minako:'s a duel you want, eh!? Whoever wins gets [daffy]!

So Minako starts clinking around with her knife, in turn constantly preventing the duck from spreading the butter on her bread, thus the duck keeps trying to clink Minako's knife out of the darn way so that she can butter her darn bread! It looks like a swordfight with butter knives (certainly that's what Minako thinks), but it really isn't...oh good grief it's so hard to describe what's going on in words!

They "duel" their way up the mansion stairwell, resulting in some neat cinematography as the camera follows them up from the side while the duel curves around! (It looks like the first part of that scene in "Porky Pig's Feat" in which the manager tumbles down the stairs.)

Finally, when they reach the top, Minako hits her knife onto the duck's knife such that the butter flies up!

Minako: Your butter's gone, it's pointless to resist now!

But as Minako steps forward, the butter lands...and she slips and takes a long, hard fall down the stairs!

Minako: Ow! Ooh! Eee! OW! Ooh! Eee! Ouch! Oooch! (etc.)

At this point is a close-up of the girl duck's eyes and Minako tumbling within them!

Cut to the bottom of the stairs, where [daffy] leaves a giant pillow. Minako lands in it with her legs sticking up! (More Tashlin leg-fetish. And [daffy] knows, as he wolf-whistles!)

This is the first in what should be a total of three gags featuring [sylvestr] and [tweety]. Friz Freleng directs all of them.

At Friz Freleng Memorial Park, [sylvestr] is dance-strolling and singing "Some Sunday Morning". (Freleng was really a master at timing...this included timing to music. Why else did he do so many musical cartoons?)

He stops when he suddenly hears [tweety] singing along (though the music keeps going). Looking up...[tweety]'s on a tree branch, singing and dancing.

The camera pulls back to reveal [sylvestr] looking at [tweety] through an opening in the tree. [tweety] stops and looks behind just as [sylvestr] zips down.

[tweety]: I tawt I taw a puddy tat!

[sylvestr] has been looking again, and zips down again just as [tweety] looks back again.

[tweety]: I did! I did taw a putty tat!

And right then a shotgun is stuck right onto [tweety]'s head!

[sylvestr]: Thhay your prayerthh, bird!

Except, since the head is plugging the gun up, it fires backwards!

[sylvestr]'s upper third is humorously charred. Then [tweety] takes the shotgun and...

[tweety] (with loud Blanc voice): FOOOOOOOOOORRE!!!!

And [tweety] whacks (with the gun) [sylvestr] through the hole and down the tree! He comes out through the opening and grows a bump on his head, dazed.

With perfect timing, [tweety] throws the shotgun down, whereupon (with equally perfect timing) it hits [sylvestr] right on his head and knocks him out! Yet another bump grows.

[tweety] flies down and comments:

[tweety]: Oooh, that putty tat has got a bad concussion!

But suddenly [sylvestr] zips up and somehow traps [tweety] inside the shotgun muzzle!

Realizing what's happened, [sylvestr] first looks inside, and then starts sucking on the gun in an attempt to get [tweety] out into his mouth!

Unbeknownst to him, however, [tweety] comes out from the other side of the shotgun and fires the gun! The blasting occurs off-screen, though we cut to the result...a hilariously ruffled [sylvestr] with a hole through his tail!

[sylvestr] (wearied, and holding his tail up and pointing at it for the audience): Well, I may be a cat of nine lives, but I'm not a cat o' nine tails! *fall over*
[tweety] is flying towards [bugs2]'s mansion, singing "Ain't She Sweet" (the last being "Tweet", of course).

[sylvestr] comes out of a bush behind, and follows [tweety] into the mansion.

Within the mansion, [daffy] is now woo-hooing around as Minako chases him with an carving knife, swinging it around.

Minako: You broke my heart, so I'll cut your breast! And thighs, too!

But once [daffy] goes off screen, Minako skids to a stop and runs away as [daffy] and all the ducklings, not to mention Agnes and the girl duck, chase after her with carving knifes!

Meanwhile, [sylvestr] enters, and starts searching for [tweety]. Then he notices the HDTV, which has somehow been fixed from several posts ago.

[sylvestr]: Eh. It'thh been a while anywaythh.

He turns on the TV with the remote, whereupon a pair of (live-action) cat slippers appear.

Announcer (voice of Bea Benaderet): Introducing...

Audio of a chorus of children: Slippy Cuddlys!!!!

Then the words "Slippy Cuddlys" appear on-screen!

[sylvestr]: Thhufferin' Thhuccotash! It'th one of thothe fad-type adthh!

Announcer (while the words "That's right!" appear): That's right!

The TV then shows the stop-motion hand from Jiri Trnka's "The Hand" taking a stuffed animal cat and a pair of slippers and squishing them together in his hand to create the slippers from earlier, while "We're in the Money" plays and the announcer says the following.

Announcer: This latest useless fad takes your child's favorite stuffed animals and comfy cozy slippers and combines them into one! It's the greatest thing since the Teddy Bear!

[sylvestr]: Sheesh. How inventive can you get?

Cue a scene with a cute stop-motion girl taking her clearly frightened, screechy cat by the tail, then holding up a very sharp knife for which there's a close-up!

Then cut to a shot of [sylvestr] with a horrified look, then cringing while some very unpleasant splatty sounds followed by a cat's final screech are heard.

Then cut back to the TV, where the girl is shown with one foot inside the cat by way of his rear!
Through this whole scene, the announcer says:

Announcer: Parents, ignore the fact that this is a cynical fad designed to make you waste your money on items your children already have in some form and will probably abandon within a few years, or the implications of animal abuse from inserting your feet in your cats and walking around in them!

[sylvestr]: Implicationthh!? More like "in plain thhight"!

Announcer: Get Slippy Cuddlys today! Now available in the following characters:

-Joyous Gray Rabbit 
-Sailor Duck 

And, last but not least, Tweety Pie!

That's when [tweety] appears on the TV and does a little take at the sight of [sylvestr], who is coming over with evil delight, licking his lips.

And that's when [tweety] pulls his brand of Slippy Cuddlys from the side of the TV screen and slams [sylvestr] on the head with them! Then he flies off (out of the TV, of course).

[sylvestr], meanwhile, gets up and takes a quick look at the Cuddlys. They look like severely deformed-looking [tweety]s.

[sylvestr]: Yuck!

Cut to a shot of one of the front windows. With perfect timing, [sylvestr] (off-screen) throws the hideous slippers right out the window! (The glass shatters, naturally.)
Fade to [tweety] flying up the stairs and [sylvestr] following. Then they go up the attic, and [tweety] flies into a room with the doorknob lock on the outside. [sylvestr] enters, making sure to lock the door.

Inside, [sylvestr] does a menacing laugh, thinking he has [tweety] cornered. But then [tweety] blows a bugle, and from there lots and lots of [tweety] birds pop out and start swarming [sylvestr]!!

Meanwhile, [daffy] is carrying a bound-and-gagged Minako up.

[daffy]: I didn't want to do this, Minako, but you left me no other choice!

He unlocks the door...

...whereupon all the birds stop (with a take), and fly back to their hiding spots as [daffy] opens the door! [sylvestr] collapses.

[tweety] (swinging and singing in a cage): 🎵I'm a tweet wittle bird in a gilded cage, [tweety]'s my name but I don't know my age...🎵

[daffy]: Hmph. *at [sylvestr]* I'll just let you finish your business first. (leaving)

[sylvestr]: Wait, don't—don't *close* lock that— *lock*

And once again the giant horde of [tweety] birds attacks!

Cut to a shot of the outside, where the door is rattling violently! Finally, all is silent, and [daffy] unlocks the door...a ruffled, torn-up, whited-out [sylvestr] comes out.

[sylvestr]: Gi—gi—giant amou—am—amount b—b—b—bi—b—birds—

[sylvestr] continues stammering while [daffy] looks in and sees a lone [tweety].

[tweety]: 🎵I wove wittle puddy, his tote is so warm. And if I don't huwt him, he'ww do me no hawm.🎵

[daffy]: It's just one bird, [sylvestr]! No bulldogs or Granny to stop you, either! *pushing him in* Now finish him off so that I can take this Sailor Soldier hostage! *stopping with a realization take* "Sailor Soldier"? That's a contradiction. Unless you're a fan of 'em.

With that, [daffy] shoves [sylvestr] in and locks the door. Cue more tweeting and banging and crashing, and finally the door comes down with [sylvestr], almost completely devoid of fur now, on top!

[daffy]: All right, you coward, down to the first floor you go!

[sylvestr] walks woozily down.

[daffy] carries bound-and-gagged Minako into the room and leaves her squirming, then takes the cage with [tweety] inside it down.

As he exits, he calls out this remark with a smile:

[daffy]: Just be lucky I'm not a Mesopotamian hostage-taker, Minako, or I'd behead you after the deadline! *slam and lock the door*

Fade to [daffy]'s family continuing to mess around, then pan to [sylvestr] relaxing by the fireplace.

[daffy]: Oh, [sylvestr]! I've got a little surprise for you!

[daffy]'s hand enters the screen holding [tweety], causing [sylvestr] to SCREAM with a perfectly-timed quick wild take (in this brief moment, his fur stands drybrushedly on end) and zip backwards against the corner!

[sylvestr] (with great fear): Nononono!! Get that evil creature away from me!!

[daffy] (coming closer): Ah, c'mon, [sylvestr]! He won't bite! Eat him up!

[tweety]: Yeah, c'mon, puddy tat! Chew me and swallow me up into your digestive twact!

[sylvestr]: NOOOO!!!

He zips out through the wall and runs away from the mansion, going down the street.

[sylvestr]: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaahh!!!!!

Cut back to [tweety].

[tweety]: You know, I don't think that puddy tat wikes me anymowe. But I suwe wike him!


And yes, this post is based on the climax of Hitchcock's "The Birds". I had caught that part when it aired on TCM last Thursday night.

Justin Delbert
We see Minako all messed up on the floor among the madness unsure of what to do. We see Gumby peaking out the window trying to grab her attention (and why Gumby, well let's just say he shares some same qualities as yours truly).
Gumby: Hey...psst...psst.
Minako: Why should I come with you? You're green.
Gumby: Trust me, I'm a friend of your boyfriend.
Minako: Oh..ok.
They escape from the "mad house"
Minako: Whew...I'm glad to be out of here. That duck was going nuts.
Gumby: We better put you back where you belong before anything else happens.
Minako: Sure thing. You Western toons sure live it up too much here.
Gumby: Like you never do whenever no one notices you as an idol.
Minako: eh?
Gumby: N-Nothing. C'mon!

Pokey: Gumby? Oh, Gumby?? Hmmm..that's a funny looking character. She's got big eyes and moves pretty slow...slower than us.
Minako: Slow? [nerve struck]
She gets fiery
Minako: DON'T CALL ME SLOW......
Pokey: Eh..hehe..I..I was only kidding.
Gumby: Pokey, this is Minako, otherwise known as Sailor Venus.
Pokey: Sailor Venus? heh...never heard of her. The only Sailors I know are the ones in ships.
Gumby: Pokey...she's a superhero with Sailor Moon.
Pokey: The moon has Sailors too??
Minako laughs.
Gumby: Never mind..come on, we're taking her back to the anime world.
Pokey: Gumby, have you ever been there?
Gumby: No, so I sense an adventure.


Theodore: But we want you to come to our part of Toon Town and ask Alvin out to the party.
Simon: Yeah...I'm sure he's dying to meet you according to his social media.
female voice: Well, if you say so.
Theodore: Oh thank you Miss...SAILOR MARS.

To be Continued after a word from our sponsor: