Cartoon Discussion of the Month 1/2/19: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer - Forum.
Release Date: December 6, 1964
Producer: Arthur Rankin, Jr.
Co-Producer: Jules Bass
Direction: Larry Roemer (credited), Arthur Rankin, Jr. (de-facto)
Associate Director: Kizo Nagashima
Story: Romeo Muller, from a story by Robert May and the song by Johnny Marks
Storyboards: Antony Peters
Animation: M.O.M. Studios, Tokyo
Animation Supervisor: Tad Mochinaga
Character Designs: Antony Peters
Songs: Johnny Marks
Music: Maury Laws
Sound Editor: Walter Gustafson
Voices (partial list): Burl Ives (Sam the Snowman), Billie Richards (Rudolph), Paul Soles (Hermey, Incidental Elf), Larry D. Mann (Yukon Cornelius), Stan Francis (Santa, King Moonracer), Janet Orenstein (Clarice), Carl Banas (Foreman Elf), Alfie Scopp (Charlie-in-the-Box), Corrine Conley (Mrs. Claus), Paul Kligman (Comet) (Bernard Cowan [Bumble, Clarice's Father, Spotted Elephant] uncredited)
Recording Engineers: Bill Giles, Alan Mirchin, Ralph Friedman
Recording Supervisor: Bernard Cowan
Useless Trivia You Might Already Know But I'm Telling You Anyway: Larry Mann originally recorded "Silver and Gold" and "A Holly Jolly Christmas" as Yukon before Burl Ives was brought in to narrate the story as Sam.

Folks, my sincere apologies for not doing a discussion in December, and to make amends, here's a discussion I would've wanted to do then but sadly did not. This particular entry happens to be one of my all-time favorite animated holiday specials, and the one that really put Rankin/Bass, one of my favorite studios in the history of cartoons, on the map IMO. Lord knows where they would've been if it weren't for Rudolph. Everything about this is fantastic. The timeless story, although some might find the message flawed, never ceases to grab me in with every viewing. The animation from the M.O.M. studios, although it is to improve later on, is charming. The voice acting, although the cast here aren't as household names as Mel Blanc or June Foray, are superb, and the songs by Marks are the icing on the cake, "The Most Wonderful Day of the Year" and "We are Santa's Elves" being my two favorites. And who can't like that iconic lettering used in the title sequence and the original closing?
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