Cartoon Discussion of the Month 10/1: "Hair-Raising Hare" - Forum.
*in Russian accent* How do you do??!! This is OutOfOdor with another Cartoon Discussion of the Month! For all of us (or at least a very good percentage!), the month of October means the start of fall, trees changing colors, football, but especially Halloween! For us cartoon buffs, that gives us a good excuse to marathon some of our favorite scary cartoons, with ghosts, witches, monsters, devils, and other scary creatures, and this month's cartoon we're discussing here is no exception (no, it isn't a Rudy Larriva Road-Runner!), as well as a great favorite of mine: 
Release Date: May 25, 1946
Direction: Chuck Jones
Story: Tedd Pierce
Animation: Ken Harris, Lloyd Vaughan, Ben Washam, Basil Davidovich
Layouts: Robert Gribborek
Backgrounds: Earl Klein
Music: Carl Stalling
Voices: Mel Blanc (Bugs, Mad Scientist, Gossamer)
Summary: Bugs is lured into a mad scientist's castle, where he is pursued by a big, shaggy monster who wants to eat him for dinner.

Like I said, this cartoon is one of my favorite Bugs cartoons, and definitely one of my favorite cartoons directed by Jones. Aside from the great story and dialogue courtesy Tedd Pierce and the great animation from most of Jones' regulars (plus Basil Davidovich, who you'd most likely affiliate with the Davis unit), there's plenty of great moments that make this one of the best: the mechanical rabbit, the fact the monster (later christened "Gossamer") is so scary, it spooks its own reflection, the manicure scene, "Canned Monster"- heck, even Bugs' Groucho-esque walk cycle when following the mechanical bunny is great. I could literally be here all day singing the praises of Jones' Bunny cartoons from this period in his career alone.

G'bye for now! 'til next month!!
"With all respect to the great mousetrap."- Popeye, "The Spinach Overture" (1935)