Steve Stanchfield
I've now completely caught up with sending everything that's done here- so we're offering the 'Special' discs for folks that have missed them. These 'special' sets feature cartoons that sometimes show up on an official set, but mostly not. They're HD scans from rare original prints, often of material that will probably not be released anytime soon on Blu-ray, if ever. All are BDRs with no special packaging.

This offer is only available through August 25th, 2018.

The sets are $15 each, plus $3.50 postage for one or more (so postage always stays the same). Postage to Canada is $9, postage to other countries is $15.
I have a ton of emails asking for different ones to be available but didn't want to add anything else until we were all caught up. It's hard to say if we'll make them available again. Paypal is Be sure to specify the set you'd like by name and number. Sets that are not in this list are not available. Thanks to all for supporting the projects!

Disc 1(Rare cartoons):
Coal Black
Scrappy's Art Gallery
Little Match Girl (16mm)
Let's Go
Magic Fluke
Swing you Sinners
Dead End Cats

Disc 2 (GAC in Exile):
An Egypian Gyp
Let's All Sing
The Bad Genius
Egg Cracker Suite
Willoughby's Magic Hat
Post War Inventions
Riff Raffy Daffy

Disc 3 (Before the Chains are on the Door):
DVD 1: Live action/ Animated Sequences
Blu-ray 2: 35mm IB Technicolor Animated Feature

Disc 4: (Toon O Rama)
Beanstalk Jack
The kangaroo Kid
Puttin' Out the Kitten
Red Hot Rhythm
A Peep in the Deep
Indian Whoopie (35mm Nitrate)
Midnight Frollics
Let's Ring Doorbells
Pickeled Puss (35mm IB)
Spring Song (35mm Brewster Color)
Dolly Daisy

Disc 5 (Not available)

Disc 6 (Super secret disc):
Club Sandwich
Pastrytown Wedding
Battle of the Barn
Uncle Joey
A Swiss Trick

Disc 7 (While the Telecine is still here):
Wise Flies
Tune Up and Sing
*Bum Bandit
The Flop House
*Katnips of 1940
*Little Dutch Mill
*Ding Dong Doggie
*Gandy's Dream Girl

Disc 8 (The Telecine has Landed):
Tale of the Monkey
Texas Tom
Boogie Woogie Souix
Shape Ahoy
Room and Bored
Mother Goose's Birthday Party
Gifts from the Air
Goldilocks & Three Bears
3 Bears (silent)

Disc 9 (Cats dogs and Sailors)
Of Cats and Men
Hungarian Gouslash
Koko in Toyland
Sandman Tales
Spite Flight
Down the Mississippi
We're on our Way to Rio
The Lumber Champ
The Little Pest
Counterfeit Cat
Barking Dogs
Beach Combers

Disc 10 (2 disc set)
Not available

Disc 11 Collector's Choice
Theatre De Hula Hula
The Wrong Track
Land O' Cotton
Cave of the Wobbly Wizard
I'm Afraid to go home in the dark
Hansel and Gretel-Mighty Mouse
Aw Nurse-Scrappy
Old McDonald had a farm
Kouse Meets Lion
Run Sheep Run!
Spring Festival
Doing What's Fright

Disc 12 Toon Time 2014
Gertie the Dinosaur
Sammy Salvage
The Band Master-Krazy Kat
Stork Raving Mad
Buzz Saws and Dynamite
Taming the Cat
Polar Pals
King for a Day
Sultan Pepper
Technicolor Clip reel
Pink Elephants
The Helpful Genie
Slip is some Redskin
Pastrytown Wedding

Disc 13 Tons of Toons
A Boy and His Dog-35 IB
Wot a Night
Clown of the Jungle IB
Circus- Flip
Beach Peach- Popeye 35 Ib
Office Boy-VB 35 Nitrate
Mouse Cleaning-IB
Bubble Bee- IB
Rabid Hunters-VB
Out West
Cinegraph Sweepstakes
Hector the Pup- 35mm Nitrate
Smoke Scream-Felix

Disc 14 All Sorts of Cartoon Shorts:
Coo Coo the Magician
The Witch's Cat
Field and Scream
The Gold Getters
Lady and Tramp Pencil Test
I'm Just a Bill
House Hunting Mice
Baby Wants a Battle-35mm IB
Mischievous Mice- Cubby
The Little Pest (also on disc 9)
The Crunch Bird/Golfer/Crunch Bird 2

Disc 15 On our Way to IB Tech:
Opening Night
Family Planning
It's only the Beginning
Nutty Pine Cabin
Swing Your Partner
Jungle Jive
Pink Phink
Insect to Injury
Let's Go
A Sheep in the deep
We're on Our Way to Rio
Little Match Girl

Disc 17: Thunderbean Thursday 2015 disc
Loch Ness Legend
Case of Unfinished Melody
Matty's Funday Funnies
AC delco Commercial
Fresh Ham
Tom Thumb in King Arthur's Court
Sammy Salvage
Hector the Pup
Man on the Land
Felix Dines and Pines
Opening Night
Cinegraph Sweepstakes

Disc 18: Animated Feature and Shorts:
A 35mm Ib Tech feature and related cartoons

Disc 19: Polytiks and Poultry
It's a Living- Dinky Scope 35mm IB
Topsy TV- John Doormat Scope IB 35mm
Studie #11
Jitterbug Jive- Popeye
Alladin- 35mm Nitrate Pal
The Old House- Bosko MGM
Fable of the New Deal
Eqyptian Daze
Little Match Girl- 35mm print IB

Disc 20 End of the Reel
Sassy Cats-Scrappy
Cartoonland Mysteries
Greatest Man in Siam
Daffy Dilly- Cinecolor
Loose Nut-35mm IB
Puppet Love-35mm IB Popeye
The Enemy Bacteria
Moonlight for Two
Rabbitt Every Monday- 35mm IB

Disc 21: Grand Old Toons
It’s a Grand Old Nag
Bad Luck Blackie
’Sno Fun
Keeper of the Lions
Merry Mannequins
Family Album
Rabbit Punch
Parrotville Fire Department
jack and the Beanstalk
Sidney’s Family Tree
The Flamboyant Arms
Misunderstood Giant

Disc 22: All Scrappy/ All Warners
The Dog Snatcher
Minding the Baby
The Match Kid
Camping Out
The Pet Shop
The Puppet Murder Case
Porky the Gob
Buddy’s Bear Cats
Jungle Jitters
Daffy Dilly
Rabbit Every Monday

Disc 23: Cartoon Cornered
Along Flirtation Walk
The Wolf at the Door- Scrappy
The Love Affair of Ima Knut
Perils or Pearl Pureheart
Pop Goes your Heart
The Sheepish Wolf
Nitrate Clip Reel
Cheese Burgler
Planet Patrol

Disc 24: HD Ragdoll Feature and Cartoons

Disc 25: Cartoons to the Rescue
The Home Guard- Terry
Milky Way-35mm IB
Railroad Rhythm- Columbia Krazy Kat orig titles
Slingshot 6 7/8 Lantz 35mm IB
The Funhouse- Lantz Oswald
Wild and Wolfy-Avery Blu-track IB
Toradorable- Popeye 35mm IB
Crop Chasers- Columbia-IB
Happy Tot’s Expidition- 35mm IB
Mother Goose’s Birthday Party- print #2 (Fugi)
Paint Pot Symphony-Terry 35mm IB
Donald’s Dream Voice- 16mm Blue Track IB
The Hungry Wolf- MGM 35mm IB

(not released yet):
disc 26: Screen Songs
disc 27: Award Winners
disc 28: Odds and Ends
disc 29: Cartoon Paradise
Disc 30: I’m No Fool for Ib tech
Disc 31: Terry/ Lantz/ Famous
Disc 32: Popeye in Technicolor
Duck Dodgers
Hi Steve,
I sent you money for many DVDs plus an amount for shipping that is more than the double of what you asked (so you'll be able to send them at a faster rate).
Hope to get them soon.
Hi, Steve,

While you're reissuing special sets, how about breaking me off a copy of Disc 15: On our way to IB Tech, which I paid for on 10-5-17 and never received?

Any update when these might ship out?
Steve posted this on Blu-Ray Forums yesterday:


We got almost all the secret Christmas, I'm No Fool and Award Winners out. There's a small pile here of ones that have other discs with them. We're trying to get everything out right now that exists, both older and newer special discs. I think we'll finally be all caught up tomorrow- we're getting close!

Justin Delbert
I'm more concerned about the Christmas one even though I let him take his time on everything else, this one I really hope ships soon because, know.....
Craig D
Mine came yesterday in the Saint Nick of time.