Well, you guys have done it ... - Forum.
You guys have been so helpful and productive in sending in screenshot sets that I now have enough screenshots to get me through an entire year!

But don't stop! I'm considering if my backlog gets any worse, I may start uploading them three times a week instead of two.

In that frame of mind also, I'm way behind in uploading video covers. The way the system works is that the front page features the last ten videos that we have covers uploaded for. That way we don't end up with a lot of blank graphics until i can get caught up. However, being so far behind now (about 150 behind) it also keeps us from featuring newer titles in a timely manner. So, I might star doing video covers at an accelerated rate. Just be aware that if you had added info for a video title and were waiting to see it on the front page, it might get skipped over because of this.

Thanks again!