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Posted on September 28, 2014, 04:43:01 pm by ParamountCartoons:
[daffy] OHH NOOO! Louie was afflicted by the cowardly acts of.......THE GREAT PUMPKIN *Lightning flashing* But there's no time to fear.....I have assembled something far more strong for a gang......

something people hate to love......

something that brought preschoolers in to the theater, even if they were more violent.......

something that'll make the 40's old due to a antitrust case, and the 50's for preschoolers

a universe that'll make a guy from Columbus frustrated........along with a real-life Italian and a later day Jay Ward animator get laughed or annoyed

*Paramount on Parade, both the 30s and 70s version plays*


Popeye, Little Lulu, Casper, Little Audrey, Herman and Kantip, Buzzy, Baby Huey, Betty Boop, Hunky and Spunky, The Bouncing Ball, come on in and write for ol' Dogfather here! He needs cheering up!

Hey it was in the title!

[popeye] Thankz youse fer invitin' us Paramount 'toons for tricks or treats partying! Everyone come on in!

All of the Paramount cartoons come in to the party!
Posted on September 28, 2014, 09:37:22 pm by The Dogfather (original title: Sadistic comic relief, courtesy of Paramount):
UserPostedImage: Hey, wait a minute, Casper! I thought Pac-Man ate you!

Casper: Yeah, but even Pac-Man can't block a ghost from moving around!

[buzzy]: So us Paramount toons joined the party. Now, Toad happens to be a fan of Herman.

UserPostedImage: Could you demonstrate to me how you massacre Katnip?

Herman: Oh, it's simple. Take a random object...

Herman takes a knife.

Herman: ...and think of a way to torture Katnip with it in the most brutal way imaginable!

Herman goes over to Katnip and sticks the knife right through his heart!

Katnip (with a look of genuine horror on his face): *gasping*

Herman then twists the knife and pulls it out! Cue Katnip's beating heart, while Katnip himself falls over.

Herman: Tada!

Then Katnip's nine lives (appearing as ghosts of Katnip) all float out of the heart! Before they disappear, however, they zip up to Herman's face:

Katnip's nine lives: WE QUIT!

Then they all fly off...into [popeye]'s can of spinach!

[popeye] (who eats the spinach): Well, blow me down! This spinach tastes like catnip.

Then [popeye] starts sputtering violently like a motor, and finds himself on all four legs meowing! Immediately he takes off after Herman, who randomly produces a double-barreled gun and shoots [popeye]'s eyes out!

Herman: How are you liking those popped eyes, [popeye]? *starts laughing wickedly*

Meanwhile, UserPostedImage and Casper have gotten in a knife fight animated by Jim Tyer! Also, [huey] has been eating out of [porky]'s candy bowl from earlier.

[huey]: Duh, boy, I've never experienced a sugar rush *starts shaking violently* befooooorrrrrrreeeeeeeee!!!!!!

Huey literally bounces all over the room, leaving holes wherever he strikes!

Spunky is having a temper tantrum. He begins kicking down tables and later a piano, which lands on Katnip's body!

[bugs2] (entering the room): Okay, what the @#$!@ is going on here!?

All the Paramount toons freeze. Looking around, [bugs2] sees [popeye] with his eyes popped out by Herman, Katnip's body under a kicked-down piano, numerous flipped over tables and broken vases and pictures (with Spunky having a terrified look on his face), UserPostedImage and Casper with knives at each other's throats, and [huey] lying on the ground with a bad headache from the sugar rush (and a lot of holes throughout the room)!

[bugs2]: Do you guys WANT me to saw you all to bits!?

The Bouncing Ball (moving like the Dot from "The Dot and the Line"): Hey, [bugs2], I'll cheer you up! *the lyrics to Old MacDonald Had A Farm pop up below the ball* Old MacDonald Had a farm, E-I-E-I....

[bugs2]: *starts up the chainsaw with this  expression on his face*

Everybody in the house—the Paramount toons (and UserPostedImage) mentioned earlier, the two Raggedy Anns, Little Lulu, and [audryy] (all of who are sitting at a table together), [betty], [daffy] (now dressed in his outfit from "Robin Hood Daffy"), [sylvestr] (now dressed, of course, as the Grand Duke), [shame] (obviously hiding in a bag), the Blue Racer (who has the Japanese Beetle in his mouth), [porky], and all the wolves (Charles M. Wolf, Mr. Wolf, the "Turn-Tale Wolf", Ralph Wolf, Alexander Graham Wolf, and the "Three Little Bops" wolf)—watches in sheer terror as [bugs2] saws the Bouncing Ball to bits. We hear screams of agony from the Ball.

[bugs2] (turning to everybody else): [shadow=black,right]So, are you all gonna behave NOW!?[/shadow]

[betty]: Gosh, [bugs2], you should really calm down! Here, let me perform.

The room darkens as a spotlight shines on [betty]. She begins performing "Don't Take My Boop-Oop-A-Doop Away", whereupon the wolves start to howl!

The wolves: Aaaaaaaaaaaoooooooooooo!!!!!!!
Posted on September 30, 2014, 11:28:12 pm by wiley207:
*After the song, everyone's clapping as all the wolves wolf-whistle.*

[bugs2] : Just doesn't feel the same without Red and Slick McWolf.

Mr. Wolf: Well, someone had left to get the antidote to cure his and the others' feral state.

[daffy] : And now, for a classic Halloween song... the "Monster Mash!"

[buzzy] : This could be fun!

* [daffy] puts on a 12" single on their turntable stereo and turns it on. The familiar drum beat intro comes up and Daffy begins to dance to it, but instead of hearing Bobby Pickett singing...*

Male pop singers: So it's over...
I didn't realize
It's so much colder
But it was no surprise...

[bugs2] : DAFFY! That's the wrong record! It's just stupid stereotypical male pop crap like they play at the Walmarts!

[daffy] : But you do have to admit it SOUNDED like the Monster Mash at the start...

[sylvestr] : *takes needle off "Changing of the Seasons" record with a scratch sound* You know many of us classic 'toons can't stand that kind of garbage music!

*Now the phone rings, making the usual DePatie-Freleng phone ring effect . [daffy] answers...*

[daffy] : Hello, this is the Daffy Duck residence. Uh-huh... uh-huh... I see... that's great! Thanks, if I find him I'll let him know. See ya, and have a happy Halloween! *hangs up* Bugs, great news! Your name is cleared! It turns out you had been framed by Johnny Test, disguised as you while being enraged that Cartoon Network took his show off the air!

[sylvestr] : And that crime Scooby-Doo apparently committed, robbing the Scooby Snacks factory? That must've been Dukey in disguise! (referencing this  20th anniversary CN promo)

*Now So White [coal] enters, dressed as Disney's Snow White, along with Cool Cat [coolcat] as her Prince Charming.*

[daffy] : SO WHITE! You finally made it!

*The other wolves begin to go gaga over her again, but [bugs2] and [droopy] (dressed as Ren Hoek) hit them with two big frying pans, snapping them out of it.*

[daffy] : Why are you with Cool Cat? Where's Prince Chawmin'?

[coal] : Sad story. He died of a drug overdose. So now I's dating Cool Cat here! Taken' a real liking to me!

[coolcat] : Is this babe pretty or what?

[daffy] : *chuckles* So now So White can come to ALL our parties!

[bugs2] : I still remember when she started coming to these. I also remember some of those bizarre past parties we had...

[daffy] : Yep, like five years ago when the Disney characters TPed our house, and then there was those two versions of Mickey Mouse, good and evil. Then four years ago, Billy and Mandy kidnapped Red Hot Riding Hood and then the censor monkeys kidnapped So White. In 2011, we had Mary Jane impersonate Lola Bunny, and then two years ago was when... oh yeah, nothing too crazy, except Foghorn Leghorn dressed up as a steam train and Scrooge's reality TV bit. And then last year's big Great Pumpkin attack... *gasps* WE FORGOT ABOUT THE GREAT PUMPKIN! He's still loose! Who knows what he's doing right now?!
Posted on October 01, 2014, 10:35:39 am by ParamountCartoons:
[buzzy] Meanwhile, at the Great Pumpkin's lair.....

Great Pumpkin: What's this


Great Pumpkin: Well, well, well, people think I come there every year in that special! Well I will visit Linus in the special this year! What's that? The local Toontown ABC affliate banned the special!? HOW DARE THEY! I want to be digitally inserted and reanimated in that special! I don't care if it was made in the 60's, I want the ending changed to feel my presence coming, and give that fool Linus all the guilt he deserves! An eerie warning of the Great Pumpkin's presence 30 days later in real-world-time! Oh, how I wish I came in 1962 in the comics, and 1966 on TV, so I could please that fool Linus!

*Calls Peanuts Worldwide* Hello, Peanuts company? I am the Great Pumpkin, and I would like to be digitally inserted for "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" for this year's ABC broadcast. I want some subliminal prophetic warning that I will devour Toontown Halloween Night!

Boss: Uh, yeah, you're not the Great Pumpkin, and as coprorate as we may sound, we respect Charles Schulz's wishes.


Boss: You know what, you're a worse Peanuts fanboy than the guy who wanted permission to release the original 1965 broadcast of "A Charlie Brown Christmas" on CBS and the limited edition Blu-ray/DVD. I'm sorry

Great Pumpkin: But-but-but......

Boss: No buts...... I'm sorry have a nice day, goodbye.... (Dial tone)

That's it I'm calling the ABC network.....

*After being on hold*

Great Pumpkin: Hello, ABC network, I AM THE GREAT PUMPKIN AND I WANT TO BE DIGITALLY INSERTED AND ANIMATED for this year's broadcast of the Peanuts Halloween special!

Lady: (Laughs hysterically) I'm sorry we can't reanimate something we don't own the copyright to that was made almost 50 years ago!


Lady: You mean that place in Roger Rabbit by our parent company and also our parent company's parks. There's no such thing!

Great Pumpkin: LISTEN YOU.....

[buzzy] So the Great Pumpkin made some terrible threats that she warned law enforcers about, but since this is Toontown, they and the federal goverment couldn't trace the number, since confedientally.......WE'RE NOT REAL! However, the Great Pumpkin hacked ABC's programming so in the coming weeks he would appear on "It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" on the ABC programming feed. Lee Mendelson came in and stopped the hacks....

Great Pumpkin: Curses foiled again! But I WILL STRIKE HALLOWEEN NIGHT! I ALREADY TEMPTED LOUIE TO DIE and OVERDOSED PRINCE CHAWHMIN! In fact I am the sole evil that is all Halloween GAC Parties! Mwha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! (Lightning strikes)!

*Looks at Toontown's Walmart* My pumpkins? With Linus waiting for me on the cardboard with "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown"? HOW DARE THEY MOCK ME!

Again, I will have revenge against Toontown, no toon will be safe this Halloween, ha-HA!

Dramatic cue plays.

Fade out. 
Posted on October 01, 2014, 06:38:48 pm by The Dogfather (original title: The Return of Billy Boy):
Back at the mansion, cue Huckleberry Hound dressed up as Tex Avery's Southern Wolf!

[bugs2]: Eh, what's up, dog?

Huck: The Southern Wolf is too busy with a lawsuit from the descendants of the North Carolinian person from whom his and my voice came. He tried suing me at first, but I referred him to the Wolf. So the latter asked me to come as him; we thought we could indulge in a bit o'trickery, given our similar personalities an' voices. To make things more convincing, I even brought his goat, Billy! (looks around) Billy boy? Hmmm, he's gone.

Actually, however, he is over at [daffy]'s blood punch bowl, which just got finished. [daffy] is now getting a cup.

[daffy]: Oh [porky]!

As [daffy] is not looking, Billy proceeds to drink his cup. Meanwhile, [porky] zips up, stopping to the Jay Ward stopping sound.

[porky]: Y-y-y-yes, [daffy]?

[daffy] swings the arm holding his cup at [porky], yet of course only one small drop drips out, which [porky] takes in with his tongue.

[porky] (smacking his lips): N-n-n-n-nice punch, [daffy]. (walking away) It could use more sugar, though.

[daffy] sticks his eyes out at the emptiness of the cup.

[daffy]: Alright, who was the wise guy that drank my cup!? (sees Billy eating the candy bowl and goes over) Aha! You little kid! (at the camera) You know, cause it's Halloween and there's kids, and baby goats are also called kids. I demand you explain yourself right now!

Billy has gotten hyper from all the candy, unfortunately for [daffy], and, in an airbrushed whirl, eats all of [daffy]'s feathers, beginning from the pointed finger and down to the tail. He then trots away to...

[daffy]: Why, you LITTLE

Huck: Y'know, it seems Billy boy's eaten off [daffy]'s tirade from the post. Seems it's for the best, though, since, judgin' from them flamboyant movements and the mouth, he's sayin' some real bad words that would cause this thread to be labelled NSFW.

[daffy] continues with his inaudible rage. Of course, Billy didn't eat all of the rant, and in fact we should hear the end of it right about...

[daffy]: .........—ker, you—you Jan Smuts-face!!! You COTTON-PICKIN' SON OF A—

Suddenly realizing that everybody can hear him again, [daffy] makes this expression. He then finishes:

[daffy]: You son of a gun! There, I said it.

[porky] (at the camera): Ha-ha-ha! You thought he was gonna say "Son of a—" *plunk*

[daffy] (who shoved a can of pork soup into Porky's mouth): Can it, varlet! *walks away*

[porky] takes the can out, looks at it, and makes a horrified expression. Billy comes back and eats off a portion of [porky]'s cel on his left; the background to the left of [porky] is noticeably brighter now, with the brighter and darker parts clearly separated by a rippy edge.

[porky] (recovering from his shock): Hmmm, s-s-s-somebody needs to put an extra cel there.

Billy then goes over to [betty] and eats her dress off, leaving a flimsy bra and panties. She makes an embarrassed smile as the wolves REALLY go wild.

Huck: Billy boy, that's rude! Now don't you eat anything else while I join the wolves. *begins howling*

Of course, Billy just goes over to Casper and slurps him whole like a vacuum!

Casper (as he is getting slurped): Why does this keep happening to me!?

Then he goes over to [coolcat] and eats his foot off like it was cardboard!

[coolcat]: Hey, man, why be such a square?

[coal]: If you weren't so flat, he wouldn't be a square!

The final straw, of course, is when Billy tears off a part of the background and eats it, leaving a giant white space.

[bugs2]: My mansion! First it was that dumb Mii from earlier, and now you! Get out!

But Billy just keeps tearing, so [bugs2] zips off after him! Billy zips too, and the two literally zoom around the house like comets (to the WB jet sound) until Billy leaves.

[bugs2]: Yeah, and stay out! *slams the door*

Huck (who has a bump from being hit on the head by a frying pan): [bugs2], don't you realize how dangerous it is for a kid to be out alone in the dark, what with the Great Pumpkin attacking and all? Now I'm gonna have to search for'im. *exits* Here, Billy-billy-billy-billy-billy-billy-billy boy! Here, Billy-billy-billy-billy-billy-billy-billy-billy.......

[daffy]: Well, that's one less wolf in the house.

Editor's note: I have adapted this post to the particular circumstances, although it would not function as well without the over-the-top sizes.
Posted on October 03, 2014, 01:54:27 pm by ParamountCartoons:
[daffy] That went nowhere! Back to my decoding station!

[bugs2] Say what happened to Random Dumb Guy?

[daffy] (With nervous WB Chuck Jones expressions) He.....uh............

(Daffy does his famous hyperventilation)

Editor's note: I think from this point on, I'm just going to adapt posts to the functions of these new forums rather than trying to put the code in that, on the original forum, would make the text bigger or shadowed. In any event, it's getting tedious having to pull up the HTML source code just to see what exact size of some bit of text is....unfortunately, with locked threads you cannot edit posts or quote to see the code.
Posted on October 04, 2014, 05:36:59 pm by Mister Bighead:
[bugs2] : Now calm down, Daffy. We'll figure out the deal regarding the Random Dumb Guy.

[daffy] : Yeah, let's keep working on it...

[buzzy] : In another part of the room, Foghorn Leghorn hosts a Halloween costume contest.

Foghorn, dressed as Colonel Sanders, walks up to a podium in a room full of costumed toons.

[foghorn] : I say, welcome to Bugs' costume contest. Our very first Halloween party began because of the great tradition of costumes. Tonight, we are going to see who has the best costume.

Hardy Har-Har: Oh, dear! If I knew about this earlier, I would have never bought this cheap costume from eBay. (Hardy is wearing one of those rinky-dinky '70s costumes with a plastic mask and shirt as seen in one of wiley207's blog posts:  .)

[porky] : N-n-now, Sniffles. I'm sure you are g-g-going to be the best Frankenstein ever. (Porky places his hand besides his mouth and speaks to the fourth wall.) He better win. I spent three days putting his costume together. It also cost me a fortune.

[sniffles] : Don't worry, Porky. A lot of people I talked to liked this costume.

[porky] : Y-y-you probably talked them into saying they liked it.

[foghorn] : Okay now we have the honorable mentions. Mario and Luigi are Tony and Joe, the two Italian cooks from Disney's Lady and the Tramp.

UserPostedImage: Mama mia! We made lots of-a spaghetti!

UserPostedImage: And don't-a forget to buy our new game, Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS!

Luigi and Mario begin to sing "Bella Note". Lady and Tramp are about to eat a plate of spaghetti, but something that looks like a shark jumps out of the spaghetti.

Lady: It's the Toilet Shark!

The shark turned out to be Garfield, who was in costume.

UserPostedImage: No, I'm a spaghetti cat. I'm here because I like spaghetti. I like lasagna more, but spaghetti comes to a close second.

[foghorn] : Another honorable mention is Ralph Wolf dressed as [coyote] . He's not here to accept his prize because he is sort of injected with wolf plasma at the moment.

UserPostedImage: Oh, snap, I forgot! I was injected with wolf plasma as well! (Luigi goes crazy, and starts to gobble up all of the spaghetti.)


UserPostedImage (to Lady and Tramp): Why don't you two dogs like lasagna instead?
Posted on October 04, 2014, 11:10:43 pm by me (introduced and concluded by the Dogfather) (original title: Shell-shocked de-pugnacious-ified Pug):
I enter the room dressed as a ballerina! Everybody in the room starts laughing, while feral Luigi howls.

UserPostedImage: What're you doing dressed as a ballerina, dog? Late for the recital?

[foghorn]: I think—I say, I think we've found the winner of the Award for the Most Comedic Costume! The Dogfather, for his ballerina outfit!

Everybody starts to whistle as [foghorn] takes a slab of bronze and very slightly hits it with a mallet (making a "ding"), causing it to crack into a likeness of me in my costume, along with a plaque saying "2014 Award for Most Comedic Costume". He hands it to me.

[foghorn]: So tell me, Dogfather, how did—I say, how did you come up with this ingenious idea?

Me: Oh, it's a long story. Toadette will tell it through her narration.

Here is another guest post by Toadette, the great "third-rate imitation of Michael Maltese". She and I hope you readers like it.

Me (Toadette): Anyways, in the writers' room, the Dogfather and I were thinking of not-so-pugnacious Pug and his Koopa-shell-shockedness. Now, my highly-lowly fungal brother UserPostedImage had returned from his knife fight from Casper. He brought in a giant piece of candy corn.

UserPostedImage: Hey, Toadette! Do you want to sugar-rush in eating this? There's plenty of pileus-aches to go around.

Me: Toad, I don't think now is the time for something from Cornucopia.

UserPostedImage: Cornucopia? I thought it was from Acandia. Or maybe from the Swiss Confectioneration. Oh, wait, here's a tag that says, "From the Land of Happy Times, aka the Land of Commercialized Christmas Insanity."

The Dogfather (in the corner): A gift from Clara and Fritz (from "Nutcracker Fantasy")? I think that candy corn is for me.

Me: Let's just leave it un-fingerprinted for now. Say, Toad, maybe you can help me try and put Pug out of his shell-shock! And I know just how to do it: by reusing the basic plot of "Daffy Dilly" and "Laughing Guess" . We need to think of ways to make Pug laugh; after all, you can't be stuck in your shell if your senses snicker!

UserPostedImage: That makes sense.

It is then that the giant candy corn starts shaking and cracking...and when it breaks open, out comes Clara! (In stop-motion, of course.)

The Dogfather: Why, Clara! It's been so long!

Clara: I heard that you were sad, so I came by to cheer you up. I'm also here to promote the 3D re-release of Nutcracker Fantasy in Japan—people are calling it a remake, but all Sanrio is doing is brightening the colors, making a new soundtrack, and adding new special effects, some in CGI. Here 's the website. And I would also love to help in any way I can with Pug's shell-shock.

Me: Oh, gee, thanks! You and the Dogfather can be the audience members along with Pug...Toad and I will be performing!

Fade to a giant stage set up in the writers' room. The curtain opens as this  stock track starts playing.

Me: This riveting story of sacrifice is dedicated to you, Clara!

Applause from Clara and the Dogfather. Pug continues to gape as the curtain closes and opens again to reveal me sleeping with my head on the table, holding a nutcracker that Toad is on the table trying to pull away.

Me (waking up and seeing Toad): *gasps and takes the doll back* No!

UserPostedImage (in a scratchy voice): Give me that doll! Give him here!

Me (in an emotional voice): NO! I won't let you have Franz!

UserPostedImage: Oh yes you will! He dared to kill my mother, so he must DIE! *sticks a feather to the nutcracker's throat*

Me: AAAH! *falls back on her chair*

UserPostedImage (jumping down and starting a tug-of-war for the nutcracker): Now you give that doll!

Me: No, don't hurt him, NO! *nutcracker gets thrown back*

Toad runs over to the nutcracker, with me in pursuit. As Toad is about to "stab" the nutcracker, I take it and start hitting Toad on the head with it! (Let's just say that the cap is a part of a Toad's head.)

Me (with each italicized exclamation hitting Toad (to the Treg Brown "CLANG!" ), who keeps making wacky expressions with each hit): AAAGGH! You brute! You coward! You wretch! You murderer! You son-of-a-pitcher!

I continue making exclamations and hitting Toad on the head. In the audience, Clara is clearly looking uncomfortable, while the Dogfather chuckles. Pug remains as is, though.

Me: Oh my, it seems Pug isn't responding at all. Do you suppose we should bump up the humor a notch?

UserPostedImage (who now has lots of mushrooms* coming out of his cap, along with a bunch of bandages on the cap and a black eye): I already have enough bumps as it is....

*Note: Mushrooms growing out of a Toad's cap are basically the Toadish equivalent of bumps.

UserPostedImage: So tell me, Toadette, why did you bake a tickleberry pie?

Me (who has a clothespin on my nose): It's in the name! If you smell the pie, you start laughing. And dogs have a particularly acute sense of smell. Elementary school, my dear spore-brother.

Curtain opens. Toad is now taking the pie out.

UserPostedImage: Oh dear—hahaha!—this is very—Hahahahaha!!—oh my goodness *starts going out of control and running*—haHaHAHAHAHAHAHA! *trips and sends the pie flying, while laughing on the floor*

Cut to me (with a clothespin on my nose) being hit with the pie! Toad, at this sight, starts laughing even harder!

Me: Oooh, I'm going to make mushroom pie this time, Toad!

I open a fridge behind me filled with pies as the last part of this  music (from 1:16 to the end) starts playing. I proceed to throw three pies at Toad, all of which land in his face! Then I build a tank and stuff the entire fridge inside, in turn blasting pies while laughing maniacally at Toad, who runs back towards the edge of the stage!

UserPostedImage *continuously dodging pies that move so fast that they create cracks in the wall*: HEEEEEELLP!! I'm being assaulted by flying saucers made of fruit and flour! *splat in face*

Despite this pie barrage, however, Pug still doesn't laugh!

Me: AHAHAHAHAHAHAH! *tank runs out of gas and sputters* Oh, great, just when I was going to start shooting those nitrogly-sarin pies.

Clara: Oh dear, why can't siblings get along?

Throughout this scene, this  cue plays.

Me: Clara, at your request, I've come up with a less violent suggestion. They say laughter is contagious, right? Well, I'll tickle Toad's palate with this feather, and he'll start laughing. In turn, I'll laugh, and you'll laugh, then the Dogfather will laugh, and finally Pug will laugh! It's simple but complicated maths-muhtics.

Pan over to Toad strapped on a table, though smiling.

Me: Ready, Toad?

UserPostedImage: Let the defiled pillow begin! *opens his mouth*

The moment I touch the feather slightly to Toad's palate, however, he blasts off (with a loud "YIPE!") and flattens himself on the ceiling (to the H-B/DFE "flat Peeong")! He extends himself like an accordion and falls down, arriving on-screen to a WB ricochet and impacting to the WB "whack".

UserPostedImage: You know, Toadette, I now wish I had eaten that giant candy corn and gotten a headache.

Above Toad, however, the chunk of ceiling he had smashed into earlier falls and smashes him (to the Ward explosion)! I try to hold in my laughter.

UserPostedImage: Well, there's my headache. At least I'm not getting hit by pies anymore.

Suddenly, my pie tank from earlier starts sputtering, having just enough energy to shoot out one more pie! It waits above Toad while I knock on the debris.

UserPostedImage: Yes?

The pie splats into Toad! And unable to hold it in any longer, I start laughing loudly and banging on the floor!

UserPostedImage: Eh, *shrugs* I suppose I might as well. *starts laughing loudly*

As I predicted, Clara begins laughing as well, and the Dogfather laughs too. But Pug does not laugh.

Me: Ha-ha-ha—oh, Pug—ha-ha-ha—don't try to—hehaha—resist! *continues laughing*

Of course, all the laughter wears off eventually. But Pug remains rigid white.

UserPostedImage (who is rather annoyed): Oh, good grief! All that humiliation for nothing!

To make matters worse, however, the Little Red-Haired Girl actually comes into the writers' room, sobbing loudly!

Heather: Ohhhh, it's just so TERRIBLE! I still can't believe Louie's DEAD! I'm so sorry I ever spoke badly of him! *continues sobbing*

UserPostedImage (wailing): Oh, Toadette! I knew Louie was no longer in these parties, but I didn't think it was that bad! *sobs*

Me (sobbing too): I know how you feel, Toad! I just couldn't believe it when I first heard it either! *sobbing loudly*

We three sobbers starting hugging each other out of sympathy for each other! Meanwhile, in the audience, Clara is just shedding tears.

Clara (whose voice is deeper): Now I realize why you were so sad, Dogfather.

The Dogfather (at the camera): Oh, boy. It seems to me that crying is more contagious than ebola these days. *shed a tear*

Me: Well, folks, in that orgy of crying just a moment ago, I came up with another thing: nothing is more laughable than over-the-top melodrama, right? So Toad and I are going to put up another act based around this preposition.

Clara and the Dogfather, now joined by Heather, clap as the curtain rises. Cue us Toads in a ramshackle house with torn sheets and curtains. I am in a torn-up bed under a torn-up sheet, while Toad can barely stifle his laughter.

Me (smiling): Oh, dear old dad of mine! I might be bullied at school and you might be unemployed and we might not have a good house, least we still have a can of beans in the fridge to eat, right?

UserPostedImage: No! *giggles* We don't have those beans anymore. *tee-hees* Because....pfffff....I ate them for lunch! *breaks down in laughter*

The Dogfather has a big grin on his face. Heather, however, has taken the story seriously, and is sobbing again.

Clara: Oh, don't worry, Heather! It's just a show! Toons like this don't least not anymore.

Obviously, over-the-top melodrama doesn't appeal to Pug, since he still isn't laughing.

Me: Oh, good grief! We've done everything we could, but that non-pug still isn't laughing!

The pie tank sputters up again, and shoots one more pie at Toad.

Me: You know, I'm betting the next pie is going to explode in your face. Remember, nitrogly-sarin!

Clara: Actually, if I could make a about a puppet theater? I always enjoyed Uncle Drosselmeyer's puppet theater.

Me: That's a great idea! Glad I thought of it in the NicKramer of time. In fact, Toad, you can be Petrushka, I can be the smallest doll in a Matryoshka doll, and, to make things particularly comedic, I have a certain somebody in mind as the ballerina...

The Dogfather: Uh oh.

Final gag:

Once again, the curtain opens with applause from Clara and Heather. Cue a very ornately designed stage as music from Stravinsky's "Petrushka" plays.

First jumps out me in a Matryoshka doll, with a hole where its face was so that my face would be visible and my arms and feet sticking out.

Then comes Toad in a costume like the one the man on the right in this  picture is wearing, as well as sticking out a wooden hand from a wooden arm inside his sleeve.

Finally, out jumps the tour-de-farce...the Dogfather, dressed in a tutu and a wig with ballet slippers! He does a spin, whereupon Clara and Heather laugh. Pug, however, doesn't.

The Dogfather: Eh. It's embarrassing, but it's a living.

Me: Oh, dear, beloved unmatronly ballerina! Come with me and we'll tumble together!

UserPostedImage: Oh no you don't! *shoves me and causes me to roll on the ground*

Me: Why, you straw-for-strings! *bump Toad to the MGM/H-B timpani*

UserPostedImage: Doll that allows herself to be swallowed by cannibals! *pokes me in the eye with his wooden finger to the Disney/H-B "flat bonk"*

Me: Wooden attachment! *grabs Toad's wooden arm and starts hitting him with it*

Clara: Oh dear, I thought this was going to be fun. It's only made them more divisive, sadly. *sheds a tear*

By now, I am chasing Toad and hitting him with the wooden arm.

Me (with an "angry" smile): Come back! I've got a jokebook with 300,000 ways to attack someone with a wooden arm!

But now, the pie tank sputters up again, and shoots out one last pie. We two skid to a stop (to the Jay Ward skid).

UserPostedImage: Oh no! *steps out of the way* Your face will be blown to smithereens, Toadette!

But just before the pie hits me, it makes a sharp turn and hits Toad! Naturally, being filled with nitroglycerin, it explodes in his face; this  is the result.

And then, just then, Pug regains his color and starts laughing uproarously!

Clara: Oh, Pug! You're back!

Me (taking off my Matryoshka doll suit): Well, it's about time!

UserPostedImage (taking off his Petrushka costume, leaving his usual outfit, though still keeping the blackened face): You know, Toadette, I hate to admit it, but if that tank of yours had had more fuel, I could've been saved a lot of head trauma. *yipe!*

The Dogfather: Welcome back, Pug.

Pug: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! I'm cured! Duh, gee boss....why are you in that ballerina costume?

The Dogfather: You know, I hear [foghorn]'s holding a costume contest just outside. (Remember: the writer's room is inside a wall in [bugs2]'s mansion.) Let's see how everybody reacts... *leave*

Clara: All's well that ends well, I guess! I still wish I could help you, Heather; no one deserves to lose their love. I almost lost mine, and I was never the same again, even if I did live happily ever after.

Heather: Oh, dear. I hope I'll be okay, for now at least.

Me (refilling the gas tank of my pie tank): Hey! Anybody want pie to celebrate? *shoot a Toad, of course*

The pie happens to be a strawberry pie without nitroglycerin. Nonetheless, it hits Toad's chest, whereupon he fakes a dramatic death! Before hittting the ground, however, he puts a mattress where he's about to fall...only to suddenly rotate and fall on the cold, hard ground on the other side (to a backwards WB ricochet followed by the Ward cymbal crash), left with Xs for eyes! Iris-out to "Beeu-woop!".

Me (the Dogfather): Well, that's the long, hard story of how I ended up in a ballerina dress.

[foghorn]: Well, folks, you've heard—I say, you've heard the long story! Now let's have one more round of laughter for our favorite former canine mafia leader!

Everybody laughs at me while I smugly blush. It is then, however, that Clara enters the room.

Clara: Dogfather? I just received a phone call from Fritz. He has very bad news...essential to the plot, too.

Me: Oh boy. Don't tell me it has to do with the Great Pumpkin.

Clara: I'm really sorry, Dogfather. Really, I am. But Fritz told me that, with the deaths of Louie and Prince "Chawmin" at the hands of the Great Pumpkin, if he has one more victim, he'll have enough power to raise Queen Morphia, her son Gar, and all the mice from the dead, along with one other zombie of his choice. It'll be like this year's Valentine's Day party...only worse, since Gar, especially, just can't forgive. Fritz—or Franz, in the case I'm talking about—almost died because of his ways... *tear up again*

Over in the corner where the decoder is, [daffy], having overheard Clara's warnings, is in clear distress.

[daffy]: Oh no...I can't believe I forgot that Melissa had died near the end of that party! What if the Great Pumpkin raises her up...?

Zoom out to the back of the mansion, where Pug had buried Melissa. Cue Castle Thunder  as lightning shows the lone gravestone with Melissa's name carved on it.

[buzzy]: Now, since it fits with what happened in this post, here is Co Hoedeman's last film for the National Film Board, released in 2004 (though it was clearly filmed on film stock): Marianne's Theatre . Hoedeman, for those of you who have forgotten (or don't know), created the Academy Award-winning "The Sand Castle", which was linked to in the Dogfather's last post on the St. Patrick's Day-Easter party.
Posted on October 05, 2014, 11:21:54 am by ParamountCartoons:
[buzzy] Enough with the subplots! Can't we just cut to the chase of what's going on with the Great Pumpkin? Anyways, Daffy was still deccoding his message

[daffy] Hey! I got a couple letters, but it's getting scary hearing those screams. I'll never figure out the secret message, but it's my only hope to stop this Great Pumpkin once and for all!

[buzzy] While the Great Pumpkin tried to find someone to destroy......

GREAT PUMPKIN: I'll destroy, huh, what's this?

You will rise stronger if you inject this Wolf Plasma onto you.
Best wishes,
Random Dumb Guy

[buzzy] So the Great Pumpkin injected Wolf Plasma and yelled:

Posted on October 05, 2014, 12:16:36 pm by The Dogfather (original title: Rerun van Pelted....)
WARNING: Potentially graphic content follows.

Meanwhile, Rerun van Pelt is out searching for Linus, who is now sleeping in the pumpkin patch. It is now pitch black at night, and the area has turned turn, Rerun is now a "puppet" like Clara. Smoky fog is dominating the scene while eerie string music plays...

UserPostedImage (calling out): Liiiiiinus!

He keeps on walking, not knowing that he is in the pumpkin patch. He keeps walking, getting deeper and deeper into the patch.....the string music grows more intense. Rerun keeps walking on, walking, walking.....

UserPostedImage: Linus! Please come out, wherever you's getting scary here!

He keeps searching and walking, and walking, and walking, and walking, and walking, and walking, and walking, and walking, and........


UserPostedImage (the screen zooming up to his horrified face and shaking afterwards): AAAH!! AAAAAAAAAAH!!!!

The Great Pumpkin proceeds to take one of his slithery roots and impale Rerun right through his heart such that you can see the other end of the root on Rerun's other side! As he impales him and raises him up, there start to be a glimmering light where Rerun was impaled (to a rather dull shocking sound), then, after several rapid flashes between Rerun's horrified face (illuminated by the light) and the Great Pumpkin's demonic expression, cut to a long shot of the scene with a bright FLASH (to the WB loud explosion)! And in place of Rerun is some thin, realistic smoke (after all, things have turned stop-motion) that quickly dissipates. He is literally trace! Not a single sign that Rerun was ever there, other than a giant explosion mark left on the ground.

The Great Pumpkin disappears back into the Pumpkin Patch.

Great Pumpkin: Now, to significantly weaken the toons if they somehow raise a good defense...I might have to raise Queen Morphia up. I might even raise her mice, her son, and [daffy]'s girlfriend Melissa for good measure! But I'll leave all that up to the other writers.

[buzzy]: So, will the Great Pumpkin raise up Queen Morphia? Find out next....

Great Pumpkin: SHUT UP! *takes out more roots and aims them at [buzzy]*

[buzzy]: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!! *yet another giant FLASH*

Great Pumpkin: There! Now that dumb narrator is dead.

I suppose the writers themselves should be the narrators from now on.

And ParamountCartoons: Toadette's next guest post next Saturday (or Sunday) will have to do with the Great Pumpkin. So it'll actually be related to the main story.... ;)

Posted on October 07, 2014, 03:07:40 pm by ParamountCartoons:

Great Pumpkin: Mwha-ha-ha-ha-ha ha! Now I've taken off Van Bueuren Cartoons off TCM's programing. I dig seeing that "Sinking of the Lustiania" again due to how TRAGIC it was! Now they have to see those happy milk bottle elves on a FREEZING December night! (HOWLS)

Rerun: You've let down all of Toontown! They wanted to see Steve Stanchfield, and you let him down!

Great Pumpkin: You think that---- 

Sorry We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Rerun: It's all your fault, the commercial isn't supposed to play until four posts later.........

*Meanwhile at Bugs and Daffy's Mansion*

[daffy] I'm soo close to figuring out the code!!!! Hoo Boy!

[bugs2] Well, the TCM change wasn't as bad as looking back at my horrible past on Cartoon Network*

*Bugs is referring to the 2001 June Bugs "12 Missing Hares" being pulled.......
Posted on October 08, 2014, 05:10:43 pm by The Dogfather (original title: The goose and the ghost):
Given how, as noted in my signature, this party is a celebration not only of these parties but also of the 10th anniversary of the independent GAC Forums as a whole, from now on and lasting up to the Christmas party this year I will occasionally include various special throwaway gags (much like the bumpers Cartoon Network made for its 20th Anniversary) along with my posts. This first one will include [coyote], [road], their Hanna-Barbera ripoffs Blast-Off Buzzard and Crazylegs Snake, and Heeza Liar from one of the Bray cartoons screened on TCM some nights ago.

Fade in on a desert pan (by Maurice Noble) while the theme song from "Adventures of the Road Runner" plays. At the appropriate moment, cue a smoke cloud zooming up...except it turns out not to be [road] but Crazylegs Snake! He takes out a sign:

Crazylegs's sign: "Hi! I'm Crazylegs, a Road Runner ripoff that Hanna-Barbera created during their darkest days, the 70s."

Thankfully, the [road] zooms up and actually starts eating Crazylegs!

Crazylegs (who has a voice like the "my leg" guy on Spongebob): No! NO! NOOOOO!!

As Crazylegs disappears into [road]'s stomach, [road] does his tongue noise, beep-beeps, and zips off. Meanwhile, Blast-Off Buzzard flies down to where Crazylegs had been, with a frustrated look. Then he gets run over by [coyote]! (To the Treg Brown body hit, of course.)

[coyote] skids to a stop, and, noticing Blast-Off Buzzard, he licks his lips lustily, ties a napkin to his neck, takes out a fork and knife, and starts moving towards the buzzard. Cue Blast-Off Buzzard starting to get a horrified look on his face, followed by [coyote]'s lustfully hungry look getting closer and closer...

Now cue [coyote] dining at a table, with an already-cooked Blast-Off Buzzard chopped into pieces. As he is about to finally enjoy his well-earned 70s-era poultry, Heeza Liar pops into the scene and sticks a gun at [coyote]! He mouths some words.

"Put that buzzard back!"

[coyote] hastily reassembles the pieces. Now Heeza Liar mouths more words.

"Put the feathers back!"

[coyote] puts back the feathers, which had been left on the ground.

"Put the legs back!"

The legs, which were also on the ground, are put back.

"Put the head back!"

So [coyote] goes over to the nearby trash can and takes out Blast-Off Buzzard's severed, bloody head (which still has his accessories), putting it back where it should be. Immediately Blast-Off Buzzard comes back alive, rapidly pecks [coyote] into the ground (to the sound of a jackhammer), and flies off.

Back to the story, at [bugs2]'s mansion, a certain unwanted Terrytoons pest who hasn't been to the parties in a while has returned.

[gandy] (holding up a sign with the following statement): Occupy Turner Classic Movies, that long arm of the totalitarian Time Warner! They created a misguided introduction for "Popeye Meets Ali Baba's Forty Thieves" only to play a dumb Dogville Comedy and now have made a cheap shot at Van Beuren and Steve Stanchfield! This is the last straw!

[bugs2]: Gandy, quit overreacting! Don't you remember what happened last time with your "Occupy Time Warner"? That ended in [dodo] causing a riot of 70s and 80s characters just as the GAC Forums were about to collapse! Besides, all the Van Beuren Tom and Jerry cartoons, along with Ted Eshbaugh's Wizard of Oz, are already on home video courtesy of Mr. Stanchfield.

[gandy]: What matters more, allowing these cartoons public exposure or releasing them for the collectors!? Fact is, everybody would rather watch their 645,234 channels of junk on the idiot box than buy some DVDs and Blu-rays!

:daffy:: Don't you insult television! Without us being present on it in the midst of a sea of garbage like "Care Bears" and that preachy Yogi show, people probably would've never seen us in the first place!

??: Yeah, and besides, at least TCM reran some of my cartoons twice!

[bugs2]: Wait, I remember that's....

[porky]: W-w-w-w-Winsor McCay's ghost!

McCay: Yup! And I brought some cheesecake!

McCay stuffs cheesecake into [gandy]'s mouth, whereupon he starts seeing the cartoon "Bug Vaudeville" in his mind! To others, however, [gandy] is in a trance.

[bugs2]: Eh, at least [gandy]'s shut up.

McCay: And that's not all!

The McCay ghost goes into the closet and possesses the old train costume that [foghorn] wore in 2012! It starts making real locomotive sounds and chugs towards [foghorn]. As all the toons in the costume contest jump out of the way...

[foghorn]: Now that's–I say–that's just rude! We haven't even gotten to....*noticing the train rushing towards him*.......the..........finale.....


The McCay-possessed train, leaving [foghorn] flattened, crashes through the back of the mansion, hitting Toad's elastic electric fence from several posts ago. It gets shocked and ricocheted back into the house, comes crashing through the front of the mansion ([bugs2] has been using his magic remote from last year in order to fix all the prior destruction during this party), and keeps on chugging backwards into the distance...

Meanwhile, at the Great Pumpkin's lair:

Great Pumpkin: Just shut up, Rerun! I don't know HOW you got into my lair, come to think of it; I thought I killed you!

UserPostedImage: Your roots were set wrong, that's why!

Just then, they hear the McCay train coming! It comes crashing in, slamming the Great Pumpkin into the wall in the process!

Great Pumpkin: Urrrgghhh....

UserPostedImage: Now's my chance to escape! I need to warn everybody at the party!

Rerun starts climbing up the staircase leading out of the lair and into the edge of the pumpkin patch.

Great Pumpkin: Grrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaggghhh!!! Who dared to try and run me over!?

McCay (depossessing the train): Uh-oh!

The Winsor McCay ghost tries to fly off, only for the Great Pumpkin to take his roots out and grab him by the neck.
Posted on October 11, 2014, 06:16:31 pm by ParamountCartoons:
Great Pumpkin: Yeah, I can choke ghosts until their matter has disappered!

*Soon, the Great Pumpkin grabs the Mcay ghost so hard he no longer has an afterlife.* Meanwhile at Bugs and Daffy's mansion

[daffy] I decoded the code! It says that Charles Schulz was doubting religion so he created a mysticial creature that was akin to Santa Claus in his strip as an idea to make fun of his children! Soon, the Great Pumpkin got so popluar that when Peanuts was animated, the pumpkin was immoratilized! THAT'S IT, we need to mortalize him so he'll never come back. Luckily, I'm a ghost-sorry quack buster that can mortalize anything. But how?

Rerun: I saw him grabbing the Windsor Mcay ghost by the neck till his afterlife was over! For years I thought afterlife can be immortal.

[bugs2] When he rises to destroy Toontown Halloween night (20 days from now) tempt him to commit suicide by hanging the Great Pumpkin by neck until he becomes an oridnary giant pumpkin! Then for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner we'll make homemade pumpkin pie out of this monster!

Everyone: *Cheers*

[bugs2] But first, we need to write to ABC to ban "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown"! All of us toons need to write. I have the address and plenty of stamps!
Editor's note: The link to the ACME Instant Tuxedo is dead now, sadly, so I have not reposted it.

Posted on October 11, 2014, 09:11:48 pm by wiley207 (original title: Just getting in a little point...)
[coyote] : (wearing his ACME Instant Tuxedo) I'm not sure if that will work. ABC does have the rights to show classic Peanuts specials, but wouldn't FOX get the rights instead? They already have the rights to air new Peanuts specials, instead of ABC...

[daffy] : Sufferin' succotash, you are right! FOX has been the home for new Peanuts productions since 2011, and it might also be why Blue Sky Studios is producing that upcoming Peanuts film!

[bugs2] : OK, then we had better let FOX know not to air it as well.

Turn-Tale Wolf: But wait! Won't Adult Swim air the Robot Chicken episode spoofing the Great Pumpkin? And how about that Simpsons "Treehouse of Horror?"

[daffy] : OK, we'll let Cartoon Network know as well, but they barely listen to us Looney Tunes. And as for the Simpsons, forget that, they called it the "Grand Pumpkin" to avoid legal problems.

Rerun: I don't even know if I'm going to be in that new Peanuts film yet!