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Fade in on the Looney Tunes blue-rings-with-red-center that were used in 1944. The WB shield zooms up to the usual "Twaaang!", and the 1941-1945 rendition of "The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down" starts playing; as the rest of the title card information fades in, the WB shield is replaced with Daffy's head.


Fade to the next card...


As "The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down" ends, fade to this  title card (yes, it's a crude MS Paint job) as "Mysterious Mose" starts playing.

The following credits are featured on the background alone, with neither Daffy nor me:

Story Supervision:
Toadette, Princesse de Champignon


Supervising Animators:
Bobe Cannon
Art Davis
John Gentilella
Ken Harris
Emery Hawkins
(HE worked on this too!?) ——————————————————————————>Bill Melendez
Rod Scribner
Irv Spence
Jim Tyer

Red's Dance:
Preston Blair

Layout: Maurice Noble

Backgrounds: Philip DeGuard

Film Editors:
Treg Brown
Lee Gunther
Joe Siracusa
Rick Steward

Sound by Producer's Sound Service, Inc.

Voice Characterizations: Mel Blanc...and others

Carl W. Stalling and Milt Franklyn

Finally, Daffy and I fade back in as the following credits are displayed:

Directed by:
Chuck Jones
Art Davis
Bob Clampett
Frank Tashlin
Friz Freleng
Tex Avery

Fade in on Walter Wolf on a stage, dressed in a suit and holding a stack of papers. This scene is directed by, of course, Friz Freleng and animated by Art Davis.

Walter: *ahem* Ladies and gentlemen, the events depicted in this fanfic—what's that supposed to mean anyways? Kids these days—are entirely non-canon. Any toons or video game characters injured or killed in this thread will undoubtedly, certainly be alive and well by the time Thanksgiving comes around. *flinching* Oooh, my aching back!

Now Art Davis is the director, the great Emery Hawkins the animator.

Open on Princess Peach's castle in Videoville. The drawbridge is open, the vast garden surrounding it dotted with autumn trees and jack-o-lanterns.

Fade into me in my bedroom, reading a book titled "Toadish Royal Court Traditions For The Princess's Youngest".

Me: "On All Hallows' Eve, it is traditional that the you, the youngest child, bake soul cakes using time-honored methods and ingredients to hand out to soulers who come to the castle at night! First, dress in an outfit that brings out your natural cuteness." *popping up from the book, revealing I'm wearing my typical outfit, and speaking in a mock-British accent* Egad, what an ideal treatise!

Proceed I to scramble and zip off into my rich wardrobe, whereupon after a bit of scuffling, first my shoed foot comes out, seemingly unchanged, but the rest of me follows to a "ta-da" fanfare—light radiates around me, for dressed am I in a sunhat (with sky blue bow) with a flower, a white blouse, and a blue skirt with buttoned suspenders! (My white panties are the same, though.)

Me: And the finishing touch....

To the WB "sproing" sound, a red bow-tie springs up practically out of nowhere! Thus, I'm now dressed in the same outfit I was in in the title card.

Now fade to me, in the back gardens of the castle, lifting a giant boulder by a long rope through a high-up tree branch! (Take note of the brilliant design work here: the autumn leaves on the tree and in piles scattered throughout the landscape have been rendered with rubber stamping. This was a technique Maurice Noble used in a few 50s Chuck Jones cartoons, most notably "Steal Wool" and "Robin Hood Daffy".) Once it's high enough, I start running around the tree with the rope to tie it (and use up the remaining rope), and finally, as the now-tight rope has a hook at the end of it, I attach the hook to a stick sticking out of the ground, having to stand on the side of the tree and pull tightly to do so.

Cut to me doing a weird, slow-motion-looking, somewhat drunken run across the screen with an oddly ecstatic look on my face as I say the following:

Me: Quoth olden times, "The best way to get to the floury meat of the grain...

I reenter the screen holding a whole bundle of grains, drunkenly running to the other side...

Me: to ground it by stone."

With the grains under the boulder, I, laying belly-down, just gently blow on the stick to which the hook is the hook goes as the WB fall sound is heard, and SMASH goes the boulder violently on the grains, which have been reduced to flour!

Me (my face suddenly distorting into that of a feral dog, sharp teeth and gums and all, and laughing in a loud Mel Blanc voice): MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!! *my face and voice suddenly reverting to normal* That's what Toad must have done in the past, after all!

Mel Blanc's Catstello voice (off-screen): HEEEY!! TOADEEETTE!!!

Art Davis is again relegated to animator (albeit one of the best Termite Terrace ever had), Frank Tashlin taking over direction, as Toad, my spore-brother, no longer voiced by Daws Butler but by Mel Blanc with the voice above, scrambles in (to the Jay Ward bongo run) from the distance on a rolling, smeary pink ball! He turns a left, scrambling himself over to me as he continues yelling:

UserPostedImage: TOADEETTE!! TOADETTE!! TOADETTE!! Toadette! Toadette! Toadette! Toadette! ToaHEEEEY, *ground cracking* OHHHHHHH!!!!

Turns out, of course, that the aforementioned pink ball was none other than Sunhatpuff, our somewhat destructive sunhat-wearing Jigglypuff and court ballet dancer! Toad screaming and the ground cracking was him striking a ballet pose to complete the rolling, at the same time lifting Toad up on one foot.

Me: Goodness gracious, Toad, what is it this time!?

UserPostedImage (jumping down from Sunhatpuff and excitedly jumping and pointing): He's here! He's here! *briefly taking on buck teeth and feeling nonexistent long ears above his pileus* He's heere! Ohhhhh, he's heeeere!

Me (getting excited myself, taking on a sunny expression): Wait, Bugs is here!? *jumping* Oh, boy oh boy oh boy!

With that, I zip (in brush strokes, leaving a trail of smoky dust) all the way back to the castle in the distance!

UserPostedImage: Oh, Bugs, I'm simply charmed that you were willing to join Toadette and I for iced tea time! And let me assure you, Toadette will do a wonderful job writing your Halloween party tonight!

[bugs2] (holding a glass of carrot iced tea, with a whole carrot inside): As I'm sure she will, Peachy! My regards for you, Toadette, and let me toast—*we three clink our glasses*—to the wee lady in pink fungus!

[daffy] (suddenly popping out angularly from under the table towards [bugs2]): HOLD that gallbladdering toast there, buster! *grabbing [bugs2]'s glass; cut to a close-up shot as, over the following dialogue, [daffy] spoons several spoons of sugar into the glass and mixes while keeping an eye on [bugs2]* Surely you can't be serious about praising the alleged talents of this—this—pretentious young fungal dilettante, can you!?

With that, [daffy] drinks the by-now quite sugary carrot iced tea; flabbergasted at what he perceives to be its awful taste, he spits it all out at me!

[daffy]: Yuck! You just can't sweeten iced tea enough. *throws the cup out* As I was saying, *stepping onto the table* luckily for the readers of these threads, over the past few days I have taken it upon myself to write an entire Halloween party script; surely as an animated actor with upwards of 75 years of experience, I can write something better than these fanfic amateurs could no matter how much studying they did!

Me: Perhaps, but—

[daffy] (squishing himself into my face; quickly cut to a shot from the back in which he can be seen speaking through the back of my head, which has been shaped in his head's image, while his body stylizingly distorts and squishes!): Talking back to your elders, ehhhh, Toad-ettiquette? *stretch and pop out, to the DFE/late-WB deep pop sound; cut back to a more normal shot* See, this sheer lack of respect for classic characters is what results in unsatisfactory, tasteless party threads! Thus, as I have *taking out a stack of papers* brought my script with me, perhaps NOW is the time for a little edutainment on how to write.

Now Princess Peach, Toad, Sunhatpuff, [bugs2], and I are seated in chairs in the castle's main hall. Chuck Jones directs.

[daffy] (standing up, reading from his script): The Greatest Halloween Party Thread Never Posted, by Daffy Dumas Duck. *ahem* It was a cool, somewhat drafty, slightly cloudy Halloween night in Toontown.

Fade to an establishing pan of Toontown, with black cats roaming, a full moon, and pumpkins littered across the houses. At [bugs2]'s mansion, truck in slightly, then fade to [daffy]...

[daffy]: They'll be wondering, "It's a bird! It's a plane!" But in reality, *spinning around, revealing [daffy] dressed in a Superman look-alike costume* I'm Stupor Duck!! *to the screen* With a healthy dose of Super Grover, of course. Now to search out evildoers this Hallows' night!

[bugs2]: Oh, knock it off, Daffy! At least I'm more economically dressed in just my striped shirt from that "Rabbits Run" DTV.

[daffy] (zipping over): Aha!! Jealous of my much more assuming attire, ain't ya? Why, even Arnold is dressed more interestingly!

[bugs2]: Isn't he bouncer again?

[daffy]: Not just any bouncer, my friend, but a clown bouncer! *chuckles* Just a means of self-serving humiliation of others, see.

Arnold (off-screen): Mark my words, duck! I will get my revenge!

[bugs2]: Now stop the presses!

It turns out that it was [bugs2] outside the script who said that; fade to a matching shot of actual [bugs2] (naked, so to speak) back in Peach's castle.

[bugs2]: If nothing else, I would prefer to be dressed as a zombie version of myself! After all, with stuff like that "Rabbits Run" DTV, they're basically taking our real-life corpses and molding them into sacrilege.

[daffy] (who, during the above dialogue, took on a typical Jones unamused face, and has zipped over to [bugs2]): Look, Bugsy boy. In case you've forgotten, this is my script. And in my script, I—

[bugs2] (interrupting): You get to make all the creative decisions, and besides, it's only a Halloween costume. Capicse? Yes.

[daffy] turns to the screen with a Jones double-eye, clearly shocked.

[daffy] (turning back in disgust): You're a psickic psicko. *storms off to his original spot*

[bugs2] shrugs casually.

Fade back to the script world...

*Now Wile E. Coyote [coyote] comes in, dressed in a black vest and cowboy hat, red bandana, and a brownish-colored holster and cowboy boots...*

[daffy]: Ooh, lookin' sharp, Wile E.! Who are you supposed to be?

[coyote]: *in a different, rugged Western voice by Frank Welker* I'm the Coyote Kid, the meanest desperado in Prairie Junction!

* Speedy Gonzales runs in with a scroll; cut to a close-up (note that Speedy's hands holding the edges of the scroll have become uncanny-valley realistic, with nails!), where it reads...
"We know Wile E. Coyote rarely speaks, and that his voice doesn't sound like this, but Frank Welker is overdubbing his voice as he did for the "Tiny Toons" episode "High Toon," where he appeared as the Coyote Kid. We apologize for any confusion. Sincerely, the writers."
Then he zips off again...*

[coyote]: I was going to go to a furry convention dressed this way, since they were having a "weird west" theme, but they canceled it due to budget constraints and low pre-registration numbers. So I figured I'd save it for Halloween! So here I am.

[daffy]: Well that's too bad. Oh well, at least you can get some usage out of it!

[coyote] : Thanks, pardner!

[bugs2]: Say doc, didn't you have a gang of coyotes with you?

[coyote]: That was just for the TV show. They're friends of mine, away at separate parties!

*Outside the house, a beautiful yellow female dog arrives, with a large blue bow and a big bushy tail, walking on all fours, to the strains of "It Had to Be You." She suggestively moves her butt around as she walks. Arnold notices...*

Arnold: *does a big cartoony double take* WHOA! Come to me, baby!

*He begins walking on all fours, for three paces slow, then four paces fast on his hind legs, then back on all fours three paces slow, then on hind legs four paces fast. etc. But once he gets closer, the female dog suddenly whacks Arnold on the head with a mallet! He falls to the ground, stars swirling around his head.*

Arnold: Oooh... which way did he go, George?

*The female dog then grabs the sides of her head and stretches upward (with the Warner/Treg Brown rubber stretching effect); then the rubber mask pops off, revealing a sweating Sylvester underneath!*

[sylvestr]: Trick-or-treat! *laughs* Great costume, huh?

Arnold: WHAT? You mean that beautiful female dog was just a CAT in a dog suit?!

[sylvestr] : That's right, buster! I'm a K-A-T, cat! You know I was invited to this party!

Arnold: Oh yeah... go on right in, Sylvester...

[sylvestr]: Thanks! *puts the dog mask back on, speaks in a typical Mel Blanc falsetto* And then maybe I'll see you around, big boy... *blows a kiss and enters*

*Arnold stands there with his heart pounding through his chest ala The Mask, but then comes to his senses*

Arnold: Wait! Did that male cat just... FLIRT with me?
Chuck Jones directs.

Still in the script...

[daffy] (lifting up the rubber mask): Well, talk about star-crossed cross-dressing, Sylvester!

[sylvestr]: Thankthh! I figured that if I attracted thho much dogthh, I might athh well become one, thho I pulled out thithh old cothhtume. And I thhuppothhe Wile E. over there is a cowboy?

[coyote]: Only the meanest desperado in Prairie Junction, as I said in the last post! By the way, I've been workin' on my six-shooter demonstration! In fact, Daffy, since you're dressed as Stupor Duck, how's about we test how steely the duck of steel is?

[daffy]: Oh, you bet your life! *puffs out his chest, which comes out solid!*

Taking his six-shooter out of his holster, [coyote] spins it around and fires several shots at [daffy]'s chest; sure enough, the bullets turn shooting through [coyote]'s right boot!

[coyote] looks at the screen with sheer horror (something like this ), smoke still coming out of his gun...then—

[coyote] (jumping into the air, doing a certain familiar Mel Blanc vocal yelp): YOOOOOOWWW!!!!

[sylvestr]: Sheesh, talk about shooting yourthhelf in the foot! A failure of a dethhperado if there ever wathh one. *realizing* Thhay, where'thh Bugthh?

[daffy]: Oh, said he had some private business to deal with. Lemme check. *zip out; now walking into a different room* Oh, Bugsy roomate! Sylvester just flirted with our buff bouncing clown-dog, and Wile E. just shot himself in the foot! *narrating now* Little did I know, when I peeked into the other room, that [bugs2] was reciting a little mantra to prevent another out of hand party...specifically, *quickly pan to [bugs2] meditating on the ground* the Hare (pronounced as "hare/hair") Krishna!

[bugs2] (from outside): Now wait just a rite-writing minute!

Fade back to the outside world.

[bugs2]: Why would I be reciting any mantra to begin with?

[daffy]: Look, you're a hare, right?

[bugs2] (who just turned his eyeballs towards the audience, his eyebrows going up and down): Eh, I don't grow on people's heads, doc!

[daffy] gives a flustered look at the screen, and then, irritatedly turning back:

[daffy]: No, you jackrabbit, I mean the rabbit kind of hare! So anyways, you would be reciting the hare Krishna, right?

[bugs2]: Nope! And FYI, it's pronounced haarai Krishna.

[daffy] gives a particularly annoyed look at the screen, and then, angrily turning back:

[daffy]: All right, Foster, you've questioned the integrity of my script two too many times! *to the screen* Notice I didn't say "Warren". *pushing [bugs2] out of the castle and through to the other side of the drawbridge* If you don't like it, Ernest, then *zipping back to the castle entrance and declaring* kindly suck on lemons, Lehman!

[daffy] pulls the lever to close the drawbridge...but it slams into him! A [daffy]-shaped crack in the door develops, and eventually falls, revealing [daffy] with a bent-up beak and a shocked expression.

[daffy] (sounding battered): How's about we nix the drawbridge, Mike-tese? Please?
Jones directs the "real" world, Bob Clampett directs the script world.

Now [bugs2] is peering in through the [daffy]-shaped hole in the drawbridge as [daffy] continues reading.

[bugs2]: Eh, it's still his script! Not like I'm going to adhere to it later anyways.

[daffy]: And so, another guest arrived...*fade to the front door of the mansion, which is contradictorily empty...Arnold is nowhere to be seen*...and unfortunately for a certain lippy leporid, I was too busy showing myself off to our two other guests, to answer the door.

From under the doormat pops out UserPostedImage, dressed as his old version from "The Old Grey Hare"...holding his Buck Rogers ray gun.

UserPostedImage: Dahahahahahaha! PawamountCartoons's fwimsy conspiwacy theowies may have prevented me fwom howding actual guns, but futuwistic way guns don't count! *disappear under the doormat again*

Toadette's Note: As wiley207 will attest to, this is actually the very first part of what I had intended to post tomorrow, changed somewhat to accommodate ParamountCartoons's initial idea behind the post. The remainder of the post, which will mark a significant turn in this thread's events, will be posted tommorow.
Continued from the previous post; the directors are like in the last post...

[bugs2] (opening the door): Eh, welcome to the party....doc? *cut to a close-up* Say, dey ain't no guest here!

But from under the doormat creeps out the ray gun.........ZAP into [bugs2]'s chest, with [bugs2] reacting shockedly as several multicolored pinball points, and eventually a TILT, surround and cover him up!

UserPostedImage (popping out from under the mat, celebrating): Oh boy! I finawwy got that scwewy wabbit!

But initial satisfaction turns into remorseful guilt as [bugs2], breathing heavily, coughing violently, collapses, dying...

[bugs2] (hacking and breathing as Elmer starts to weep over him): got me this time, Elmer....and now.... *cough* *breathe* I see...the light........still....*breathe* ripe and......young......

UserPostedImage (as [bugs2] fades away): No, pwease Mr. Wabbit! No, don't fowwow the wight! *breaks down into tears and sobs on the wall* I kiwwed the poow wittle wabbit! *sobbing*

[daffy] (entering the room): *sniffing* My Super-Smell tells me—*gasps, but it sounds more like a pup bark, and zips over to [bugs2]'s corpse* Wubba wubba!! Just as I smelt—a hare corpse! Neverthe-nonetheless, I shall dispose of this dead hare with my *spinning around, followed by him proclaiming the following words while they appear above him*


Grabbing [bugs2], Stupor Duck zips off (leaving a streak of color!) to just outside the mansion and, woo-hooing through all of the actions that will be listed here, grabs a shovel from off-screen and digs a hole, then throws [bugs2] into it, then pushes all the dirt back into it and stamps on it!

[daffy]: Now to prepare for my double role, as the host of this unassuming party! Stupor Duck, awaaaaay!

Once again, [daffy] zips out...but he crashes right into a rather flexible tree (to the WB "low piano note" hit sound), which wobbles for a few seconds! When it stops wobbling, [daffy] falls none other than the Hanna-Barbera "glass-breaking crash"!

Pan down to reveal [daffy] quite flattened on the ground, and fade back to the "real" world, with [daffy] outside the castle (though out of costume, of course), still flat. Emery Hawkins animates.

[daffy] (popping himself up and walking away...while the tree he crashed into begins to fall): And the very presence of that sound effect indicates that I am none other than...Stupor—

CRASH!! goes the tree through [daffy], who remains in the same position he was in before...but his eyes are quite shocked.

[daffy]: ...Duck.

Pan over to a recently-buried hole next to a jack-o-lantern. [bugs2] pops out, quite ruffled and irritated as he spits out dirt, which also crumbles around him. He looks at [daffy] angrily, and makes the declaration that spells death:

[bugs2]: Of course you know, this means war!
Frank Tashlin directs the outside, Chuck directs the script.

[daffy] (turning to the next page in his script, back in the castle): Let's see, pages 1, 2, 3, oh yes, page 4! So, now that your proud hero, Stupor Duck, was the new host thanks to a misguided prank, he was the one to deal with further guests, first of which was...*turning page...only to violently stiffen up in the air (to a Hanna-Barbera crazy crash, HB01-24-11 on the Sound Ideas set), his whole body pointing straight at the open script (which is now floating in the air), visibly ecstatic!*

As "You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby" plays, cut to a shot of a curvaceous lady on a torn-out magazine page pasted onto page 4, and zoom into the bare legs, in particular!

[daffy]: *his eyes bulging out repeatedly, followed by a wolf-whistle, then turn to Princess Peach, Toad, Sunhatpuff, and I* If you wonderful folks in the audience don't mind, *pushing us out of the room* I'm now on a lust break! *slam the door, then zips back to the page and starts barking and howling like a wolf, and whistling and banging on the floor!*

As if one woman wasn't enough, however, [daffy] turns the page to find yet ANOTHER woman! Once again he goes wild, and then turns the page to find another woman, and then another, and another....and at all these women, his ecstasy reaches higher and higher levels.

From under a tile, however, a familiar gloved hand pops out and starts feeling around the script, accidentally touching the woman on the page [daffy] is turned to (and lusting at). Recoiling, [bugs2] wolf-whistles, then tears out the page after that and, from under the floor, replaces it with a differently-written page, with a long piece of tape on the side to keep it attached. After making sure the page is attached, [bugs2]'s hand goes back under the tile.

[daffy]: All right, lust break over! *zips out and pushes us back in fast* Back to story! *picking up the script* So, *ahem, turning the page* "my portentous-pretentious self heard the doorbell ring." Hmmmm, nice exposition! Couldn't have thought of it myself, but somehow I did.

Fade over to the script world, inside the mansion.

[daffy] (zip over, imitating Jerry Colonna): Ah, some new guest has been added! Woo-hoo!

When [daffy] opens the door, however....he finds a scary clown with a disturbing smile raising a knife while growling, as lightning flashes (to Castle Thunder)!!! Cut to [daffy] with a look of pure horror, shaking violently in fear and turning white and ruffled! He zips right into the closet, hiding under the clothes...while the scary clown takes off his mask, revealing a laughing Arnold!

Arnold (laughing jollily): Zat vas ze greatest Halloween prank I ever inflicted! *laughing*

[daffy] (irritated): Oh brother, you just had to milk that clown condition, didn't you!? *noticing the clothes he's hiding under* You know, it's funny, I've never really noticed how comfortable these clothes seem to be...

During that last line of dialogue, however, fade back to the real world to reveal he's hiding under Princess Peach's dress!

UserPostedImage: That's because you and your lust breaks are under my dress, you lech! *kicking him out to the WB whack* Take your creative juices elsewhere! And speaking of which, something about that last part felt different....almost like someone else wrote it. And much better, too!

[daffy] (zipping right up to Peach's face): How DARE you question the unfettered vision and integrity of my script!?

The rest of [daffy]'s dialogue is shown from various different angles, one after the other, emphasizing [daffy]'s anger, not to mention Peach's shock as [daffy] points in her face!

[daffy]: I have looked over the script eleven times and it is abso-polutely perfect as it is, without extra edits! (for every italicized syllable, [daffy] points in UserPostedImage's face) And I abso-polutely guarantee you that there is an absolute consistency of vision that I guarantee you will NOT be found in ANY typical animated feature in theaters as of this writing! So I suggest you keep that royal mouth shut in the face of my wide-ranging genius, or don't bother—


Looks like Peach got so peed off that she gave [daffy] a good one with a frying pan!

UserPostedImage: And I suggest you show some respect for une princesse royale like me!

[daffy] (wearied): All right, all right, I'll comply! *popping his head back to size and picking up the script* All right, so after that scary Arnold clown...oh yes! One could never guess who came next....

Fade back to the script world.

[minnie]: Yoo-hoo!

[daffy]: Yipe! A pew! *zip out*

[minnie]: Now Daffy, I wouldn't let churchgoers sit on me! I heard black cats are quite common around Halloween, so I thought I'd surprise everybody...but my costume was ruined when I accidentally spilled some bleach down the back.

[daffy] (who was in the kitchen pouring a hero-size canister of tomato sauce into a tub, only to turn around with a surprised look): Minnie!? For a second I thought Pepe had finally found a skunkmate! Would've stunk up the whole place, it would have. *realization* Waaait a minute....where's Mickey?
Once again, Jones directs the script, Tashlin directs the extra-script (animated by Art Davis).

[minnie]: Well, he's too busy negotiating the contract for the next season of those Paul Rudish Toon-Boom cartoons. I just hope Pepe doesn't come and see me like this!

[daffy] (narrating as the scene fades back to the outside): At the time I had

Cut to [bugs2], at the castle entrance, with a bottle of perfume, "Eau du la Duck". Cut to a close-up of the bottle being sprayed into the castle; during all this, [daffy] is saying the following:

[daffy]: no possible tipoffs as to whom the next guests

Cut back to [daffy], as the scent arrives...

[daffy]: would be, whether they'd be faces I hadn't seen in

The scent turns into two arms whose hands lustily cuddle [daffy]'s beak; "The Girl Friend of the Whirling Dervish" starts playing.

[daffy]: .....a while?

Equally lustily, [daffy] begins to float, following the scent...curious, Peach, Toad, Sunhatpuff, and I follow him.

Out of the castle he goes as the scent turns a corner to the side, [daffy] continuing to follow it and us continuing to follow him...eventually, the scent leads to a crudely-drawn-and-built mannequin (with bare legs, of course) of Sailor Venus/Minako covered in the perfume/scent!

[daffy] wild-takes at the sight and...grows romantic.

[daffy] (speaking in a Daffy-ized version of Pepe's voice as he embraces the legs): Ooooh, where have you been all these months, me darleeng? *smooch* *smooch*

Peach covers Toad, Sunhatpuff, and I's eyes and hustles us away as [daffy], off-screen, starts making cuddly, suggestive sighs and kissing!

Back inside the castle, [bugs2] pops out of one of the tiles yet again and starts writing stuff inside [daffy]'s script.....seeing us approaching in the distance, he takes a bit and goes back under.

Cut back to [daffy], nuzzling the Minako mannequin....

[daffy] (realizing): Hmmm, got a bit sidetracked there, didn't I?

[daffy] speeds from the mannequin, around the corner back into the castle, and back to his script (we, already seated, see him approaching from far away), literally brush strokes; Tashlin's fast cutting is particularly useful here. By the time he's reached the script, he's already settled and reading...

[daffy]: But, unbeknowst to my rude, leg-fetishing, mannequin-lusting self, the next guest *fade back to the script world, with [minnie] still at the front door* would for [minnie] be bad timing...*Stupor Duck pops in from the side of the screen, much to [minnie]'s surprise* Well-timed and animated by Ken Harris, of course! *zip out*

[lepew] (who literally knocks down the front door, in his Maurice Chevalier impression, much to [minnie]'s blood-curdled horror): Babyface.

You've got the cutest little babyface!
There's not another one to take your place!
Babyface, I didn't need a shove! O-ho-ho no.

Through these lyrics, [lepew] is backing towards [minnie], who in turn is shrieking in sheer fright and backing away herself! And at this point, fade back to the outside world, where it turns out [daffy] is doing the same to Peach...she screams in fright, backing into a corner while Toad and I try to pull back [daffy]!

Cause I just fell in love
With your pretty baby face!

As it looks like Peach has nowhere else to go, with [daffy] lusting on her, she finds her parasol hanging next to her...grabbing it, she spins it (to the WB wind whistle) and gives [daffy] a BIG hit on the head for dear life, explosion-like effects animation filling the screen!!

When it finally clears, [daffy] is sitting with a pleasured expression on his face, the umbrella implanted into his head. Rhythmically, he orgasmically ejects two spotted eggs, one white with red spots, and the other pink with white spots...which, of course, pop to turn out to be Toad and myself, quite dazed and rather disturbed!

Sunhatpuff is fanning Toad and I with a Japanese fan, as both of us are still quite dazed. Peach is quite irritated.

[daffy] (who is bandaged on his head): Anyways, I can now verify that the next guests to come, were some familiar prodigies...

Fade back to inside the script to reveal Buster and Babs Bunny, Plucky Duck, and Hampton Pig, each dressed in homemade Halloween costumes, marching casually (like they have some serious business to deal with) in a line right to the mansion. This scene is directed by Bob Clampett, animated by Bill Melendez.

....out pops scary clown Arnold from behind a bush next to the mansion door, roaring and blocking their path, sporting a knife! Yet the Tiny Toons keep marching on, and so determined are they that, each with only one hand and without any notice of the obstacles before them, they start pushing Arnold and the door down in a perfectly natural fashion, with Buster pushing Arnold, Babs pushing Buster, Plucky pushing Babs, and Hampton pushing Plucky, all while still marching in place!

Arnold: Hey....what are you doing!? Stop that!! Stoooo—

Down goes Arnold, and the front door with it! The Tiny Toons proceed to march over Arnold with no heed, towards [daffy]...

[daffy] (on the phone): Wait, since when did you two hook up again? Oh well, if it means—

Buster (energetically grabbing [daffy], making a bombastic sales pitch): HEY, DAFFY!! Check out our latest dance routine! Watch— *back-jump off-screen rapidly; cut to a shot of the other Tiny Toons already doing their own variations on the infamous Kennedy kick-dance; entering the screen smearily, Buster lands on his arms, which propel him to make a second fast back-jump landing him back on his feet, already holding a stick of dynamite* we'll do three-hundred Kennedy kicks as soon as this stick o' dynamite is lit be *with a wave of his hand, a lit match shows up in his hand!* fore it explodes!

But right when the flame touches the fuse—


...leaving the Tiny Toons charred for the worse.

Buster (still enthusiastic): Oh well, back to the old drawing board! *he and the others march off*
Friz Freleng directs, Art Davis animates.

[daffy] : Now for the wolves, of course! What's Halloween without wolves?

Plucky: He's got a point. Let's bring them in!

* [wolfie] enters first, followed by the Southern Wolf, the "Sheepish Wolf" (in his cheesy sheep outfit), the "Turn-Tale Wolf" the "Three Little Bops" wolf, a Walter Lantz wolf (from "Who's Cookin' Who" and "Red Riding Hoodlum"), a Terrytoons wolf (from Mighty Mouse's "Wolf, Wolf!"), and the Wolf from the "Little Boy Blue" Comicolor cartoon. *

Buster: Wow, that's a lot of 'em. How come I don't remember any of them from our show?

Babs: Because we never really had any wolf characters!

"Three Little Bops" Wolf: But it feels like one of us is missing...

[daffy]: Oh, Disney's Big Bad Wolf? He's passing out candy at his place. He feels our parties are too "crazy."

Turn-Tale Wolf: No, a Warner wolf... of course! Walter!

[wolfie] : I bet Slappy Squirrel is preventing him from coming! Well, once she arrives, let's get her!

Lantz Wolf: Great idea! *snickers*

* Not too far from the house, we see a gray arriving, looking more semi-realistic while wearing a green hat with a flower, and a visible zipper on her front and a few seams. Among meeting up with Arnold...*

Arnold: I did not know you were invited to the party!

* "Slappy" then tugs off her mask (with the deep DFE/later Warner "pop!") to reveal Walter Wolf's head underneath! *

Walter: Surprise! Happy Halloween!

Arnold: Walter! Why are you dressed like that?

Walter: Someone sent me this squirrel fursuit to wear at the party. I don't know who did, though. The note included was signed "Unanimous," so it must be someone stupid enough to confuse the word with "anonymous!" *puts head back on*

Arnold: Go right in!

*Walter as Slappy enters the house, but...*

Sheepish Wolf: LOOK! It's Slappy Squirrel!

Turn-Tale Wolf: Let's GET HER!

*They run up and pounce on "Slappy!" A fight cloud breaks out with the Disney/H-B "drum/whistle spin" sound effect, as different wolves' limbs and heads briefly pop out and in the cloud during the fight. Walter Wolf's head (with a black eye) pokes out... *

Walter: Guys, stop! It's me! I'm not Slappy! I didn't even KNOW this was a Slappy costume!

[speedy] : I don't think they heard him! Once in a fight like that, it's hard to listen to others. I think someone has set señor Walter up! But who did it?

*He peers over to find [daffy] whistling nonchalantly...*

[daffy] : What? Getting beat up is Walter's schtick!

* [speedy] flashes Daffy a terrible face... *
Fade back to the "real" world to reveal a similar fight cloud has sprung up! Peach zips over and grabs it to reveal [daffy] swinging his fists willy-nilly, badly beaten with missing feathers and bruises! Friz Freleng continues directing (with Art Davis animating), of course.

UserPostedImage (as [daffy] calms and pants heavily): That's very well enough!

Me (scrambling over, practically on the verge of sobbing): Oh, Daffy! *sniff* Are you okay? You shouldn't have beat up on yourself like that!

UserPostedImage: Yeah, you know, getting caught up in the heat of the minute! Out-loud digging-of-shins does these theatrical things to you.

UserPostedImage (dropping [daffy]): I'd suggest you give it a rest with these self-destructive tendencies, Daffy. You're like John K. acting stuff out to Vanessa Coffey!

[daffy] (wearied and panting on the ground): Okay, okay! This lusty duck needs to take a real break this time.

As he turns around to crawl out, Sunhatpuff pops out from underneath him and, carrying him, starts ballet-dancing to the main theme of Beethoven's Minuet in G! For every step, awful cracks crack on the floor, barely shown on-screen long enough to be paid attention to, and at one point he even slams [daffy] onto the floor, causing a whole crater to develop! The performance concludes...with the room's chandelier literally shattering, causing the room to go dark.

UserPostedImage: Say, that's only the second chandelier that went out today! *tsk-tsk, wolf-whistle*

[bugs2] once again pops out from under the tiles, this time engrossed in a book titled "100 Covert Ways to Ruin an Animation Story".

[bugs2] (suddenly surprised): No, I can't do that! It's too horrible! But then again......

Taking a page of [daffy]'s script, [bugs2] disappears back underground.
Chuck Jones directs. Ken Harris animates.

[daffy] is back to normal, though with the room relatively dark (the afternoon light from the windows allows some visibility though), he's using a flashlight to tell the story! Sunhatpuff is bound and gagged.

[daffy] (in a suspenseful tone): And was time for some cheap entertainment!

Fade to a stage covered by a curtain. The curtain opens (with a "Ta-da!" fanfare) to reveal none other than Charlie Dog, in his Italian outfit from "A Hound For Trouble".

Music in C-major begins to play as Charlie Dog begins to shuffle. As the dance progresses, he begins to sing (those of you who have watched "A Hound for Trouble" know what the dance looks like):

Charlie Dog:
Atsa matta, atsa matta, hey!
Atsa matta fer you?
You eata ma raviola anda ma pasta fazoola too!
I'ma give ya cacciatori and a pizza-that's-good-to-chew
Atsa matta, you no like me?
Hey! Atsa matta for you!

As Charlie takes a bow, there's some relatively lukewarm applause as the curtain closes. Fade back to [daffy].

[daffy]: Unfortunately, the only guest that arrived during this time was Porky, who was not dressed in a costume but rather miscolored according to the second page of an old Walt Kelly comic ...that is, his bow was black, his vest red, and his skin a cold, dead blue!

During the above dialogue, [bugs2]'s hand, unnoticed, pops out from under and re-inserts the page [bugs2] had taken earlier.

[daffy] (turning to said page): Anyways, that rotting hunk of ham was at the blood punch bowl, where our *fade to the script world again* aforespoken-of cheap entertainment was waiting to heckle guests.

Charlie (popping up from behind the table): So porkster, how did ya like my performance?

[porky]: W-w-well, I don't mean to offend, but it c-c-came off as an obviously l-laz-l-l-laz-l-uh, cheap reuse from an old cartoon.

Charlie: Oh, I see. You have no appreciation for my talent! All the struggles I've been through, all the abuse I've suffered! All...*sniff, breaking down* just to get a single stint like this. *sniff* *sob, pulling Porky close to him* You don't understand the tribulations I've been through in the past few decades. Thrown around from studio to studio, sweatshop to sweatshop, placed in *sob* incomprehensible Asian cultures faraway from home!

Charlie sobs himself away on the table...

[porky] (taking pity): W-why, gosh, you poor old mutt! I didn't realize that—

Charlie: All my life, I've wanted to stay in the West. Spend the day heckling you, or a Confederate landowner, or an Italian chef. But once the industry fell apart in the 60s, *sob briefly* I had no choice. I had to sell myself off to the budding overseas animation industry....*suddenly in a mood of panic, his eyes turned into giant concentric circles* The sweatshops. Cold, dark, forbidding, oppresive! People crowded in squalor, abandoning their families, toiling thanklessly for low wages on cynic corporate waste! Feces everywhere, more poor wretches coming in, *zip back in a drybrush* buildings gettin' smaller till ya can't breathe! *wheezing and panting and choking* Smaller and more crowded....Can't....breathe...*zipping onto Porky's head* Oh no! Not the whip! Don't draw off-model! CRACK! AAAH!! *getting down on knees* Please, have mercy! CRACK-CRACK! OOOOH!! *grabbing the following* My left finger! *pointing* The lip-sync's wrong! AAAAH!! *flailing* Blood and flesh flying everywhere! CRACK-SPLAT! AAAAAAH!!!! *pointing* You colored that head orange! *now in a mad scramble* CRACK WHIP SLASH! *like a pained dog/wolf* AAAAAOO!!! *scrambling again* That's my blood you're painting that with!! *agony* OHHHHHH!!!! *abrupt pause, grabbing Porky* Hark...what's that? *pointing* Look! It's the Tiny Toons!


They're kick-dancing! *throwing Porky away* HLAAAAAAAAAAAAGGHHH!!!!!!!! *collapse on the ground*

Switch to Tex Avery's direction and Irv Spence's animation here as [porky], looking horrified at the dancing, grotesquely (but quickly) morphs into a Kennedy Cartoons-esque design of himself and, with a forced smile, starts doing the kick-dance himself!

Worse, all the other toons in the mansion go through the same grotesque transformation...the curse of Kennedy Cartoons!! Pretty soon, even [daffy] is kick-dancing at the screen!

[daffy] (still smiling emotionlessly): Stop! Dease and cesist! Halt in the name of Stupor Duck!

Buster: Eheeheeheeheehee! We just nixed the dynamite and brought in more dancers, and now our fad is spreading!

[daffy] (kick-dancing): Well, on second thought, it's not so bad after all!

Fade back to the real world, revealing that [daffy] is now doing the Kennedy kick-dance in front of us (though Toad seems nowhere to be seen)!

Me (sobbing loudly): Ohhhhh, it burns, how it burns!!

Sunhatpuff is on the verge of a blow-up, the heat burning away his restraints!

UserPostedImage, covering her eyes from the horror, is feeling around for the "Animation Rejection" button on the wall...pressed, the robot from "House Hunting Mice" (broom and all) comes out from an invisible door in the wall after [daffy] while "Powerhouse" plays; [daffy], taking at the sight and trying to scramble off, has this  happen to him—in turn, the robot sweeps him up and dumps him into a foot-pedaled trash can (labelled "Rejected Animation") next to the aforementioned rejection button, but since the lid is unable to close due to how long Daffy Duck has gotten, the robot ends up having to scrunch his beak back into shape so that he can fit inside the can!

With the robot having disappeared back into the wall, [daffy], intending to sneak out, slightly opens the lid and looks around..........but the robot comes out suddenly to make sure, so to speak, the lid closing in turn!

Me (still quite teary, with Peach comforting me): Ohh mother, *sniff* I was so afraid! I felt like my irises were being sliced by a razor! *sob*

UserPostedImage: What I don't understand is, if Irv Spence is animating, how did that awful Kennedy animation come about? I was expecting a well-animated jive, like in—

UserPostedImage (suddenly kicking one of the doors in the castle open—wearing a miniature zoot suit!): Did someone say "jive"?

Turning around, Princess Peach and I excitedly do a bulged-eye take such that our irises even separate from our eye whites!

Me: Why, Toad...I didn't know you cared! Let's jive!

UserPostedImage (turning on a record player as I do a little tip-toe over): Well all reet, well all root, well all right!

And with that, Toad and I jive the way Tom and his girlfriend did in "The Zoot Cat", with Irv Spence animating! Meanwhile, Peach and even Sunhatpuff are enjoying themselves (the latter having to dance on a stool)!

[daffy] has climbed out of the trash can, and is rummaging through it before finally holding up a banana peel with a look of sheer delight! With a devious grin, he throws it to where Toad is jiving, his back turned to [daffy]...slip he does, sending him sliding across the floor, his zoot suit flying from him (leaving him back in his regular outfit), flipping me over the way Tom's girlfriend had been in "The Zoot Cat"!

UserPostedImage (much like Catstello screaming "BABBIT!"): TOADEEEEEEEEEEEEETTE!!!!!!!

During that long scream, Toad continues sliding, with Peach and Sunhatpuff dodging (Peach by stretching her legs up, Sunhatpuff by jumping as the stool breaks into pieces when Toad crashes into it...he lands in a perfect ballet position, creating yet another crack on the floor!).
Switch to Frank Tashlin's direction and Art Davis's animation as a cut occurs to a shot of Toad heading towards the castle's private chapel, far in the distance; [daffy] zips over and closes the door, resulting in Toad literally getting flattened on it! The cardboard-flat Toad collapses over, and with more momentum flips over and over out of the screen.

[daffy]: Champ-pig-none (champignon) slipped!

Woo-hooing, he flutters in the air, opens the door, and enters the chapel!

UserPostedImage (off-screen): Whyyyy, that dirty—

A whirl of Toad-colored brush strokes zip into the screen towards the chapel...only for the door to close AGAIN, flattening Toad AGAIN, causing him to flip over on the ground AGAIN!

[daffy] (opening the door): Champ-pig-none slipped #2! *woo-hoos and disappears back inside*

UserPostedImage: Oooh, wait till I get that—

Once again, Toad zips in...and stops just short of the door when it closes!

UserPostedImage: Ha! *opening the door* Like I'm going to fall for that trick again.

Right when Toad tries to zip in after a quick anticipation, though, with perfect timing the door closes and Toad flattens know what happens next.

[daffy] (opening the door): Champ-pig-none slipped #3!

Woo-hooing and fluttering, he zips back to where his script is, with a long shot showing him going diagonally into the distance...but in the distance he crashes into something violently! Cut to a close shot to reveal [daffy] has flattened himself on a he's the one flipping on the ground, the door itself coming with him because his beak, remaining solid, has stuck through to the other side! Revealed are none other than Toad and I, Toad still quite flattened, I giggling and snickering, holding Daffy's precious script.

UserPostedImage: Ohhh, I'm a bad boy!

Fade out.
* [daffy] attempts to stand up, and then he sticks his thumb into his beak and starts to blow. He slowly inflates himself back to normal. But when he pops back into his normal form, he leaps into the air, floats for a second, and then finally lands back on the ground; as he talks his feet shuffle...*

[daffy] : What a relief... aw nuts, the Kennedy curse is still going!

[coyote] : And look at me! *he's drawn quite off-model, as he was in the "High Toon" episode* I don't look right at all!

Elmyra: *bouncing by* Hop two three, bop two three, run two three, tongue two three...

[lepew] : *dancing like young Shaggy/Buster* These dances, they are going to wear us out!

Buster: *jumps into frame, twirls a bit, and then...* Hey, stop copying me!

Hampton: *walks in, jiggling up and down as he does so* It's not his fault; Glen Kennedy often recycled his same quirks and cliches on whoever he'd animate!

*An off-screen voice is heard, sounding similar to Shaggy...*

Voice: Like, I also danced that way when I was younger!

*They turn to see Shaggy and Scooby-Doo entering the party, appearing as their normal selves. Scooby is standing on his hind legs the whole time here. They head right for the food and begin chowing down!*

[sylvestr] : *with his rubber dog head tucked under one arm* Hey, who invited Shaggy and Scooby to the party?!

[daffy] : *suddenly back to normal* Relax! It's not REALLY Shaggy and Scooby. They're just two party guests wearing surprisingly-realitstic costumes of them! *walks over to Scooby* Check out that amazing latex Scooby-Doo mask this guy is wearing! Is it the new one made by Rubies?

Scooby: *somewhat off voice* Ruh, ri guess so!

[daffy] : And get a load of Shaggy's wig, and the very authentic-looking goatee! An incredible likeness!

Shaggy: Like, thanks!

[daffy] : Sure thing bub, and... *notices he's moving more normally now* Hey, wait a minute... *jumps up and down in a more realistic manner* I'm cured! No more Kennedy curse!

Toad: Finally!

[coyote] : *now looking like his normal self* What a relief!

[daffy]: Yep, now we're more like how the American animators used to draw us... or even studios like TMS, Wang Film Productions or Yearim Productions. But why isn't Warner getting Lotto Animation to do new stuff with us? They can do a better job than Rough Draft or... YOU STOP THAT!

*The two partygoers dressed as Shaggy and Scooby are gobbling up nearly all the food.*

[daffy] : The rest of the partygoers need to eat, too! I guess I'll have to get more food out of the kitchen.

Shaggy and Scooby: Kitchen?! *they run off in the usual Hanna-Barbera style, with the appropriate "temple block riot" sound effect, and head to the kitchen...*

Sheepish Wolf: *guards the kitchen door* No you don't! You're not eating up all the chow THIS party...

[daffy] : Gee, you two are so into character.

[minnie] : What do you mean Daffy?

[daffy] : I already mentioned before, they're not really Scooby and Shaggy! They're just two guests wearing very realistic costumes of them. Take a look!

* [daffy] grabs the top of Scooby's head and stretches it up, the latex mask looking rather comically distorted in the process, and snaps off (with the Hanna-Barbera "squeak-pop" sound effect, ala "Never Ape an Ape Man") revealing a sweaty Shaggy underneath!*

Shaggy: *normal voice* Surprise!

[daffy] : What?! It's the REAL Shaggy! But, what about...

*The "Shaggy" that was also there removes his wig and his own mask, along with a voice-changing chip, to reveal the real Scooby-Doo...*

Scooby: Rurprise! Ee-HEE-hee-hee-hee-hee-hee-hee-hee!

[daffy] : *dumbfounded* Why, it really WAS the real Shaggy and Scooby all along!

[coyote] : Now there's real talent!

Shaggy: We sure fooled them, Scooby. We ought to be in the movies!

[daffy] : But why did you two dress up as each other? That's a real mindscrew...

Shaggy: Like, it's Halloween! We figured we'd put a bit of "trick" back in "trick-or-treat!" *he slips the Scooby mask back on and imitates Scooby's laugh*

[daffy] : Boy, things are getting weirder...
Chuck Jones directs.

At the front door...

Arnold: It's about time you came to the party! But one of you looks ready to brawl....

That's when Arnold realizes something....and with a smirk as his eyebrows go up-and-down, he rings the doorbell and zips out.

[daffy]: ...and speaking of weirdness, sometimes you can't trust your own bouncer to let people in! *zips over to the door and opens it to see, to his curiosity...* Hmmm! What's a fat rock and a wrinkled sock doing at my most unhumble abode?

The shivering sock proceeds to give [daffy] a punch in the face! [daffy] is humorously injured.

[daffy] (wearied): Boy, that sock socks hard! *to the fourth wall* Confidentially, it sure sucks at manners, though.

The rock: I'm very sorry about Linus, Mr. Daffy. He lost his mind this morning when he realized that the Great Pumpkin wasn't coming back, and we thought taking him to the party might cheer him up.

[daffy]: Charlie Brown!? You're dressed as a rock!? *laughing jollily*

UserPostedImage: It's an ACME Artificial Rock, to be specific. The package said that I'd have fun and be popular, but evidently things aren't working out.

[daffy] (wiping away a tear from the laughter): Well, Charles, for your effort, I'm giving you a special treat: *zip out, and zip back in with* the world's largest homemade rock candy!!

[daffy] lets go of the giant brown semi-transparent rock, whereupon it crushes Charles into a bunch of pebbles!

[daffy] (thumbing at Charlie to the fourth wall): Pathetic peanut, ain't he? *realizing something, then grimacing at Charles* Say, isn't this when you'd normally go "good grief"?

UserPostedImage: I was going to, but then I realized that this giant sugar boulder is an improvement over years of plain old rocks. Wait 'till the others see this...

UserPostedImage (inside the sock, which acts expressively): Ohhh, the aaaaaagony!! How could Halloween be about dressing as inanimate objects and getting crushed by giant candy rocks for it!? *throwing a tantrum* I want the Great Pumpkin back! He gave me a purpose to keep...

[daffy] (who, during the rant, gave a typical Jones-ian "This is stupid" look at the screen): Look, if you haven't tried it, don't knock it!

UserPostedImage: No! No no no no no no no!!!!!!!! *gasp* Look! It's the Great Pumpkin! He's coming back! Ohhh, I missed you! Oh, please, give me a complete Peanuts 90s set as your present! I've never lost my faith in your lumpy curves!

[daffy]: Oh brother. Looks like this character belongs in the sanatorium! *grabbing the delirious UserPostedImage* Stupor Duck, away!

But [daffy] ends up flying backwards into the house and crashing!

[daffy]: Oops! Had the silly thing in reverse.

Flying out of the house, [daffy] flies off with UserPostedImage...

Charlie Brown: Now's when I say, "Good grief!"

...the insane speed uprooting buildings that start following [daffy], who in turn crashes through the sanatorium window...

[daffy]: Well, here we are! The sanatorium and all the mind-trips you can take!

But [daffy] realizes what's he turns around at the incoming buildings, cut to a close-up shot of [daffy] with a typical Jones "oh ****" expression...and all the buildings crash into the sanatorium (and [daffy]), resulting in explosive, star-filled Harry Love effects animation!

It's here that the scene fades back to outside the script world, specifically a shot of one of the castle's windows with a gaping [daffy]-shaped hole. [daffy] stumbles back in.

[daffy]: A pox on my lackdaisical treatment of Linus that he'd end up in a toon sanatorium like that! *going over to a giant rock candy with a fair, gloved hand sticking out from under it* Say Peachy, how's it goin' under there? *pulling on her hand* Didn't realize you'd been my real-life victim of that rock!

UserPostedImage's hand grabs [daffy]'s leg and pulls [daffy] under the rock...and then the rock explodes to reveal UserPostedImage angrily punching [daffy] repeatedly (the way Marc Anthony did to Claude Cat in "Feline Frame-Up", or Sam Sheepdog always did to Ralph Wolf)! Sunhatpuff ends up having to squeeze inbetween them, stretching himself out and breaking them up! Satisfied, he does a little dance, leaving serious cracks on the floor with each step, whereupon both [daffy] and UserPostedImage jump on him and beat him up in a fight cloud!

UserPostedImage (popping into frame): QUIIIIIEEEEET!!

....whereupon the fight cloud freezes mid-frame, revealing Peach, Daffy, and Sunhatpuff biting each other, brandishing knives and grenades and guns! Toad, visibly surprised at the sight, looks at the screen with a Jonesian "good grief" look.

UserPostedImage: I tell ya, Toadette don't pay me enough to scream my voice off.

Me (off-screen, while Toad cringes): I don't pay you at all, Toad!

UserPostedImage: Eeeeeggxactly.

Fade back to the script world where the party is taking place...and this thread will stay there until the 25th. Now begins a free period in which more "typical" party scenarios and gags will occur...Peppermint Patty, and a multitude of other guests, will be coming soon. (And I believe wiley207 will deal with the former.)
Chuck Jones directs the following. Now for a few more party guests...

*The doorbell rings, and [daffy] answers, to find Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog, seemingly as themselves...*

[daffy] : Hey Ralph; hey Sam! If you don't mind me asking, where are your costumes?

Sam: These are them!

*"Ralph" pulls down the zipper on his front a bit and pushes the attached wolf mask off his head, revealing the real Sam Sheepdog underneath. The fake "Sam" does the same, revealing Ralph Wolf, and looking like THIS ...*

[daffy] : *facepalms* What's with 'toons dressing up as each other? First Shaggy and Scooby-Doo do so, and now this!

*Shaggy, wearing his Scooby-Doo mask, and Scooby, without his Shaggy mask on, both do the usual "Ree-HEE-hee-hee-hee-hee!" in unison.*

Sam: Come on; it's Halloween!

Ralph: Where's your sense of humor?

*The two zip their suits back up and walk in, followed by what looks like a sheep with a big, round puffy cottonball-like body, a head similar to Snoopy's brother Olaf, and a familiar pair of sandals on the bottom, like THIS ...*

[daffy] : *takes on a funny surprised look...then laughs hysterically for a while, then abruptly pauses with a shiny-eyed, joyful expression at the screen* Oh... my... gosh! *turn to the sheep* That's the silliest-looking sheep I've ever seen! *continue hysterical laughing* Hey Ralph, Sam, come look at this!

UserPostedImage: *from inside sheep mask* Ha-ha, very funny. This was the only costume I had available, all because the stores in my area were out of Halloween stuff.

[daffy] : Peppermint Patty?! You came as a sheep? But didn't the stores order more Halloween stuff?


UserPostedImage: I remember that sheep costume. You wore that for a couple of Christmas plays.

UserPostedImage: Ugh, don't remind me...

*Now So White [coal] enters, dressed as Princess Tiana, along with Cool Cat [coolcat] as Prince Naveen...*

[daffy] : SO WHITE! You're here! You look so beautiful tonight. Oh, hi Cool Cat.

[coal]: *to [coolcat]* See, the reason I come to these things is because I'm popular among the writers here.
Tex Avery directs. Back at the mansion....

[daffy]: And now, folks...time for some particularly hot entertainment!

Fade to the closed curtain in the darkened room, which opens to reveal none other than, of course, Red...covered up in the usual Red Riding Hood outfit, she promptly throws her basket away and reveals her figure underneath!

As she begins to sing "Daddy" (her dance animated by Preston Blair), the wolves do WILD takes, then lustfully begin howling, banging on any nearby tables!

And now fade back to [daffy] in the real world, who of course is doing the same thing! (Red's singing and the music can still be heard in the background, however.)

[daffy]: AAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! *whistles and bangs on the script wildly*

Once again, Peach escorts us out of the room.

And, of course, [bugs2] seizes this opportunity, coming from under for the first time in a while; this time, however, he takes all the pages after the one [daffy] is currently at, tears them to shreds, and replaces them with a sizable amount of his own work!

[bugs2] (to the screen): I do this kinda stuff to him all through the picture!

With that, [bugs2] once again disappears under.

Fade back to Red finishing her dance, as the wolves howl and lust and the toons applaud...

[daffy] (back in the script): Looks like now would be a good time to use my...


[daffy] takes out an unbelievably giant frying pan and with one crack smashes all the howling wolves into a pancake! (To the WB "DONNNG!" sound.)

[daffy]: The way is clear, m'lady.

UserPostedImage (strutting into the nearby powder room): Thank you, Daffy!

When it looks like Red is out of sight, [daffy] lets out a wolf-whistle of his own!

Frank Tashlin takes over directing here.

[daffy] (narrating as the scene fades to where [bugs2] had been buried a long while back): But then....*a gloved hand pops out of the ground* AAAH!! Black writers' magic.....reared its ugly head...

This scene has only the sparse light of the full moon to light it up...

The hand proceeds to almost shrivel in a spasm....then the other hand comes out too. The screen begins to shake violently as something tries to pop out of the ground, the hands continuing to rattle violently...out comes a
sickly green hare in a striped shirt, coldly growling, his back turned to us. In seeming pain his crooked, spasmic hands cover his face, the hare snarling...the hands come off the face, and the hare turns around to reveal his horrifying, deformed face, glaring at the audience with a wicked smile as the camera zooms in on it suddenly! This, my readers, is the genuinely frightening Zombie Bugs.

Cut to a close-up of his shivering gloved hand, the glove torn, however, as, Zombie Bugs coldly breathing, it takes a dagger from out of the ground....the dagger shines with a blood-chilling sound effect, the deformed hare's face seen in reflection on it.

At the door, Arnold is standing, occasionally taking a peek inside the mansion...the zombie Bugs's shadow approaches, with Arnold taking off his sunglasses...

Arnold: Hey wait a minute, I thought you were—

Cut to a blank wall in the house as a stab is heard, followed by Arnold screaming loudly! The famous Monster Mash is playing in the background and the guests are heard partying...yet interspersed with the party music is tense music, for the shadow of Zombie Bugs, holding his dagger, can be seen on the wall as he creeps past.

His shadow approaches the powder room door, which is closed...but unfortunately not locked, as the zombie's hand turns the knob and opens the door........

In the room's mirror, Red is seen powdering herself and redressing her lipstick, oblivious to the threat behind her......Zombie Bugs is now close enough such that he raises the dagger, his hand continuing to quiver! It's only then that Red notices something is wrong, and turning around to find Zombie Bugs with his dagger she lets out a blood-curdling scream, trying to shield herself as, in a close-up shot of Zombie Bugs's raised hand holding the dagger, said hand-with-the-dagger comes down!!


And fade to a close-up of [daffy] screaming back in the real world......he has the tip of Peach's parasol to his chest in simulation of the dagger!

[daffy] (still holding the parasol to his chest, though taking on a woeful tone): And thus was the tragic rose-colored death...of that beautiful rose, Red. *collapses as if in death, rattling around on the ground*

UserPostedImage (angrily snatching away her parasol): Give me back my parasol, you auteurist anatida, you!

[daffy] (suddenly getting back up and shoving himself in Peach's face; Peach in turn backs away): And THEN, all the wolves in the house, most prominently [wolfie], sensing what had happened, let out a particularly, heart-rending howl...

Getting down on all fours, [daffy] howls right into under Peach's dress—Peach jumps back, screaming at this violation! In a quick scene directed by Chuck Jones and animated by Bobe Cannon, cue a close-up of [daffy] still howling as, from off-screen, Peach starts beating [daffy] on the head with her parasol, stars popping up and [daffy] trying to cover his head!

Fade out.

NOTE: The free period is officially over. There will be new posts daily from this point on.
Art Davis directs, Emery Hawkins animates.

*Some obscured dead bodies can be seen on the ground in the mansion as the hideous Zombie Bugs staggers along. He reaches behind his back, and pulls out a syringe needle, labeled "ACME LETHAL INJECTION", and we close-up on it with a dramatic music sting! He sneaks up behind Slappy Squirrel, whom is not frightened at first...*

Slappy: Ah, Bugs Bunny always outdoes us when it comes to Halloween costumes. You remind me of a very old Rapid Rabbit!

*Zombie Bugs pulls out the syringe...*

Slappy: What? I already had my flu shot! See? *lifts up her right arm to show underneath is a throbbing spot with two bandages over it*

Zombie [bugs2]: Heh heh heh heh...

Slappy: *sees the label, then eye-takes in horror* Aah! No! *backing away* I'm not THAT old!

Zombie [bugs2] jumps onto her, and after a brief fight cloud (to the Disney/H-B scramble, of course), the snarling zombie pins Slappy (who has a terrified expression) down and gives her the shot!

Slappy: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! No! Everything's going black. I never lived up to my expectations! Ack... I'm coming, Groucho! *falls dead*

*Zombie Bugs grins in a satisfied, but gruesome manner. Now Walter Wolf enters the scene...*

Walter: What? Slappy is dead? No fair! I wanted to kill her! Who did this? *sees Zombie Bugs, then takes on an "oh no" expression* I guess I shouldn't have asked...

*Zombie Bugs now sticks the lethal injection into Walter!*

Walter: NO! Don't send me up there with that squirrel! I... *drops dead suddenly!*

*Zombie Bugs staggers off to find his next victim in the mansion, frivolously partying as it is...*
Jim Tyer animates. Back in the "real" world...

[daffy] (staggering like the zombie in the story): No doubt, we was facing a most precarious situation! All of a sudden—

Smack goes Peach's now-flexible, rubbery parasol on [daffy]'s head (to the WB "boulder crack"), with the head distorting accordingly!

UserPostedImage (angry, yet about to burst into tears; her facial distortions are quite clear): Oh, [daffy], how could you!? *sob, pointing at Toad and I's bodies sprawled on the floor* Trying to euthanize my two children the way you did this Allhallowtide!!

With that, Princess Peach zips out (to the MGM/H-B/Jay Ward ricochet), the squash and stretch being extremely conspicuous.

She squashes-and-stretches back into frame (to the backwards WB ricochet) with two Super Mushrooms and literally, exaggeratedly throws them into our mouths! She then kneels besides our bodies and makes our mouths chew the mushrooms, then says a prayer tearfully......then cut to a close-up over a flashing color card of Toad and I jumping up (to the H-B/DFE "Peeong!") exaggeratedly and stretchedly, our eyes "flickering", clearly quite surprised at what just happened!

UserPostedImage (after we've settled on the ground): You know, if I didn't know any better, I'd say it's pretty easy to recover from euthanasia! *tsk-tsk, wolf-whistle*

To the Jay Ward "low timpani rise", I, thoroughly offended by such a comment, start to get angry, then, to some more wild Tyer animation, I start smacking the living crackers out of Toad!


UserPostedImage (distorting in and pulling us apart): All right, that's enough!

[daffy]: *ahem, then in a sing-song voice* Leave me get back to the story, now!
Chuck Jones directs.

[daffy]: So anyways, more murders occurred, everybody panicked, mass hysteria broke out, et cetera, so on, so forth; then the Zombie hid in the kitchen. In despite of this, however, there was

Once again, in the midst of this dialogue, [bugs2] pops out of the ground and inserts more pages of his own more distractions needed, evidently.

[bugs2]: Dis is getting to be business as usual. *disappear under*

[daffy]: blame to be meted out, not to mention the matter of finding someone brave enough to go into the kitchen. Not knowing of Arnold's fate at the time, I assumptioned that his factitious break-taking allowed the homicidal infiltration to begin with, and his muscular figure would be useful in driving said homicidal infiltration out.

Fade to the front door, in front of which is a blood-stained package.

[daffy] (opening the door): All right, Arnold, where were— *looking down and noticing* Hmm, a package? *picking it up and reading the label* "Enclosed in here are the sliced-up body parts of Arnold the pit—"

Immediately [daffy] looks  at the camera!

[daffy] (still with that expression): .....bull.

Fade back into the house, [daffy] peeking through the door nervously. Art Davis directs, Bill Melendez animates.

[daffy] (stepping in cautiously): So, uh, I have some bad see, our bouncer has already, well....let's just say he—

[wolfie] (zipping up): Died!? All right, enough is enough!! *grabbing [daffy] violently* What did you do with [bugs2] and why isn't he hosting this party!?

[daffy] (sweating): Well, there's a funny story about that....I just might have gotten ol' Fudd to—

UserPostedImage (sobbing): It's twue!! The duck told me to shoot the wabbit dead because he wanted to become host! *sobbing*

[wolfie] (throwing [daffy] onto the ground): That's it, you darned duck! This murderin', especially of Red and Walter, wouldn't have happened if you hadn't been ego-tripping! We're through!

With that, [wolfie] and most of the other toons start to walk out, muttering and chattering angrily among themselves.

[daffy]: Wait, wait! *zipping over and standing in the crowd's way, panting* If you folks stick around, I'll, I'll—

[coal]: You'll what!?

[daffy]: Uh....demonstrate how sturdy the front door is?

Cut to just outside the door as a typical Treg Brown "heavy blow" is heard, following by [daffy] blasting into the door and then flying through it, leaving a [daffy]-shaped hole! The usual Treg Brown body hit is heard from off-screen.

Then the door comes crashing down as the toons storm out angrily! By the time things have cleared, only Porky is still standing at the doorway. Emery Hawkins animates from here.

[porky]: W-we-w-we-well, gosh! You should really think about g-g-getting a new front door, Daffy; th-that wasn't very stur-st-sturd-st-stuh-well-grounded at all!

[daffy] (zipping back into screen, with rings around his pupils): Never mind the door, Pork, we've still got an assassin to deal with! And since it's been established that A. I'm a cowardly slob, and B. You're the only guest left, looks like you're the lucky toon chosen to scout out for me!

[porky] (who has been chattering his teeth nervously, and is now down on his knees begging): Oh, n-n-no, please, Daffy! I don't have the c-c-cour-c-c-courag-c-uh, will!

[daffy]: Nonsense! Look, *taking out a scroll and unfurling it to Porky* I just forged one for ya, see?

The faked will says "Upon my death, all my possessions and my meat are to go to Daffy Duck. Signed, Pork E. Pig."

[daffy] (putting the will away, standing Porky up, and turning him around): Now no time to delay! Your moment...has come.

[daffy] starts spinning his leg around (to the WB wind whistle), and then gives [porky] one good kick that sends him flying into the kitchen!

As Porky flies towards the oven-stove combo, the gloved hand of Zombie Bugs comes out of the oven with a large skillet...[porky] slams right into it! Flopping down with a dopey expression, he starts to finger his lips ("be-be-be-be-be-be-be-be") as the other hand of Zombie Bugs begins to feel around [porky]...

Fade to a cuckoo clock on the living room wall; 9 o'clock rings in (and the cuckoo bird does the "Pooh-coo" sound!).

[daffy] (hiding behind a turned-over table; he has been reading....the script to last year's Halloween party thread!?): Eh, it's not like Disney execs are reading this thread anyhow! Well, better go check on how dead Porky is. *cut to a shot of the doorway out of the kitchen as [daffy] appears* Hey, Porky! Is it time to—

But then he gasps in horror at what he sees....the table has been set, and on it is a giant, realistic-looking roast pig!

[daffy] (zipping over, mourning and cuddling the roasted pig): Oh, Porky! Even when you're roasted, you're still as pudgy as ever! And yet.....*suggestively* now you're so succulent and juicy. So round, so firm, so fully-packed....*licks lips*

[porky] (popping out irritatedly from the roast pig's mouth to the Jay Ward pop sound...he was actually stuffed inside the roast pig!): N-now sto-st-st-

In a scene directed by Frank Tashlin, the arm of Zombie Bugs comes out from under the table with the dagger and starts carving down the back of the roasted pig! Porky still stutters...

[porky]: sto-st-st-sto-st-

Towards the end, cut to a close shot from a weird angle (between the side and the back) of Porky's head talking to a confused Daffy (Tashlin still here).

[porky]: stuh, cut it out!

Chuck Jones takes over from here. Cut back to a regularly-staged shot.

[porky] (noticing what's happening on his back): W-w-well, isn't that nice? A hand from under the table is actually c-c-c-cutting it out.

That's when Porky realizes what's happening—his eyes grow big, then they (following his pupils) stretch towards the knife in horror! (Daffy's own expression is one of surprise, his pupils now squiggles.)

[porky] (literally blasting out of the pig in sheer fright): YOW!!

Cue a diagonal long shot of brush-stroked Porky speeding out of the mansion through the front doorway in the distance!

[daffy] (zipping over to the side of the table where the arm is and pointing): So there you are, you homicidal party-crasher! Time for my...


And yes, Daffy notices the misspelled "pull", resulting in his up-pointed finger growing limp. He pulls out an L in the style of the rest of the proclamation...

[daffy] (unamused): If it's too much to ask, let's have some quality control here, hmmm?

With that, he sticks the "L" where it belongs, and then...


And [daffy], with both hands, starts trying to pull out Zombie [bugs2] by the arm...only for the arm to come off!!

[daffy] (amused initially): Hmmm...detachable! *looking back at the arm...only to take, throwing the arm up, and then stammering, with each following syllable causing a crazy pose and expression* Duh-duh-de-duh-(etc.)

Zombie [bugs2] (popping out from under the table while [daffy] is still stammering): Eh, sorry about that, doc! (taking his detached arm, which has landed on the ground, with his other hand then going back in)

Then [daffy] takes even more noticeably as [bugs2] hides again!

[daffy] (scrambling, then zipping out of the room): EEK!!!!!

[daffy] zips back behind the table! During the next line of dialogue, the scene fades back to the real world:

[daffy] (panting): least I'm safe here!

But from off-screen Peach shoots Daffy with her hunting rifle, disarranging his beak! (And of course leaving Daffy humiliated.) Why?

UserPostedImage: And that serves you right for trying to slice Toad and pull his arm off!

Cue a rather amusing scene (directed by Frank Tashlin, Davis animating, of course) in which I'm sitting on Toad, who is loudly moaning and agonizing and banging his fists on the ground, trying to bandage his deep cut while Sunhatpuff restrains his bottom. Toad kicks him away, slips from under my butt, and starts banging his fists on my pileus (that's the mushroom cap)!
This whole post directed by Tish Tash. Fade in to a now-neurotic [daffy], reading the script as such.

[daffy] (sweating and nervous): Okay, so the situation was getting critical, and with only myself left it was only a matter of time before the now-known Zombie Bugs would come for me, especially because I was the instigating jerk who started the whole mess!!!! But—*turning to the next page...which is blank!* but—but—

At that point, as seen from a unique angle, [bugs2] (who, at the angle, is seen from the back) hurriedly comes from out of the tiles again and shoves more pages into [daffy]'s script!

[daffy]: but—*looking down at the newly-added page and suddenly brightening up, imitating Jerry Colonna again* Ah, I somehow realized it!

Fade back inside the script, specifically to a close-up of [daffy] hiding behind the table in [bugs2]'s mansion, then fade such that the inside of his mind (empty except for a brain) is seen.

[daffy] (narrating): I remembered an old Puppetoon with Jasper, and accordingly came up with a non-sequitur!

Electric synapses from his brain start communicating the following words to the sound of Morse code:


[daffy]: Well then, time to make a quick call! With my...


With [daffy] standing in a rather angular posture, facing intently someplace outside the mansion, one foot stamped forward, arms at his sides with fists clenched, an electric wave zaps out of his mind! With more of Tashlin's fast-cutting, the wave travels across Toontown, finally going into Jasper's house on the edge of Toontown's first stop-motion district, Puppetoon Post. (The second stop-motion district being the Land of Commercialized Christmas Insanity.)

Cut to Jasper, inside the house eating a slice of his mother's gooseberry pie (which is on the table), being quite visibly shocked (both literally and figuratively, I guess!); then...

Jasper (calling out): Mammy, you wouldn't mind if I took the pie down to Daffy's, would you?

His mother: Okay, but you come on home soon, Jasper! Dere's ghosts out tonight!

So Jasper goes out into the dark, misty stop-motion woods that separate Puppetoon Post from Toontown proper...

Not being able to see clearly, he trips onto some train tracks that divide the woods, dropping the pie. As Jasper regains his footing....a yellow light approaches in the distance to the sound of a chugging train!

As the sound of a ringing bell is heard, Jasper jumps down from the tracks, leaving the pie there! But as the train passes by, the pie disappears with Jasper looks up, he finds, much to his shock, that the "train" is in fact constructed of various Puppetoons, among them Jan and Janette, Punchy and Judy, John Henry, and the Peggy Lee singing harp from "Jasper and the Beanstalk" and "Jasper in a Jam", among various others! And riding them are none other than, of course, Professor Scarecrow and the Blackbird!

Professor Scarecrow: Heh heh heh! I can taste this pie already!

Blackbird: Don't you think about taking that pie for yourself! Gotta feed me and all these other Madcap Models!

Back in the "real" world, [daffy] is imitating a train, chugging out of the hall.

[daffy]: And so, Jasper's noble mission to save me from dying was sidetracked by the appetite of his fellow Puppetoons!

UserPostedImage (clapping her hands): All right, time for another break! And it just so happens that I've baked a gooseberry pie, and it should be cooling—*looks behind her...and finds that the pie is gone!* Eeek! Somebody's absconded with my gooseberry pie!!

In turn, [daffy] woo-hoos train whistle-style (Wooo-hooo! Wooo-hooo!) as it turns out that he's chugging away with the gooseberry pie! (It's on his tail.) Sunhatpuff, alerted (with a quick, dramatic close-up emphasizing his shock), does a rapid (such that he's reduced to whirling dry-brushed smears) ballet spin (to the WB spin sound most associated with the Tasmanian Devil), creating cracks on the floor, then zips off violently after [daffy], turning practically into a comet!

And yet, to the section of Wagner's Rienzi Overture that was used in "Going! Going! Gosh!" (the gag involving Wile E. trying to have a boulder roll into the Road Runner), he keeps on striking ballet poses, skipping over the floor and in turn leaving cracks on it while doing so! He does this to each couplet of three notes during the first part of that section of the Overture—when you've become a rapid comet like Sunhatpuff, you can't just stop; the skipping while keeping his pose is basically his way of skidding, if that helps you visualize it. And the damage is basically shown only long enough for a viewer to quickly perceive it.

In the second part of that section, [daffy], realizing that a mad yet balletic puffball is chasing after him, takes and begins chugging faster (fitting with the music's rhythm)! Cue some cinematic cutting between [daffy] and Sunhatpuff, each shot closer to each character.

On beat with the highest note in that section of the music, however, [daffy] rams into the wall right next to the castle entrance Tashlin-style—he literally is flattened, leaving quite a few cracks! (The pie ends up stuck to him too.) Sunhatpuff, seeing an opportunity, does a grand grand jeté (the horizontal jump that causes its doer to do splits in the air) with all his energy, intending to give [daffy] a powerful kick...

[daffy]'s eyes ooze from behind his flattened front....and bulge out at the destructive puff heading towards him; cut to a quick shot from [daffy]'s perspective in which Sunhatpuff is about to fly into and kick the screen!!

The eyes go back behind as [daffy] slides out of the way on the wall (to the "woop" part of the famous "BeeuWOOP!"), still rather flat, resulting in, on beat with the last note of the music, something like this . Then as [daffy] pops himself back to solid form, sticking his rear out in a rather overtly suggestive way (this is Tashlin, after all), the pie falls out onto the ground, pan-side down...and flattened Sunhatpuff falls from his giant crack in the wall onto the pie to the WB sludge bubble "bllluck!"

[daffy] (turning his head around with a particularly daffy expression and blinking at the Sunhatpuff-in-pie, then turning the rest of his body around and thumbing at the pie while looking at the fourth wall): Hey look! Puff pastry!

But then [daffy] notices that the giant crack in the wall is extending up to the ceiling, where the crack ends up creating...the infamous Crack Master from Sesame Street!

[daffy] screams (in another quick close-up) and scrambles and zips out of the room, only to zip straight into an empty pie pan Peach is holding up, squishing himself completely into the pan!

UserPostedImage: Duck pastry! *eyebrows-up-and-down*

[daffy] (popping his head out at Peach): You're dethhhpicable!

Then Daffy melts out of the pan onto the floor and melds back to his actual form, then walks back angrily towards the script while calling Peach all sorts of synonyms for "despicable".

[daffy] (continuously turning back while walking (at times stopping)): And unmicable....and picable! Yeah, that's what you are! Detestable and contemptible and absolutely heinous, too! And how anyone could be so despicable....

Back in the room, Toad and I are playing Crazy Eights...and [bugs2] is writing and inserting more pages into the script in the background!

UserPostedImage (slamming down his last card): Ha! I've no more cards, Toadette, so you owe me your status as a moderator on IAD.

Once again irritated, once again I smack the heck out of Toad!

UserPostedImage: Okay, okay, I'm sorry!!!

Meanwhile, in the background, [bugs2] takes at [daffy] approaching, and, putting some final touches, goes back under again as [daffy] enters.

Cut to [bugs2] tunneling away fast from Peach's castle, and in turn cue various fast shots of him tunneling away from Videoville and back to Toontown, and in turn his mansion! (Yet more Tashlin cutting.)

[bugs2] (his upper body popping out of the ground; this part animated by Art Davis): Well, it's four o'clock and time for me to prepare for the actual party! *popping the rest of his body out butt-first, then stretching his hips suggestively while talking to the audience* And uh, I already wrote a rather anti-climactic ending in which gooseberry pie gets shoved in my face in the *now really stretching his rear!* nick...*now walking away awkwardly* of time.
Here's a brief but important scene, directed by Bob Clampett.

Fade to a dark alley in Toontown; various trash cans are being overturned, various pieces of garbage getting kicked, by an unseen force that can be heard ranting. The camera pans, following whatever is ranting and raging.

Voice (by Daws Butler, imitating Archie from Duffy's Tavern): What a load of jumping tunkets, the way that malleting mallard swindled us!

Fading into the screen in turn is....a medium-sized ghost?

Medium Ghost (ranting): Surely we ghost writers deserve grate-ti-tude and grate-tuity for turning that hack-eyed script of Daffy's into something readable, don't we?

Then a much shorter ghost fades in, also voiced by Daws Butler, though with one of his more distinctive kid voices.

Short Ghost: Yeah! He promishhed ushh a million dollarshh for our shhervices, and in the end he jushht shhwindled ushh like we were chum change!

Medium Ghost: Ya know, me worthy-unworthy co-writing assistant...*eyeballs look around to make sure no one is watching, then shoving in closer to the Short Ghost and whispering* I heard recently on the download that he's at Princey-Peachy's cas-tle, pitchin' that dumb script of ours like it's his. Whaddya say we wreak a bit of unholy vengeance on him with our unworldly otherworldly powers?

Short Ghost (excited): Yeah, let'shh float off there right now and give Daffy the nightmare of hishh life!

Voice (with Butler's Jerry Lewis voice): Hold it!

A tall ghost pops in. His italicized dialogue indicates where the emphasis is...yeah, Butler read lines intentionally wrong with that voice. (For an example, see the son of King Midas in the Fractured Fairy Tale "Son of King Midas".)

Tall Ghost: Isn't this a bit ungracious? Should we not, after all, be grateful that he gave us a writing job, not to mention the opportunity to meet him?

Medium Ghost: Ah, relax, o tall-heighted leader! We always get to meet him every time Bugs hosts a holiday party, and besides, it's been a while since we had any fun.

Tall Ghost: Yeah, but....*reconsidering* then again, I guess one big fat prank won't betray him too much!

Medium Ghost: Then it's sett-led! To the peach tree castle we go to terrifize that anati-Daffy!

And with that, like the ghosts in "Lonesome Ghosts" (1937), the three ghosts roll up like window shades, disappearing in the process.