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Clampett still directs; Rod Scribner and Jim Tyer animate.

Back at Peachy's...

[daffy] (hysterical-emotional, looking over the script): No.....I can't have written this! *turn to the screen, enjoying himself* But then again, it's in the script, so I had to have penned it. *turn page* AAH!! *now peering closely at the script, reading from it* "So I had still been waiting in utmost suspense, not knowing

Pan over to the three ghost writers, hiding behind a wall in the background. The Medium Ghost whispers to the other two with a devious grin, and with that, as they begin floating over to [daffy], they fade out. During all this time, [daffy] can be heard saying this:

[daffy]: that for all practical purposes Jasper had been foiled! His foil-covered gooseberry pie taken, my goose was cooked no matter how much the intercession of Carl W. Stalling's ghost would help me stall!

Cut back directly to [daffy], a color card behind him.

[daffy] (now sweating, and in hysterics): And it was ALL going to end here, now, forever, for all eternityyyyyy!" *suddenly calming down, speaking matter-of-factly* So anyways, I was sitting behind the table, when...

Fade to [daffy] still hiding behind the table, cowering...when the table is sent flying! It turns out that Zombie [bugs2] kicked it!!!!

[daffy]: *gasping in horror, seen first a close-up and then in a long shot from above!*

Our hero Stupor Duck proceeds to make a strategic maneuver away from the zombie, literally jumping high off and running away! But he skids as he reaches a dead end....and he now finds himself in a corner, Zombie Bugs's menacing shadow covering him...

[daffy]: *turning around slowly and distortedly, shaking (to the WB teeth-chatter), only for Zombie [bugs2] to growl and snarl loudly; intimidated, he TAKES fearfully for quite a few seconds, then tries further backing into the corner!* Please, spare me! I didn't mean to have you shot! I just wanted a—

—interrupted by the zombie pulling out his now blood-stained dagger, which once again shines menacingly to a blood-chilling sound!

Now, the zombie backs in closer and closer, [daffy] now truly terrified, glued into the corner, knowing this is the end......

....but then a GIANT FORK comes down on the mansion, splitting it in half and revealing the night sky above!!

[daffy] (in a wild-looking close-up): WHAT!?!?

Then Zombie [bugs2]'s head twists upside-down as he raises his dagger!!

[daffy] (reminded of his predicament): AAHH!!! (this sounds like a "gasp-scream")

That's when [daffy] looks up to the sky to see the three ghost writers, now giant and covering everything up, are laughing menacingly and holding giant pencils! They begin to scribble all over the fourth wall until it's a black screen; cut to [daffy] now on the verge of pure madness, in the midst of a surreal background of shapes!!

[daffy]: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!

With that, [daffy] transforms into a lightning bolt and storms off, impaling through Zombie [bugs2] and leaving a gaping hole through his chest in the process!

[daffy] stops at some unspecified location (the background consisting of random objects and letters) and starts trying to tear away rapidly at the background, which turns out to consist of several layers of surreal backgrounds!!

[daffy]: LET me outta here!! Lemme out! Lemme ouuuuut!!!!

During that last word, [daffy] finds his feet are starting to wobble, and eventually the wobbling spreads upward to his entire body!

Fade back to outside the turns out that the letters have come alive and are laughing maniacally, like the numbers in "From A to Z-z-z-z"!

[daffy] has for all practical purposes lost it.

[daffy] (showcasing his desperate passion at the fourth wall): Who is doing this to me!? I can't stand the a-gooooo-nyyyyy!!!! Could it be...NO! They're ghosts! What could they want against a living, breathing creature like me!?

During the last part of the dialogue, briefly cut to Princess Peach, Toad, Sunhatpuff, and I terrified (again, to the WB teeth chatter) at the duck going mad before us, his flailing shadow covering the scene.

It's then that [daffy] is stopped by a squeaking sound below him; an r, an a, and a t are escaping the script as one (a rat!).

The "rat" escapes into a mousehole.

[daffy] (zipping over): Come on out, you rat! Come on out!

Inside the wall, the ghosts have put a currently-deflated inflatable of Mouse Man (from "The Great Piggy Bank Robbery") on the valve of a standing bicycle pump, facing the mousehole entrance, and are really bringing the handle up; with one long pumping, the inflatable inflates the way Mouse Man came out in the original cartoon, scaring Daffy!

"Mouse Man": *growling and snarling loudly, much to Daffy's sheer fright*

Briefly cut back to the ghosts; here, it's shown that the Short Ghost is providing the growling through a megaphone!

Back to "Mouse Man" and Daffy...

[daffy] (horrified, gulping): G-go...back in.

And with that, the Mouse Man inflatable stretches back into the mousehole.

UserPostedImage (panicking): Enough is enough!! A daffy duck goes mad over his script, letters escape from said script, a giant mouse is living in the castle—*zip out and over to a rotary dial telephone that she starts dialing*—I'm getting to the bottom of this right now!!

Me: Mother! You don't mean...

UserPostedImage (holding the phone to her ear): I'm sorry, Toadette, but I have no other choice. *on the phone* Yes, hello? Gimme the Scooby-Doo gang, on the spot!

That's when the phone starts rumbling, and in shock Peach drops it on the floor...and out of the earphone side stretch the "Pup Named Scooby-Doo" gang in a messy jumble, landing in a pile on the ground!

UserPostedImage: Wait, why did you kids come? Where are your pubertal versions?

Kid Velma: Funny story. They're bringing a lawsuit against WBA and Cartoon Network right now over "Be Cool" know how things are in that show.

Kid Shaggy: Like, they never really want us around anyways, since we're always dancing like this:

Me (popping in the left side of the screen; they stop in surprise): Quittit!!
Kid Velma: Anyways, I have a plan!

Kid Shaggy: Like, I have a bad feeling about this, Scoob.

Young Scooby: Roh no!

[daffy] : I thought Fred was the one to set the traps.

Kid Daphne: Are you kidding? At his level of intelligence? I just can't ever see him setting traps in the near future...


*The Ghost Writers are busy celebrating, giggling and drinking bottles of rum, only to come across [daffy] in his director getup from "Daffy Duck and Porky Pig Meet the Groovie Goolies!" *

[daffy] : Ah, there you are! My newest writers!

Ghosts: Huh?

[daffy] : Yes; I'm putting you three to work on my newest picture! Meet the starlet!

UserPostedImage : Hello, boys...

Medium Ghost: Hey... she looks familiar!

UserPostedImage : I'm also a movie star too, you know... *she winks*

*Kid Velma comes in holding a set light, and Kid Freddie with a video camera...*

Short Ghost: But what's the picture about?

Kid Shaggy: Like, it's about the princess staying in a creepy old castle and fending off three ghosts!

[daffy] : And since you three are ghosts, you can write the part easily!

Medium Ghost: Hmm, can we play the ghosts too?

[daffy] : Of course you can! Let's get you three ready for your screen test. MAKEUP!

*Young Scooby runs in and slams a huge powder puff onto them, turning them pink! But the ghosts shake it all off to the Warner "trombone gobble" combined with H-B's "rapid swishing", growl and start to chase them all! The Scooby gang does a wild Kennedy take, and they all run off...*

Kid Shaggy: Like, it's time for the romp! Let's start the music, Scoob!

[daffy] : *to himself* Oh brother. They even LAMPSHADE the chases! At least this is more clever than "What's New Scooby-Doo" tried to be!

*Young Scooby pulls out an iPod Touch without earbuds, and starts playing a song. It's the usual "generic" rock chase music cue from "A Pup Named Scooby-Doo," with a female choir going "Doo-doo-Scooby, doo-doo-Scooby!" They run through multiple doors in a castle hall, and then we cut to the Scooby gang doing their usual Glen Kennedy kick-dances! But we also see [daffy] dancing like Plucky did in "Buster and the Wolverine"...*
plucky dancing
*We also see the ghosts wobbling up and down in their own Kennedy-esque dance...*


*The music stops and they resume chasing...*
Frank Tashlin directs.

Cue a shot with a general overview of the castle's first floor, including the staircase...everybody is literally zipping in rapid brush strokes across the background, each of us only discernible by our colors!—

UserPostedImage (stopping in the middle while everybody else keeps zooming past): Oh, forget this, the chase is going nowhere!

That's when a large pink foot suddenly kicks the screen away (to the WB whack sound), revealing a black screen with a spotlight in the middle and putting the chase to a screeching halt! Chuck Jones directs, Ken Harris animates.

Such it is that Sunhatpuff leaps into the spotlight and begins to ballet-dance to this  music from Stravinsky's "Petrushka"! His style walks the fine line between a genuine passion for ballet and a pretentious, smug self-satisfaction at showing off.

As that section of the music starts to end (specifically, the music here finishes at 3:06), with Sunhatpuff now twirling and leaping to the loud flourishes, the background fades back to Peach's abstract castle, specifically her bedroom (with MASSIVE destruction on the floor caused by the dancing); [daffy] is clearly unamused, with a quick glance to the camera stating as much; he then grabs Sunhatpuff to the climactic loud note, squeezing him!

[daffy] (now definitely, irritatedly talking to the fourth wall, Sunhatpuff still in hand): Leave us stay revelant to Halloween here, hmm? How about returning to the chase?

Right in the same shot, however, Bob Clampett takes over direction as [daffy] does this  take at what approaches from the left side of the screen! Zipping out to the right, Sunhatpuff left spinning in the air (to the WB wind whistle), he then zips into Peach's vast closet and slams the door, terrified!

As Sunhatpuff, now on the ground, tries to get up, dazed, five lightning bolts, each colored each member of the "Pup" gang (one, for instance, representing Shaggy, is colored brown, light green, blue, and white), zip by, flattening Sunhatpuff on the ground! They are followed in turn by the Medium and Tall Ghosts, speeding after them.

[daffy], now looking out the closet door, takes fearfully, then quickly goes out and, slamming the door closed, starts building a whole bunch of locks and barricades on it, then manages to zip back into the closet by virtue of the door acting like a revolving door!

Then the "Pup" lightning bolts CRASH into the utterly locked door, left wobbling...that's the cue for the Short Ghost to come down with a cage that they wobble into, the Short Ghost shutting it in turn, trapping them (leaving them quite shocked) as the other two ghosts enter! The three ghosts together kick the cage exaggeratedly, sending it (and the "Pup" gang) off-screen!

With no other distractions to deal with, the ghosts zip through the closet door. Jim Tyer animates as the loud, chaotic scuffle inside violently bangs on the flexible, flaccid door, sending all the locks and bolts and barricades and finally the doorknob flying, "popping" out of the screen (that is, disappearing briefly) as they do so!

The door crashes down as [daffy] runs out...dressed as Olive Oyl, complete with lipstick and wig that looks like her hair! (Tyer animates his wild, leg-kicking run.)

From here until I say otherwise, animation is by John Gentilella, direction by Frank Tashlin.

The three ghosts zip past [daffy], stacking themselves one-by-one into a totem pole (their arms being the parts that stick out), Tall on bottom, Short on top. Grabbing Olive-dressed [daffy] as he passes by, they begin to take turns kissing him as a means of further humiliation, each ghost passing him to the ghost below/above him!

[daffy] (speaking in a high-pitched loud Mel Blanc voice): HEEEELP!! *Medium smooches, pass to Tall below* POPEYE!!! *Tall smooches, pass to Medium above* HEEEELP!! *Medium smooches, pass to Short above* POPEEEEYYEEE!! *Short gives a particularly long, stretchy smooch, the detachment of mouths occuring to a WB pop sound; cut to a close-up of [daffy], turning to the screen and speaking in his regular voice* Seriously, I'd better stop, cause I'm beginning to like this. *tsk-tsk* HEEEELP!! *molestation continues*

I, standing in the doorway of the bedroom horrified, rush to the telephone in the main hall and dial up [bugs2]!

Me (panicking): Are you there, Bugs? Please, get back to the castle asap! There's ghosts!

[bugs2] (over the phone): Eh, lemme find my vacuum cleaner first! In the meantime, I hear Johnny Gent needs a job, so I'm sending over a very special guest! *hang-up, leaving a tone*

To be continued in a few hours...
That's when the Popeye theme starts playing and I turn to the castle entrance as...well, who else arrives?

[daffy] (heard from the bedroom): HEEEELP!! POPEEYE!!!

[popeye] (shocked): Don't worry Olive, I'll save ya!

Ricocheting into the bedroom, much to the fright of the ghosts (who drop [daffy]), he punches out each ghost one-by-one (top to bottom), each one briefly "popping" to emphasize the impact (Gent and Tyer were close friends)—you can feel the power of each punch!

The ghosts all splatter onto the wall next to the closet door, resulting in them all morphing (to the WB sludge bubble) into one large Tall Ghost. The Tall Ghost very broadly snorts and spits out a whole gob of ghostly matter at [popeye], bringing him back to his usual size...with the gob turning out to be the Short and Medium ghosts, who, flying towards [popeye], put out their fists!

[popeye] (helping [daffy] up): Wait a minute, you're not Olive!

[daffy] (who is slightly shorter than [popeye]; annoyed): Whaddya mean Olive? *taking off his wig, [popeye] being taken aback* I'm a male duck!

SMACK goes the fists of the Short and Medium Ghosts on [popeye], who is sent backwards!

[daffy] (doing the high-pitched, woman-like Mel Blanc scream hysterically): AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaah!!!!!

[popeye] crashes into the wall, leaving severe cracks on it! As he drops down onto the floor, the three ghosts zip over with a whole sack of candy corn and dump it all into [popeye]'s mouth, laughing maniacally as he fattens up while his muscles shrink!

The ghosts zip out and once more begin humiliating [daffy], this time by pinning him on the ground and smearing white, orange, and yellow paint from paint buckets all over him!

[daffy]: HEEEEEELLP!!!

Meanwhile, [popeye] barely has enough strength to even lift his arm up....with all his remaining strength, he reaches into his pocket, grabs his can of spinach, pops it open (pouring the spinach into his mouth), and starts chewing...whereupon he springs right up, and all his fat transfers to his two arms to become muscles in the shape of large, erect pieces of candy corn (they're even colored accordingly)!

Now strengthened, [popeye] runs over to the ghosts, and with one powerful punch (the background even flashing into a red color card briefly!) sends all three of them (along with their paint buckets) flying!!

Art Davis takes over animating from here.

In keeping with Tashlinesque cutting, the ghosts (and the paint buckets) are seen flying towards the wall [covering up Peach's vast closet] from a long shot, then immediately cut to a close-up of the wall, then, right when the ghosts slam into the wall, cut to inside the closet as the wall comes crashing down with the ghosts! The paint buckets, having flown with the ghosts, have now whitened the Short Ghost, oranged the Medium Ghost, and yellowed the Tall Ghost!

The wall having collapsed, the ghosts, solidifying into blocks of different sizes (Tall the largest, Short the smallest with a rounded top), flip-flop all over the ground until they finally stack up on each other, again with Short on top, Tall on bottom...forming a large piece of candy corn!

A bunch of black brush-strokes rush in and take the large ghostly candy corn and zip back to the main hall, where UserPostedImage, UserPostedImage, Sunhatpuff, and I are waiting; the brush-strokes, of course, turn out to be [daffy].

[daffy]: And thus, thanks to my courage, heroism, and fighting ability, the ghosts have been vanquished and the world's largest piece of candy corn has been formed!

UserPostedImage: Ehhh, I've seen bigger pieces of candy corn! *tsk-tsk, wolf-whistle*

[popeye] (walking up to [daffy], quite peed off): And besides, I was the one who did the fighting!

The cage in which the "Pup" gang was trapped zips up as well!

Kid Fred: And we tried trapping the ghosts to begin with! Did we?

[popeye] takes on an expression of disapproval, while [daffy] thumbs at Kid Fred while looking at the screen with a "Sheesh, what an idiot!" face. Very subtle gestures, but they make the situation even funnier.

UserPostedImage: Well, in any case, I can't keep these ghosts around for decoration! And uh, having the largest piece of candy corn is a dubious honor anyway...

Bob Clampett takes over direction, Bill Melendez takes over animation as [bugs2] zips up to the main hall's entrance with a vacuum cleaner!

[bugs2]: Well, your artificially-colored worries are over, Peachy!

Turning on the vacuum cleaner on rather low power, [bugs2] begins sucking up the ghosts...who regain not only their consciousness but also their form, and are now trying to run away and delay the inevitable! Grabbing onto each other in a chain as their lose their footing, the Short Ghost in turn grabs Daffy, who grabs Peach, who grabs Toad, who grabs me, who grabs Sunhatpuff, who grabs Popeye, who finally grabs the cage with the Pup gang, all of us exclaiming and yelping as each of us are grabbed!

With the vacuum-sucking now rather ineffective, the nozzle visibly struggling and pulling to get even the Tall Ghost sucked in, Bugs has no choice but to set the vacuum cleaner on "Black Hole", causing not just everybody but even the background to get sucked in in one fell swoop, leaving [bugs2] and the vacuum cleaner on a blank screen!

[bugs2] takes as he finds that the vacuum cleaner is about to explode, and imemdiately he flips the cleaner in reverse...literally everything except for the ghosts comes out at once in a giant ball, and landing in some unspecified location in the blank screen, the ball splits completely—the background once again covers the screen, except it's in COMPLETE disarray, while all of us characters separate out in the form of fast pool balls that roll all over the disarranged place!

The three ghosts, still stuck inside the vacuum cleaner, then try to get out through the nozzle..only their heads manage to pop out!

To be concluded in maybe an hour...

...or not.

Medium Ghost (dizzy): What in carnation just happened?

Short Ghost (same here): I have no idea, my brain ishh too rattled!

Kid Velma: Wait a minute....these aren't real ghosts!

Kid Fred: I knew it! Red Herring is behind all this!

Red Herring (who suddenly comes out of Kid Velma's laptop): Nice try, Fred, but I haven't been pinned in 25 years! *goes back inside the laptop*

Kid Velma (going over to the stuck ghosts with a sly look): In reality....these two are *pulls off the ghostly masks* Snooper (the Medium Ghost) and Blabber (the Short Ghost)!

UserPostedImage, UserPostedImage, and I: *gasp*

[daffy]: I should've known! No one speaks Maltese-ian as well as they do.

Me (coming over): But Snoop, Blab, why?

Snooper: It's a sad story, me worthy-unworthy fan. *cue flashbacks in sepia* The detec-a-tive business just wasn't bringing in enough money for Blab and me, so when we discoveried yesterday that Daffy was soughting out ghost writers for his Halloween party script, promising to pay a million dollars, how could we desist? As it happens, this Tall Ghost was the only other ghost writer who wanted in at the time, so we decided to form a trio in the hopes of increasing our success. He even dressed us in these strange ghost costumes from Toontown's nuclear wastelands that actually gave us ghostly powers so we actually would be ghost-writers!

Blabber: Really, we had the right shhpirit, too!

Snooper: Buuuuuut.....early this morning, when we delivered the final script, that anatine dastard had to grab all the credit for the elegant, fine work we toiled over, and kicked us out. So I thought up an idea for vengeance using our ghostly powers...and frankly, it's all Blab's fault, since he encouraged me to go ahead with it!

Blabber: It washh the Tall Ghoshht who tried to shhtop us! And come to ponder of it, Shhnoop...we never did find out who he washh, eshhpecially shhince he'shh dreshhed in one of thoshhe nuclear-waste-tainted coshhtumeshh he gave ushh!

Kid Velma: Well, let's find out now!

When Velma pulls off his mask, though, we're not in for a pleasant surprise...

UserPostedImage: *gasp* Some live-action Hollywood celebrity!?

[bugs2] (chomping on his carrot, by now just waiting for this scene to end; animated with great personality by Bob McKimson): Sad day, really, when people know Hollywood without knowing Hollywood!

[daffy]: Jerry Lewis!? Why didn't you just tell me you were in town rather than dressing in a musty sheet?

Jerry (rather down): Daffy, Daffy...I'm not in the mood to explain right now.

Me: I believe I can explain...for all of you. *ahem*

Understanding Jerry's motive requires a bit more insight into WBA's you folks may know, Frank Tashlin moved into live-action features some years after his final stint at Termite Terrace, and these features, as Thad Komorowski has often put it, were a continuation of his cartoons. In particular, Jerry Lewis became effectively a live-action Daffy Duck in his comedies; meanwhile, the Daffy that appeared in such Tashlin cartoons as "The Stupid Cupid" and "Nasty Quacks" was a younger, animated Jerry Lewis! So, Lewis's motive may have been that he wanted to become familiar with his nowadays far more successful animated predecessor, and saw Daffy's job offer as a perfect opportunity; he dressed in a ghost costume from Toontown's wastelands and let Snooper and Blabber tag along, even providing ghost costumes for them, as a means of making sure he didn't stand out too much. Live-action people showing up in Toontown these days, after all, is rather taboo, hence the impossibility of a direct meeting that would require far less intrigue.

Jerry: You have it right, kid. I didn't mean for things to get this out-of-control; as Blab pointed out, I even tried to prevent all of this from happening out of respect for Daffy. *brightening up* Though I have to admit, I did find the insanity fun while it lasted; I mean, whoever thought I could humiliate a cartoon duck in drag by creating a kissing totem pole?

Kid Fred: All right, if that's all you three have to say, then let's take these criminals to the police, gang!

With that, the Pup gang leaves the castle, taking the ghost-stuck vacuum cleaner with them.

[daffy]: Well, if there'll be no further interruptions, I'd like to finish reading my ghost-written script now!

[bugs2]: Actually, [daffy], I have something to admit too. You see...*whispering in [daffy]'s ear...causing [daffy] to take on a shocked expression*

[daffy] (turning to [bugs2]): You mean.....all the best ideas in my script......

[bugs2] nods.

[daffy]: Arnold as a horror clown...Pepe singing....the Kennedy curse....Zombie Bugs....all that?

[bugs2] nods, rather pleased with himself.

That's when [daffy] starts to grow very angry, his eyes turning red and bloodshot, the fury building up inside him until....


The following nervous breakdown/retrospective of the destruction throughout this thread directed by Chuck Jones, animated by Bobe Cannon.

[daffy] (zipping into Peach): Now you see, Peach, NOW you see!! *pointing to [bugs2]* It's all his fault, all the insanity you've endured today is HIS fault!!! *zipping under Peach's dress* He's responsible for THIS!

UserPostedImage (jumping back): Yipe!!

[daffy]: And for THIS! *howling on all fours into Peach's dress!*

UserPostedImage (jumping back again!): AAAAAAAHH!! *zip out and zip in with her parasol...finding herself shocked that it's broken in half!*

[daffy] (standing up and pointing at the broken parasol): And for THAT, too! *zipping up to Toad and I and dropping a banana peel* This happens to be Bugsy's fault as well!! *shoves Toad into slipping on the banana peel*


Once again, Toad is flattened onto the chapel door and flips over and over on the floor!

[daffy] (zipping up to the door): This, too!

He flattens himself on the door as well, and as he flips on the ground the door comes with him becuase his beak has stuck through the other side!

Cut to Sunhatpuff being thrown right into the wall next to the castle entrance/exit, again resulting in these  results (to the Jay Ward explosion sound)!

[daffy]: And THAT!!

Cut to the cracks spreading up to the ceiling and developing the Crack Monster!

[daffy] (popping up from below the screen): And even THAT!!!! *cut to a close-up shot* Responsible....[bugs2]...for all the chaos! For all the most interesting things in the script, no less!! Woo-hoo-hoo! Woo-hoo!! Woo-hoo!

Thus [daffy] begins bouncing around the castle and woo-hooing, having at this point snapped!

While he woo-hoos and bounces in the background....

UserPostedImage: Is it true, Bugs? Were you responsible for all the strange things that [daffy] enacted?

[bugs2]: Mmmmmm, it's a possibility!

UserPostedImage: In that case, since I've had such an exciting Halloween afternoon....

UserPostedImage gives [bugs2] a kiss on the cheek! [bugs2], to a WB spring sound, reacts ecstatically! (Yeah, no Lola here!)

[bugs2] (now blushing): Duh-duh-duh-duh-duh (etc.)

UserPostedImage: Would you like a kiss too, Popeye?

[popeye]: Well, thank you, but I've got Olive Oyl already.

UserPostedImage (calling out): Oh, Toadeeette!

Me (zipping up): Yes, mother?

UserPostedImage: I want you—and, for that matter, all the other writers—to follow Daffy's and Bugs's script verbatim for the Halloween party tonight. The genius of Daffy and Bugs will be recognized!

[daffy], having heard what Peach has just said, stops woo-hooing and rushes over to us!

[daffy]: Why, Your Most Gracious Highness! You have my gratitude for your gratitude towards my script, especially for giving me top-billing over a certain script-vandalizer...

Fade out...

[daffy]: Please, spare me! I didn't mean to have you shot! I just wanted a—

—interrupted by the zombie pulling out his now blood-stained dagger, which once again shines menacingly to a blood-chilling sound!

Now, the zombie backs in closer and closer, [daffy] now truly terrified, glued into the corner, knowing this is the end......

Yep, [daffy] is back where he was before the "ghosts" ruined everything...but this is for REAL, so to speak.

[daffy]: Oh, WHY didn't I tell Toadette to abridge this!?

Iris-out on terrified [daffy]...followed by [bugs2] heard giggling.

Cue the 1945-46 Bugs-in-a-Drum ending, accompanied by the 1941-1946 ending variation of "The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down".

"And dat's de end!"

I hope you folks have a Happy Halloween, parties and ghoulish costumes and all!

Unfortunately, there will be no Thanksgiving thread from me this year. Both the Thanksgiving and Christmas threads I have been planning are extremely ambitious...and given the time constraints I have had recently, I cannot write both without negative effects on real life, not to mention burnout. Thus, what would've been the Thanksgiving thread has been put on hold so that I can focus more on this year's Christmas thread; as its story has little to nothing to do with Thanksgiving, I will hopefully have it posted by the end of next year as one last "lost holiday thread". (This year's Christmas thread may be the last official holiday party one outside of ParamountCartoons is interested in actually keeping these threads going on a regular basis.)

In the meantime, ParamountCartoons has made it clear to me for the past few weeks that he's tired of my, he will be posting an unofficial Thanksgiving thread soon. Stay tuned, I guess...and let's hope whatever he comes up with is compelling.