Merry Christmas

radio interview with Billie Mae Richards the voice of Rudolph

Interview with Rankin/Bass Historian Rick Goldschmidt and Film maker John Brickley


Archive of American Television has their own interview with Arthur Rankin Jr


Johnny Marks interview from the early 1970's

Arthur Rankin Jr at the Museum of Television & Radio

The history of Robert L May and his book Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Music Composer Maury Laws

Paul Coker Jr.

Storyboard Artist Don Duga

a video that compares the soundtracks of the VHS tape to the 1998 remaster
Whats Wrong With The Little Drummer Boy DVD/Bluray


The Ballad of Smokkey the Bear with James Cagney

interveiw with Rick Goldschmidt

Alternate opening to Frosty's Winter wonderland (1976)
instead of Romeo Muller getting the writing credit, it was Jullian P. Gardner AKA: Jules Bass

Frosty's Winter Wonderland Bumper

Frosty The Snowman (1969) pencil test


Rankin/Bass' Festival of Family Classics: A Christmas Tree (1972)

short CBS news spot from 2014 on the 50th annversary of Rudolph

Robert L May's Rudolph first edition. the book was Faithfuly adapted by Max Fleischer and Jam Handy in 1948

Max Fleischer and Jam Handy's Rudolph film, restored by the library of congress

the Animagic Puppets, they are NOT clay

and more still survive in Japan where they where made and used for animation

the "Rankin/Bass" store MiserBros Press

more interviews with Rick Goldschmidt

Rankin/Bass Historian Rick Goldschmit remembers the production problems on The King and I 1998 (Warner Bros/ Rankin/Bass/ Morgan Creek/Richard Rich)

Well what happened with that was I knew about that when I did my first book and Arthur was telling me that they were trying do it in a much bigger way than it ended up,
Was umm I forget the name of the company that released it....... ummmmm but I remember Arthur had a meeting with Michael Eisner back then because Eisner was the Disney chairman
and he had worked with Rankin/Bass on the Jackson Five Show and the osmounds because he was in charge of the saturday morning cartoons on ABC in the early 70's
So Arthur wanted to do it with Disney originally. and then Morgan Creek was the company that actually released it.

and the Animation was done by a Japenesse almost the son of Arthur, sort of an adopted son: Masaki Iizuka
and I when I went to Arthur's memoreal Masaki and I were talking about The King and I he said "It didn't have the song, it didn't have the main song of King and I" and he said "it's not going to work!
it just won't work!"
and he still dosn't know why, why they did it the way they did it. and it wasn't a success and I think Arthur was trying to do was still keep in the bussiness and still see things through, the way he aways did

but in this day in age, you don't go to a company and say "I wanna make a movie" and they give you the money and you do it, you have to go through all kinds of groups and focus group channels and all kinds of stuff
So by the time it finally comes out, it's not what you envision.


Jim Korkis’ Animation Anecdotes # 136: The Tolkien Battle.

Lawyers representing Saul Zaentz’s Fantasy Films and Tolkien’s estate filed suit to prevent Rankin-Bass’ The Return of the King (1980) from being televised,
charging Rankin-Bass with copyright violations.

An angry Ralph Bakshi stated, “They’re (Rankin-Bass) not going to stop us from doing The Lord of the Rings and they won’t stop us from doing The Hobbit.
Anyone who saw their version of The Hobbit know it has nothing to do with the quality and style of our feature.
My life isn’t going to be altered by what Rankin-Bass choses to do badly.”

Jules Bass replied, “I liked Bakshi’s version. There were some interesting and exciting sequences.
But I don’t see any problem or confusion with our doing The Return of the King. There were six versions of “A Christmas Carol’ on the air last December (1979).
People take each on its own terms. If Bakshi does a sequel in two or three years, it will just be his version.” The suit went to court but was settled “amicably” although no specifics were released.

Rankin-Bass’ The Return of the King aired May 1980.

Orson Bean was the voice of both Bilbo and Frodo Baggins with John Huston doing the voice of Gandalf

Excerpt from an interview with Rick Goldschmidt
Rick Goldschmidt: "the thing about that whole story too was umm Arthur told me (pause) uhh and we had a night at his honur at the museum of broadcast of television and radio in New York,

I think it was at breakfeast the next day he told me was something about the whole Tolkien experiance, after a while Tolkien didn't want them to do the speical that he didn't (unitelligble aduio quips) anymore

There were some legal issiues that came from that too, there was also a point where they were in court over The Hobbit and being released in Canada, there were a lot of legal issiues with that

that resulted in and why they had to make The Return of The King the way they had made it. Because orginially it was going to be called The Hobbit 2.

I'm not a huge umm hobbit fan or you know Tolkien fan. but when I watch them I think man, did they capture uuh a stlye and a look and a uneverse that is so different than Rudolph, Santa you Know.

I give them kudos for really working to make something very uniqe and represent the books and they can do it."

pardon me, the poster art says Frodo The Hobbit II

here is the link to Rick's interview

very short excerpt from the 2003 radio interview with Rick Goldschimidt and Maury Laws. the whole interview can be found on The Daydreamer Soundtrack CD.

Rick's interview from METV's Svengoolie Show

Rudolph's original 1964 end credits Rick had found the color version which has not been uploaded yet.

and GE comercials with Santa's Elves
radio interview with Rankin/bass historian Rick Goldschmidt

Rankin/Bass and GE Fantasy Hour's Return to OZ 1964
Rankin/Bass and Toei's Mouse on the Mayflower (1968)

An out of circulation animated muiscal thanksgiving TV speical of elementry school history of the Mayflower,
the harvest festivial and Henry Wadsworth Long Fellow's Courtship of Miles Standish with mice and pirate sailors thrown in.

Discriptions of missing scenes from the Broadway Video "common YouTube upload" cut of Rankin/Bass Mouse on the Mayflower (1968)[/b]

shot of Miles Standish assigning John Aldan to carry Pricilla Mullin's parcels to Mayflower's qwarters

John Aldan being clumsy

and the muscial number When She Looks at Me - John Gary (John Alden)
(not on the 1989/1993 vhs of the Broadway Video syndicated cut)

The scene lead up to the commercial break pligrims start to leave the mayflower and the first glimpses of the indians was cut by Broadway Video.

Instead a fake fade to commercial was done in the part after Whielm Mouse signs the Mayflower compact.

Time, Stands Still - John Gary (John Alden) Joanie Sommers (Pricilla Mullins)
(partialy cut in half on the 1989/1993 F.H.E. vhs of the Broadway Video syndicated cut)

Good Times - Tennessee Ernie Ford and chorus
(not on the 1989/1993 F.H.E. vhs of the Broadway Video syndicated cut)

Rankin/Bass logo (the Rankin/Bass logo has it's music on the Broadway Video vhs, while the Golden Books vhs the logo music is missing.)

The way to get the uncut version is the golden books 1998 vhs
or Rick Goldschmidt's Rankin/Bass Archives DVD with 1972 McDonald's commercials.
2 other Rankin/Bass tv specials that have butchard syndicated cuts on their home video releases

Here Comes Peter Cottontail (first aired 1971 50 mins)
2019 Universal/Comcast/Dreamworks/Classic Media Bluray 42 minutes

Wind in the Willows (copyrighted 1983. first aired 1985 or 1987? 95 mins)
1996 Warner Home Video VHS 94 minutes
Rankin/Bass' The Smokey Bear Show 1969 aired on ABC

only a handful of episodes can be found on YouTube.



previews and ads

Episode Guide (from The Enchanted World of Rankin/Bass Portfolio by Rick Goldschmidt)

Founder's Day

Old Club House

One Born Every Second

The Outlaws

Silliest Show on Earth

Mission Impossible

Running Wild


Saga of Gas Bag 

Hare Vs Cougar

High Div'n

Spit 'N Polish

Mighty Minerva

Ice Frolics

Hambone Heist

Casanova Hare

Great Kite Contest

Bessie Paints the Town

Thar She Blows

Hobo Jackal

Sneaky Beaky

Heroes ar Born

Winter And Still Champ

Freddy's Big Date

Gone Fishin

An Apple a Day Keeps

The Not So Merry Mailman

An Ill Wind

The Baby Sitters

The Fire Fighter's Convention 

End of the World 

Hizzoner The Admiral 

Invention is The Mother of Necessity 

Ancient Caleb Coyote

Haunted Castle

The Honorble Freddy Fume

Gold Metal Grizzly

Treasure Hunt

Leave it To Grizzly

Citizen Fume

Invisible Benny

The Battle of Penny Echo River

Grizzly Rides Again

Build A Better Bridge

Feudn' Fightin and Fussin

Stick 'Em Up

Goal Line Grizzly

The Crabtrees Forever

Hare of a Thousand Faces

War Far Art Thou

The Celebrity

From Greg Ehrbar's YouTube channel
Songs from Rankin/Bass' The Mouse on The Mayflower 1968 Gas Company NBC Promo Soundtrack Record


In 1965, the musical number "We're A Couple of Misfits" in Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer (1964) was Replaced by a new musical number "Fame and Fortune".

in 1998 We're A Couple of Misfits" was restored to the film.

then in 2005 (and for a long time) CBS showed a cobbled Frankinstien version of both, the butchard audio of "We're A Couple of Misfits" and the visials of "Fame and Fortune".

and here is something that you do not see on the CBS'showing of Rudolph:
From my fourm topic: Debunking Misinformation about Animated Movie History

Frosty The Snowman 1969 Rankin/Bass
"June Foray was Karan in the 1969 broadcast but was replaced by an unknown in 1970"


From Rankin/Bass Historian Rick Goldschmidt's facebook and blog


Rick Goldschmidt
December 14, 2016 ·

Just looked at a "click bait" Frosty article with 10 things you never knew about Frosty the Snowman. Unfortunately,

the authors of these articles don't know either.

One thing they said is that June Foray's voice was featured in the first few broadcasts of Frosty.

FALSE: She recorded the voice of Karen, but was replaced by a small girl actress,

before it aired in 1969. Her recording remained on the MGM soundtrack release as Karen.

I actually worked on the CD release through Warner Bros/Rhino music group.

I have seen many things I have said or put in my books,

written about online, either half right or completely wrong and never crediting where they got the information.

⛄ #cbs #christmas #tv #metv #frostythesnowman #clickbait #viral #rankinbass