Steve Stanchfield
Hi IAD folks..

The last of the old 'special' discs are going out today! So... it's time to announce the pre-order of

Cartoon Commercials, Volume 2!

This second volume from Thunderbean has commercials from the 50s though the 70s in all new transfers. This collection is almost entirely from ads collected since the first volume (in 2007!).
The set is a Blu-ray/DVD combo, BDr & DVDr. The pre-order will be available through August 15th only, and includes a special 'extra' disc of things that didn't make it on the set (mostly because the quality of the print wasn't as good but they're still really cool!).

The set is $15.95 plus $3 postage, $9 to countries outside the US. Paypal is Be sure your address is in paypal, and make sure to list Cartoon Commercials Volume 2. Thanks as always for supporting the set
Finally. I was wondering if we ever get a 2nd volume. Hopefully, it will come around the holidays. Thanks, Steve.
Steve Stanchfield
It will be much sooner! We're catching up here! The hardest set to get done is still Flip the Frog- just a lot of nitrate to ship and scan. The commercials are almost all here already... so it's much easier to get them all scanned..
I know you're busy lately, but I may want to ask for a refund on the Cartoons to the Rescue special set.
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Steve Stanchfield
I just ordered Volume 2. I don't have volume 1 yet. Any plans to upgrade V.1 to BD (or BDr)? If not, I'll just order the DVD through amazon.
here's my wish list of commercials that I want to see--

50s-60s animated Spartan Stores commercial (your Michigan friends would be pleased)

50s-60s animated Mejjer commercials (nice double bill).

More commodity ads (y'know, milk, butter, cheese, eggs, tea, etc.)

Early Peanuts Dolly Madison commercials (makes you hungry for a 1973 Thanksgiving dinner). I especially want to see the full Creme Cakes commercial  that played as a clip for Animal Planet's 50 Greatest TV Animals- color corrected and all.

Some Peanuts Coca-Cola commercials, integrated into specials or not.....

Mountain Dew's first Pepsi-owned commercial in HD (the one with the "Good Ol' Mountain Dew" song)

Lots of animated sponsor tags!

the complete adventures of the Kool-Aid Kids

Pizza Hut Pete

60s and 60s animated GEICO ads (I wonder if they exist, the furthest I went back to GEICO ads was 1996).

Different Kroger Ads (the Kroger Eggs ad is all over the place)

OK Steve, now tell me which ones of these made the cut on this new Blu-ray.

One more question: Will there be any ads featuring Foray? I think it would be appropriate if you included many with her as a tribute.