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The Dogfather chimes in with this post...which introduces a very strange twist. Freleng still directs.

On the Lower East Side of Toontown, cue [bugs2] in his outfit from "A Hare Grows in Manhattan", tap-dancing and singing "The Daughter of Rosie O'Grady".

[bugs2] (tap-dancing along):🎵She's the daughter of Rosie O'Grady, a regular old-fashioned goil...🎵

Out of a corner comes yours truly, the Dogfather, walking on all fours (though still in my regular outfit). [bugs2] and I cross paths.

Manhattan [bugs2]: Well, good day to you, Dogfather! What's cookin', dog?

Me: Retirement has been going remarkably well for me. Leave us face it; I've seen too much insanity, especially throughout the last year. I'm glad that Toadette, who's very much knowledgeable about animation, has stepped in so I can calm down.

Manhattan [bugs2]: That's good to know! And I hope you've gotten on well without Pug and Louie.

Me: Well, let me tell you a little secret...they're coming back with a vengeance.

Manhattan [bugs2]: Duh—duh—COMING BACK!? But I thought that you—

Me: See, I've decided that since most of the other toons who died during Halloween have since come back, they might as well come back too. And believe me, Louie's going to make sure Charlie Brown doesn't get that Little Red-Haired Girl.

At that moment, however, Brünnhilde [bugs2] and Sunhatpuff twirl past us! That's right, there's two [bugs2]es. And three if you count [bugs], who pounces right onto Manhattan [bugs2]!

[bugs]: KISS ME!! *tries to smooch Manhattan [bugs2]*

Manhattan [bugs2] instead slams the book he's holding onto [bugs]'s head! (The book is a part of his outfit.) He then scrambles off.

[bugs] takes the book off, and his face is somehow covered in pie. Wiping it off, [bugs] does a take as he looks at the book cover—in a close-up, it is revealed to be titled "10,000 Pie Recipes—And a Free Sample!"

[bugs]: Good grief! Toadette's influence is rubbing off on me. *tastes a bit of pie stuck to the book* And it's custard, too.

Me: I suppose I should make my way back to my new Toe Debted—I mean, Toadette-bought home here on the Lower East Side. It's closer to the center of Toontown than my old mansion. Hopefully you folks enjoyed my brief appearance.
Robert McKimson directs.

On the same street as [bugs2]'s mansion, [foghorn] has finished building a Tunnel of Love.

He takes a bow and arrow, and shoots the arrow at Barnyard Dawg, sleeping nearby...and the dog shoots up into the air with the high-pitched Mel Blanc scream!!

Landing, he begins to bark angrily and run towards [foghorn] usual.

And as usual, he is pulled back by the rope...while [foghorn] places a pie right where his head lands! Then he tops it with another pie on top, and then stands Barnyard Dawg up and and slams the two pie pans into his head like cymbals! The Dawg vibrates.

Once he stops, he growls at [foghorn], who zips off. Barnyard Dawg takes out a pair of scissors to cut the rope, and he runs after [foghorn].

He skids to a stop as he encounters the Tunnel of Love, with [foghorn] passing by in a makeshift boat.

[foghorn]: Well, don't—I say, don't hesitate, dawg! It's Valentine's Day! Bring your—I say, bring your bosom gal here!

The Barnyard Dawg just "Peh!"s him off.

But none other than the Japanese Beetle with his Cupid arrows arrives at the scene at that moment.

Japanese Beetle: Ah, I see that Barnyard Dawg does not want cuddry action in Tunner of Rove. *aiming* I wirr remedy this probrem right now. *shoot*

Once again, the arrow goes into Barnyard Dawg's keister.

Barnyard Dawg (shot up into the air...again): YEEEEEEOWW!!!!

When he lands, his eyes bug out with hearts towards [foghorn]! He barks wildly and jumps into the boat with [foghorn], and intimately starts cuddling him as they go into the darkness and the screen is just black.

[foghorn]: Now would you—I say, would you *heavy hit* QUIT THAT!

The heavy hit is represented in the darkness by stars! Then cut to the other side of the Tunnel as the boat comes out, with Barnyard Dawg having stars around his head.

[foghorn] (now being annoying and flailing his arms around in his usual manner): Evidently you haven't heard of a new concept called personal space! And what's this about dogs and roosters gettin' together anyways!? *towards the fourth wall* Dog's got more chutzpah than a gay man in Paree. Happy, that is. *slapping Barnyard Dawg* You've got problems! You're *bumping the Dawg with his large stomach* underweight!! *turning him around and seeing the arrow* You're lovestruck! *pulling the arrow out, causing Barnyard Dawg to return to normal and shake his head to the trombone gobble* You need—I say you need to see a sick-iatrist, cause...

In the midst of this rambling, Barnyard Dawg "takes" at what's just ahead...a drop down a waterfall off a cliff.

Barnyard Dawg (while [foghorn] keeps being a loudmouth): Psst! Hey, Foggy! There's—there's a—

[foghorn]: Now what'cha mumbling about, son!? *shaking Barnyard Dawg* Speak up!

Barnyard Dawg: There's a—

[foghorn] (giving the Dawg a backslap): Don't you interrupt me, dawg! What are ya trying ta do with all this rudeness, while I'm giving a...

Barnyard Dawg (during those last few words): Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh *backslapping [foghorn] in the face* SHADDUP!! *stepping out of the boat*

[foghorn]: Shut up!? Oh, I can shut up! It's not like I'm one of those loudmouths who keep on rambling on, oblivious to even the most dangerous situations, like, say, if I were about to *cut to a startling view of the waterfall* ride off a cliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiff...!

The WB falling sound plays during that last extended word. Cue the typical Treg Brown "splash" and fade out.
Freleng again.

Fade in and zoom in on a house on the outskirts of Toontown. On the inside, [minnie], [audryy], [betty], UserPostedImage, Olive Oyl, and UserPostedImage (in his woman's costume from "The Big Snooze") are gathered and chatting.

[minnie]: I was planning on spending time with [mickey] at the ball at [bugs2]'s mansion tonight, but I got this invitation to come here. And you got one too, [audryy]?

[audryy]: Why not? I'm only the most "dreamy" little girl in Toontown! And I'm "Famous", too! *annoying laugh*

[minnie]: Sorry, but that was one of the worst puns I've ever heard about Famous Studios. Worse than how Seymour Kneitel was an "Enchanted Square".

UserPostedImage: I do hope there aren't any wolves around here. Or our host is a wolf.

[wolfie] (breaking through the window): Aooooooooo!!!!!!!!

Whereupon UserPostedImage throws a lamp nearby at him. Hard. Sending him flying, of course!

UserPostedImage: Gosh, Wed, you'we wucky you only have that one wolf to deal with. I had to deal with thwee!

UserPostedImage: Why are you dressed like that anyways? You're not even a woman!

UserPostedImage: Because the invite said so.

[betty]: I'm not afraid of any Big Bad Wolf! But I still think something is quite suspicious...

Then the room darkens...and a spotlight appears on...

Olive Oyl: Aaaaagh!! It's Bluto!

Bluto (voiced here in Mel Blanc's loudmouth voice, just because I don't feel like editing my first post to add someone like Jackson Beck to the credits): Yeah, that's correct! And you all fell for my on Valentine's Day, you famous toons are—

[minnie]: Are you saying we're all from Famous Studios?

Bluto: Oh for crying out loud that's not what I meant! Anyways, you well-known toons are my hostages! Betcha your boyfriends haven't noticed at all! And best of all, you're all alone with are you girls going to get laid with me the easy way or—HEY, what the!?

The hostages are walking to the door; their expressions scream "This is a waste of time." But Bluto starts zipping back and forth with lots of furniture to block the door, finally topping it all off with himself.

Bluto: Ohhhh NO you don't!!! Now you ladies go to that corner in the back. Shriek for help, maybe. Or tie yourselves up with those ropes back there.

Olive Oyl: Bluto, this whole schtick is getting old. I'm particularly sick of it, having had to survive through this formula for upwards of twenty years!

[minnie]: I haven't even gotten my dress for the ball ready!

[audryy]: And why did you include me?

You can feed me bread and water,
Or a great big bale of hay,
But don't take my boop-oop-a-doop away!

UserPostedImage: I awways feew vewy vewy uncomfowtabwe dwessing up wike this! Why did you do this to me!?

UserPostedImage: *frying-panning Bluto on the head from behind, causing him to collapse and a lump to grow*

[audryy] goes over to examine the lump.

[audryy]: Oh, it's not THAT bad! Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha (etc.)

As if things weren't over-the-top enough, cue some LOUD knocking that knocks away all the furniture, with finally the door breaking off entirely! And who else?

Obnoxious Red Riding Hood (from "Little Red Riding Rabbit"): Hey, GRANDMA!! I got a bunny rabbit for ya! Ta have, see!?!?

And who does she pull out other than...Brünnhilde [bugs2]!

Out "she" grandiosely jumps, followed by Sunhatpuff, who grabs Bobby-Soxer Red and kicks her out of the house!

Chuck Jones takes over as Brünnhilde [bugs2] and Sunhatpuff start dancing to the Russian Dance from Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker, with UserPostedImage dancing and kicking her legs on a table! Meanwhile, [audryy] keeps on doing her awfully mechanical laugh, UserPostedImage opens a closet door to find the same three wolves from "The Big Snooze" ("How oooooooold is she!?") who start chasing after him around the house, Olive Oyl keeps on ranting, [betty] keeps on performing "Don't Take My Boop-Oop-A-Doop" (creating dissonance with the music), and [minnie] is busy talking to [mickey] on the phone. Throughout this madness, keep on cutting to shots of Bluto with hilarious, human-yet-inhuman Jones expressions, growing increasingly mad!

The ultimate final straw is when Annoying Red Riding Hood returns saying the following, as the music builds up:

Obnoxious Red: HEY GRANDMA!!! Uh....what a big belly you have!!

Unable to take it any longer, with the music at its peak, Bluto begins to scream loudly, collapsing on the floor right when the music finishes! He is now a sobbing, whimpering, quivering wreck. Everybody gathers around him.

Freleng returns here.

Annoying Red: Saay, you're not my Grandma!

[minnie]: And it took you this long to realize that? Really?

[audryy]: Gosh, Bluto, what's wrong?

Bluto (sobbing and whimpering): For decades upon decades, *sob* *sob* I've tried to kidnap a gal successfully, and every time I get socked by [popeye]; *sniff* I can bear that. But this psychological torture which you have all inflicted on me is too much to bear! If this is what villains have to go through now, then I quit!

It is then that the [bugs2] that was earlier called Manhattan [bugs2] starts walking in, undressing so that he becomes a regular mid-to-late-40s Freleng [bugs2]. (And from this point on, he'll be called Mid-Late-40s Freleng [bugs2], with the two other [bugs2]es being Brünnhilde [bugs2] and [bugs].)

Mid-Late-40s Freleng [bugs2] (still undressing): Ah, cheer up, doc! There's villains in the toon world for a reason: to make our toon lives interesting! Here, I have something to cheer you up.

Bluto: *sniff sniff* Really?

And right at that moment, with perfect timing, Mid-Late-40s Freleng [bugs2] throws a pie at Bluto's happy face.

Mid-Late-40s Freleng [bugs2]: A coconut custard pie with whipped cream, courtesy of that sadly long-gone Hollywood club known as the Mocambo, or, as it's called in "Slick Hare", the Mocrumbo!

Bluto starts to growl and grow red with anger, baking the pie on his face, while everybody backs away. Finally...

Bluto (against a color card): BUT I'M A NEW YORK CARTOON CHARACTER!!!

With that, Bluto pulls from the side a film strip running live-action color footage of New York in the 1940s and starts bouncing around and laughing madly throughout 1940s New York!

Mid-Late-40s Freleng [bugs2] pulls the strip away to deliver this last line.

Mid-Late-40s Freleng [bugs2]: You know, I can understand how he feels. Maybe I should've thrown him those pies from one of those old Automats in Manhattan.

With that, fade to Mid-Late-40s Freleng [bugs2], back in his "A Hare Grows in Manhattan" outfit, tap-dancing away from the house towards Toontown proper humming "The Daughter of Rosie O'Grady", with most of the toons who were with him (to recount, [minnie], [audryy], [betty], UserPostedImage, UserPostedImage in his woman costume from "The Big Snooze" (and the three wolves who were chasing after him), Olive Oyl, and Bobby-Soxer Red) tap-dancing along and following him. Brünnhilde [bugs2] and Balletpuff, while generally following the procession, are doing their own dance in time to the music (and their animation is directed separately by Chuck Jones). Fade out!
The sun is setting.

Agnes and the ducklings have left, leaving just [daffy] and his girlfriend/wife. Frank Tashlin directs.

[daffy]: Well, darling, let's have a guest-less pre-guest ball in the ballroom, shall we?

As [daffy] opens the door, however, a bunch of balls come tumbling down on him!

[daffy]: Oops! Uh, wrong ballroom.

He zips over to another door and opens it, politely leaving the path open for the girl duck. But the sounds of a waltz come out—and [daffy], after realizing something's wrong, takes at what he sees inside! (Freleng directs from here.)

UserPostedImage: Oh, Baby! I didn't know you were such a good dancer!

Pull back to reveal that UserPostedImage is waltzing with none other than Lauren Bacall (in her design from "Slick Hare") under a spotlight!

[daffy]: HOLD THE MUSIC!! *record scratch* Whatever happened to your crush on the Little Red-Haired Girl, Charles!?

UserPostedImage (growing nervous): Oh, well...see, I was afraid that she wouldn't come to the ball, and Mrs. Bacall said she was waiting for a rabbit that Mr. Bogart was ordering for her, and—

Mid-Late-40s Freleng [bugs2] (barging in through a door in the back of the ballroom): Hey, Charlie! There's two veeery nice people who want to see you.

In walk Humphrey Bogart and the Little Red-Haired Girl...both very peed off!

Bogart (grabbing UserPostedImage): Why were you dancing with my girl when she was waiting for a rabbit that I was ordering for her?

UserPostedImage: *gulp*

Heather: And why were you dancing with another girl to begin with, Charles!? I thought we had something!

UserPostedImage: Double *gulp*!

Frank Tashlin directs again as the camera cuts to an long shot of the outside of the mansion. The WB whack sound is heard, and UserPostedImage is sent flying through the roof and away from the house; typical for Tashlin, the camera follows UserPostedImage in a long pan from the house as he flies. (In perspective, too!)

UserPostedImage (who has a black eye): Auugggh!! I've completely killed my chances for getting the Little Red-Haired Girl!

The long pan ends as UserPostedImage flies downward (also in perspective) towards...Princess Peach's castle in Videoville?

He ends up crashing right into one of the ? blocks on the ground near the castle! His head is now stuck inside it, and he stumbles around in his blindness, feeling around.

UserPostedImage is strolling by with her parasol, with UserPostedImage and I accompanying. At the sight of UserPostedImage, we look at each other and yell playfully in unison:

UserPostedImage, UserPostedImage, and I: You blockhead, Charlie Brown!!

And we stroll off, giggling.

UserPostedImage (muffled within the ? block, though expressing through body language his frustration): Oh, good grief!!

Iris-out on the ? block.
Justin Delbert
UserPostedImage Sigh....I'm going home...
Charlie Brown leaves the party in disgust. He checks the mailbox for any Valentines. he gets made and kicks it with his foot and hurts it.

UserPostedImage OWW!!!!!!! I HATE VALENTINES DAY!!
Alvin comes in
Alvin: What's the matter, Charlie Brown?
UserPostedImage I NEVER get what I want because I'm so wishy washy. I lost the Little Red Haired Girl to some old retired actor.
Alvin: He he...exactly why I choose not to like Valentine's Day. I ditched the party to watch a hockey game.

On the other side is Gumby, Pokey, and Venus.

Venus: Wait a minute, listen...

Alvin: Who wants to celebrate this holiday anyways. Kissing, Hugging, Lover Boy...eyk...

Venus: Sorry guys, I appreciate you're help, but I am needed elsewhere.
Gumby: That's alright. We know how important you're job is anyway, right Pokey?
Venus: Thanks! *giggles*

Alvin: I got it, let's go around and be like a Grinch and steal Valentine's Day.
UserPostedImage Gee, I guess that's the only way to solve this problem.
Venus: NOT SO FAST!! I, Sailor Venus, am the guardian of Love and Beauty. I will help ALL your love problems.
Alvin: OK...where's the one that I REALLY love? I wanna meet her. You don't even know who I love do you?
Simon: She might not, but we do!!
Alvin: Fellas??? GASP...S-Sailor Mars?!
Mars: In person. *winks* Would you take me to Bugs's party?
The two leave for Bugs's
Venus: And what about you. You seemed troubled. What's wrong?
UserPostedImage It's that Little Red Haired Girl I like. I tried to ask her out, but then chaos happened at the party, and I ended up dancing with Lauren Bacall, and she got mad and is now with Humphrey Bogart.
Venus: Bacall?? Bogart?? Kids these days with celebrities...don't worry, I know how to help you.
UserPostedImage You do?
Venus: Of course, I learned the trick to do so. Charlie Brown...we are going back to that party and win your love back.
UserPostedImage Sigh....alright, we'll do it. But how'd you know my name?
Venus: Because I Sailor Venus know EVERYTHING!!! Also it's in the script. Hehe....

Time for a commercial break: 
Back at the mansion, most of the rest of the toons (and their girlfriends) have arrived, and are about ready to dance. Freleng directs here.

Bogart: Here's how it works, rabbit. When I get tired, you come in and replace me. Baby wants rabbit, you know.

Mid-Late-40s Freleng [bugs2]: Yes sirree! Anything for Baby! If it's rabbit Baby wants, it's rabbit Baby gets!

Heather: Hey! Who's going to dance with me then!?

Mid-Late-40s Freleng [bugs2]: Yipe! I almost forgot!

Mid-Late-40s Freleng [bugs2] zips out, and runs all the way to the Lower East Side, arriving at the Dogfather's house.

Mid-Late-40s Freleng [bugs2]: *knocking, whereupon the door is opened a small crack* Have they arrived yet?

Dogfather: Oh yes! I'm glad to say that Pug and Louie are alive and well. They'll be out in a bit. *close the door*

The sound of ticking for a few seconds while this [bugs2] taps his foot...and then the door comes crashing down with Louie riding on Pug like he was a horse! Both are in their usual outfits.

Mid-Late-40s Freleng [bugs2]: Welcome back to the main cast, Pug and Louie!

Louie: It's good to be back after Pug and I got seriously killed on Halloween! You DID get rid of Charles, right?

Mid-Late-40s Freleng [bugs2]: Oh sure. Just took a bit of Hollywood lobbying, so to speak.

Louie: Well then, off we go, Pug!

With that, Louie-riding-on-Pug zips off!

Chuck Jones takes over.

The toons (and Bogart and Baby) have already started dancing. But the Little Red-Haired Girl sits under a black spotlight, weeping at her lack of a partner.

And that's when Louie-on-Pug barges in, skidding to a stop!

Heather (turning around and getting very happily surprised, whereupon her spotlight turns bright yellow): Louie!! You're alive!!

Louie (stepping down from Pug): Heather!!

The other toons, however, are unpleasantly surprised. They're all doing various Jones eye takes while shouting...

[daffy]: Louie!!?

[mickey] (voiced by Walt Disney): Louie!!?

[popeye] (Mel Blanc-voiced, as it's only one quick line): Louie!!?

[tom] (in his Chuck Jones design, with a Daws Butler voice): Louie!!?

[porky]: L-l-Louie!!?

UserPostedImage (who was dancing with UserPostedImage; again, voiced by Mel Blanc for this quick line): Louie!!?

Mid-Late-40s Freleng [bugs2] (who has just entered; and of course Freleng returns to directing here): Ah, who cares!? Some of you died during Halloween too, yet you're standing here! Now let's get back to dancing, shall we?

So all the toons start dancing again, with Heather and Louie now happily dancing!

Bogart (who is dabbing his forehead with a handkerchief in exhaustion): *sigh* Baby, here comes the rabbit you wanted!

Mid-Late-40s Freleng [bugs2] zips up to Lauren Bacall enthusiastically as Humphrey Bogart walks away, and together [bugs2] and Bacall dance away!
Justin Delbert
Louie: So, Heather....have you ever danced with a more handsome dog?
Heather: Does Snoopy count?
Louie: WHAT? That scrawny bag of bones? C'mon, Heather, admit it, ya know ya want me. We could get you anything you want.
Heather: Aren't you a little old for me?
Louie: That's ok, I always liked younger women. He he he....

Alvin: Well, here we are, as usual.
Mars: Not much of a place, but whose complaining.
Alvin: Shall we dance.
They both go off dancing

Louie: C'mon baby, how about a little kiss?
The Little Red Haired Girl smacks him upside the head.
Heather: SCREAMS
Louie: And just who might this chick interfering be? That's disrespectful you know.
Venus: I am the guardian who fights for love and beauty....Sailor Venus. And in the name of love and beauty, I say lay your hands off that Red Headed Girl. Charlie Brown worked hard to get her love, and all you do is take it from her. You're finished Bogart!
Louie: Bogart?
Heather: Charlie Brown?
Louie: Pal, I don't know who you are, or where you come from, but I'm not..
Louie: Ya ain't getting this beauty.
Louie: OWWWWWWWWW! My hands! don't know who you're messing with! I will refer you to Da Dogfather..
Venus: Venus Love Me Chain!
Louie: ACK! I'm caught in some dog chain, or love chain, or something..
Venus: Now Love Chain spin and Circle......
Louie spins around and around and around and gets dizzy.
Louie: I'm not...wait, what are you doing now.
POW! It hits him so hard he turns to Moon-dust, but since it's a cartoon, he reforms into his old self
Louie: AYYYYYYYYYYYYY! [runs away from the party]
Heather: Oh Charlie Brown, I didn't know you cared enough to hire...ehhh...this older girl?!
UserPostedImage But she's not my girlfriend.
Venus: crazy, he's just a young kid. I wouldn't fall for that Blockhead even if he were my age.
UserPostedImage Good grief!
Heather: Well, you're my blockhead. [kisses Charlie Brown on the cheek causing him to be in that happy stage of his]

Venus: Sigh...all in the days work for this goddess of...SCREAMS! [looks at the clock] Look at the time. REI! We have to get out of here if we don't wanna be late for our other fanfic we have to do.
Alvin: But what about me?
Mars: Yeah...this is more of an anime type fanfic, sorry.
Alvin: Knew it..stupid holiday..stupid Valentine's Day.
Venus: Wait, I Venus, goddess of love and beauty know a way to put him in the fanfic.
Mars: But how, we are in an anime type of fan fic, and this is some old warn out 1960's chipmunk.
Alvin: Warn out?!
Venus: We'll put a Pikachu costume on him and he can be in the background during your scenes.
Mars: Wow! Alvin in a Pikachu costume? Now that's more hilarious than Bun head. I'm game!
Alvin: Anything for Sailor Mars...even if it is humiliating.
While I'm at it, I should mention that [minnie] was voiced by June Foray in her one scene. Freleng directs this scene.

Bogart (walking back in): All right, rabbit, it's my turn.

Mid-Late-40s Freleng [bugs2] steps aside as Humphrey Bogart takes over dancing with Lauren Bacall.

Mid-Late-40s Freleng [bugs2] (pointing his thumb at Bacall): *wolf-whistle* Nice dancer.

But who should come in other than...

[bugs]: Oh, lover bunny!!

Mid-Late-40s Freleng [bugs2]: Yipe! *zip off*

[bugs] chases Mid-Late-40s Freleng [bugs2] throughout the ballroom, circling around all the dancers. Finally, [bugs2] runs into the ballroom's dressing room; when [bugs] opens the door, out comes Carmen Miranda! (In her "Slick Hare" design, of course.) And [bugs2], of course, is hiding within the fruit hat, chewing a carrot.

[bugs]: My, my, how handsome you look in all that fruit!! *whistling and howling*

I walk up on a stage in the ballroom.

Me: *holding up a triangle and dinging it, grabbing everybody's attention* Ladies and gentlemen, Carmen Miranda!

Applause as the Latin music from "Slick Hare" starts up and Miranda comes up on stage. She performs her neat little number from "Slick Hare", while [bugs2] on top wolf-whistles.

As Carmen Miranda walks off once her number ends, the music keeps on going, and [bugs2] goes onto the stage and does his wonderful samba dancing from "Slick Hare" (animated by Gerry Chiniquy), including rubbing on and chewing his carrot then taking out a guitar. UserPostedImage, still in his woman's outfit from "The Big Snooze", does the meat cleaver-sharpening, of course.

As the music ends, Mid-Late-40s Freleng [bugs2] dances off-stage to much applause and cheering. [bugs], in particular, throws a bouquet of roses in approval!

Outside the ball, the Japanese Beetle is still flying around with his arrows, singing the Dance of the Dolls from "Nutcracker Fantasy".

Japanese Beetle:
Riries in the night
Move in shadow
Knocking on the door
Carring Crara

But then he witnesses a completely whited-out Louie jerking around in various wacky poses (at times directly jerking from one pose to another with no in-betweens, and at times in-betweening on ones between poses) and stammering to "Ahí, viene la conga"! (A real showcase of Freleng's absolutely genius timing.)

Japanese Beetle: Why, courd it be...Rouie!! *zip off after* Hey, Rouie! It's me!

And Louie stops as if his strange posing wasn't anything out of the ordinary.

Louie (quite gloomy): Oh, good evening, Japanese Beetle.

Japanese Beetle: You rook down. What happened? Did Rittle Red-Haired Girr dump you?

Louie: Yup. And it was all because somebody wrote me out of character!

Japanese Beetle: Ah yes, bad downside to these threads. Anyways, do not worry! I am here with Cupid arrows. I wirr dear with situation as soon as you can say, "The Dogfather is back in the writer's room!" *zip off*

Louie: Wait, what!?

And just as soon, Heather zips right up to Louie! (With an arrow in her rear, of course.)

Heather: I'm very sorry about my behavior in the last post. I didn't realize that writer sabotage occurred! Now let's go back and dance...

Cut to UserPostedImage running after Heather.

UserPostedImage: Heather, wait! What's going...on?

Louie and Heather are waltzing back, past UserPostedImage!

UserPostedImage: AUUGGHH!!!! Not again!

Japanese Beetle: Ah, how I rove happy endings!

UserPostedImage, hearing this remark, turns around derangedly.

UserPostedImage (pointing at the Beetle, who back-flies away, only for UserPostedImage to keep following): You! You and your dumb Cupid arrows are responsible for this! Well, I've had just about enough of this!!

Swiping the Beetle's bow and an arrow, UserPostedImage shoots the arrow into...the Blue Racer rummaging through the trash!!

Blue Racer (turning around, heart-eyed): Beetle-dee-love!! *zip after*

Japanese Beetle: Oooohhh no! *zip off*

And so the Blue Racer chases the Japanese Beetle into the distance.

Blue Racer: Pullease don't resist my charms, you son of a beetle!


Chuck Jones directs from here.

Within [bugs2]'s mansion, but outside the ballroom, Brünnhilde [bugs2] is playing a balletic hard-to-get with Sunhatpuff to the Bacchanale from Wagner's Tannhäuser, much like in "What's Opera, Doc?"; this time, though, Sunhatpuff is in UserPostedImage's role. Brünnhilde [bugs2] and Sunhatpuff even do the same movements from "What's Opera, Doc?".

In this sequence of courtship, their love is by this time in an advanced state. Sunhatpuff feels a genuine affection for Brünnhilde [bugs2].

Finally, having entered the ballroom while all the toons are taking a break from dancing, Brünnhilde [bugs2] ballet-steps all the way up the stairs of a prop hill within the ballroom, settling at the gazebo at the top.

The music segues into the "Pilgrim's Chorus" theme from Tannhäuser (which is also heard during the Overture)...and together, Balletpuff and Brünnhilde [bugs2] serenade each other (lyrics by Michael Maltese) as a semi-translucent purple iris draws attention to them:

Sunhatpuff (at the bottom of the stairs):
Return my love
A longing burns deep inside me

Brünnhilde [bugs2]:
Return my love
I want you always beside me

Sunhatpuff (starting to climb up the stairs)
Love like ours must be

Brünnhilde [bugs2]:
Made for you and for me

*Sunhatpuff runs up the stairs*

Sunhatpuff and Brünnhilde [bugs2]:
Return...won't you return my love?

*Sunhatpuff holds Brünnhilde [bugs2] embracingly, cut to a pull-back shot of the gazebo and the hill*

Sunhatpuff and Brünnhilde [bugs2]:
For my love is yours!

Most of the toons have fallen asleep from this performance; you know how Jigglypuffs are! But UserPostedImage, UserPostedImage, and I are applauding.

And it is here, as Balletpuff and Brünnhilde [bugs2] are bowing, that Brünnhilde [bugs2]'s helmet (and the hair) falls off, tumbling down the stairs...the courtship has collapsed.

Grinning as Balletpuff gets angry, ex-Brünnhilde [bugs2] stretches Balletpuff's sun hat down such that it covers Sunhatpuff up and scampers off...

A timpani drum roll is heard as Balletpuff tries to pull the sunhat off, while ex-Brünnhilde [bugs2] runs for his life, leaving the outfit floating down on the stairs, and finally running out of the mansion (with a stylized shadow on the walls, and the camera at an odd diagonal angle)...and once it's off, the color scheme changes to nightmarish reds and dark blues while dramatic music plays!

Sunhatpuff: So he was just a rabbit in drag!!!!

Run-jumping down the stairs...

Sunhatpuff: He has betrayed my trust!!!

Me: Balletpuff, wait! Be sensible!

Too late, since he is starting to grow and grow to a giant size, eventually overtaking the roof!

A lot of the toons, having since woken up, are running away and screaming!

Mars: Well, uh, we'd love to stay, but...we have another story to go to! *she and Venus zip off*

Alvin: Wait! What about my Pikachu costume!? *turns around as Balletpuff's shadow covers him*

Sunhatpuff's foot comes down on Alvin! He's left crushed into the ground with a strange expression.

Alvin (getting up, now with Mel Blanc's weary voice from the end of "Operation: Rabbit" and "Feline Frame-Up"): Pardon me, but I find stop signs in New York more entertaining than animated sliced bread! *collapse*

UserPostedImage: Hmph. Serves you right for all your constant complaining, Alvin!

Balletpuff is now busy rampaging throughout Toontown in search of ex-Brünnhilde [bugs2].
This is probably one of the most bizarre posts in this thread. Tashlin directs, and things are no longer in IB Technicolor but in black-and-white...for this post.

[daffy]'s girlfriend from "Nasty Quacks": Somebody, help!! Where's my [daffy]?

But then a flash whizzes across the sky!

[mickey] (again, voiced by Walt Disney): Up there in the sky!

🦊: It's a dodo bird!

[dodo]: No, it's a crow!

[crow]: Looks more like a plane, if you ask me.

Cue the loud WB explosion as there's an explosion in the sky!

[mickey] 🦊 [dodo] [crow]: Super American!!

Yes, that's right! [daffy], standing muscular and proud in tights on the last (and highest, stretching all the way up to space!) skyscraper in Toontown, is now the way he was at the climax of "Scrap Happy Daffy".

Super American [daffy] looks down on the giant Sunhatpuff below him, with the puffball (in a close-up shot) doing a take at [daffy] diving down on him!

Tex Avery directs from here. Cut to a long shot of [daffy] flying down, which pulls back to reveal Snooper watching in his office on the tenth floor of one of the Gaudí-esque buildings near the Pinscreen Pavilion. He turns around rapidly to look at the camera with a twisted-up look, then (in a drybrushed whirl) rapidly sits himself on the ground chattering his teeth neurotically!

Back to Tashlin as Giga-Sunhatpuff turns around and ducks-and-covers himself in need, though, as "Super American" [daffy], upon his collision with the puffball, ends up stretching in and being bounced backwards!

Our hyper-patriotic hero lands in Toontown's Ford factory...which immediately dramatically explodes with a bunch of stars and releases fireworks into the sky as [daffy] drives out in a Ford SUV!

[daffy]: In honor of American automobile industrialist Henry Ford! Woo-hoo! Hoo-hoo!

This  stock music starts playing as Giga-Sunhatpuff, seeing [daffy] drive towards him, starts running towards the SUV to crush him! Cue alternating shots of the puffball running and "Super American" driving intently, each other shot more of a close-up than the one before it.

Ultimately, however, Sunhatpuff, in stepping on the Ford SUV, finds himself being driven on one tippy-toed foot, and in peril he struggles to regain balance! [daffy], meanwhile, woo-hoos victoriously, and flies out of the car as it (and Sunhatpuff with it) flies down a cliff!

Sunhatpuff starts to roll like a giant bowling ball once he makes contact with the bottom, coming closer to a forest...

Cut to a VERY long distance shot of all the trees being thrown into the air to the sound of bowling pins being struck...and once again, truck back (with Avery directing) to reveal Snooper watching the sight, this time from an angle, looking out the side of the window.

This time, Snoop turns around with VERY wide eyes followed by him doing an Avery jaw-drop! Then with his jaw up again and with a typical Avery scared look, he takes out a container of anti-hallucination pills, pours a whole bunch into his other hand, and stuffs as many as possible into his mouth madly, literally munching on them!

Blabber (entering): Gosh, Snoop, what's with all those pills? And why do you look like someone who escaped from the booby hatch?

Snooper (going crazy): I'm seeing inelaborated visions, Blab! The world's gone unsane! A duck superhero, trees uprooted from the ground! My detec-a-tive brain's avunculars don't comprehend!

Cut to the desolation of the forest (and back to Tashlin's direction), with [daffy] flying down and grabbing a whole tree. Flying back up, he flies faster than the rolling Giga-Sunhatpuff...finally, when he is far ahead, he comes down, positioned like a batter with the tree as his bat.

And with perfect timing, as Sunhatpuff is just about to run him over, "Super-American" invokes America's favorite pastime by batting him with the tree so hard that Sunhatpuff is sent flying!
(The aforementioned stock music starts to end here.)

[daffy]: Hoooooome ruuuuuun!!!

But he does a take when he realizes that Sunhatpuff is going to land back in the center of Toontown, and blasts off towards Toontown proper!

Back to Snoop and Blab (and Avery's direction)...

Blabber: Please, calm down, Snoop! You just need a break from detec-a-ting, is all. *looking out the window* See? There's *Giga-Sunhatpuff flies through the sky* nothing wrong with the—

Immediately Blab does this  giant take!!

Blabber (clearly having lost his mind): Well,lookonthebrightside,Snoop!Therearen'tpinkelephantsparadinginthestreets!

...but then the opening of "Pink Elephants on Parade" starts playing! The deranged pair of cat-and-mouse detec-a-tives looks down, and sees that the annual Pink Elephant Valentine's Day Parade is taking place! (Though again, since things are black-and-white in this post, the elephants aren't really pink.)

Snooper and Blabber look at each other with their mad faces, and then...

Snooper (grabbing Blab violently): Leave us face it, Blab! We're pink elephants!

Out the window they jump, and once they land they come out of their craters blowing and tooting and whooping their voices off wildly while marching along with the pink elephants and pretending that they're playing instruments in a marching band!

Tashlin's direction returns. Fade to "Super American" arriving back at [bugs2]'s now-dilapidated mansion and, to the fast part of "Powerhouse", making an apple pie manually as quickly as possible. (Alternate between shots of Sunhatpuff falling and [daffy] making the pie.) Finally, he takes out the pie and pours a bunch of Jumbo-Gro plant formula on it, causing it to grow vastly in size to where it overtakes the mansion!

[daffy] (holding up the pie): I know of no other gag pastry more American than apple pie!

And then and there, Giga-Sunhatpuff lands face first in the equally giant apple pie!

[daffy] (who has put the pie pan down): So, had enough yet?

Evidently not because Giga-Sunhatpuff grabs "Super American" tightly to the point of strangling!

Avery directs now as Sunhatpuff proceeds to twist [daffy], hold him in one hand and beat his head with his other, clenched hand, throw him on the the ground and jump on him over and over, and squish him utterly with his foot, even moving said foot somewhat side-to-side (while still keeping it on the ground) in order to REALLY squish. (All with wacky sound editing, of course.) It's during the squishing that [daffy] finally raises up and waves a white flag in surrender (to the same music during a similar scene in "Feline Frame-Up"), whereupon Sunhatpuff finally lifts the foot, revealing a badly mangled up (and non-muscular) [daffy].

[daffy]'s "Nasty Quacks" girlfriend (coming over; Tashlin directing again): Oh, [daffy]! Are you all right? *trying to comfort him*

[daffy]: No, my dear. Patriotism...has failed me miserably.

[color=red]The grand finale will be sometime before 9:00 P.M. IAD time tomorrow; stay tuned!
The scene's now split in half between pink Eastmancolor and 3-strip IB Technicolor. Chuck Jones at MGM directs the red scene, a younger WB Chuck Jones directs the Technicolor scene

[bugs] I forgot to give [bugs2] a Valentine's card. Rainbow or Reddish Pink. oh I can't decide

[lepew] Get the color of the rainbow, how iz it?

[tom] (in Chuck Jones design), get this faded card for half price

[lepew] You can bid me with those ebay gift cards
[tom] (Still in his Jones design) You love pink, don't you?

Now it's cut in thirds with Fuji
[barney] bout get me. I've got some color left *rimshot*

The three then argue to [bugs]


And now a final word from our sponsors: 
Back to the story (and complete IB Technicolor), it is now early morning on the 15th...

Sunhatpuff, by now fed up with all the distractions, takes out the marzipan pigs he had been saving under his hat for several posts...they have remained the same size even as Sunhatpuff has blown up. Yet when the puffball gobbles them up, he suddenly gains the power to control the natural forces in Toontown!!

Sunhatpuff: Jigg..... lyyyyy.... puuuuuuuuuuuufff!!!!!!

Earthquakes start to shatter Toontown even more and swallow up many toons underground!

Regarding the latter, in particular, [bugs] is clinging onto 40s [bugs2] (the one in the last post by ParamountCartoons; no longer is he specifically a Mid-Late-40s Freleng [bugs2]) as they both fall into a pit of lava.

[bugs]: Viva la amour! We die together.

40s [bugs2]: Oh brother!

They (along with various other toons) continue their descent into a magma-filled death.

Back on top, a dip hurricane drowns and kills even more toons and clears out the rubble! (Yes, this is mass toon murder in the making, worse than the Great Pumpkin during Halloween.) Lightning deals with most of the survivors, and finally smog settles and suffocates the remaining toons. (Including the Sailor Scouts. Sorry, Delbert!)

Yet something does not feel right. And right then Sunhatpuff, having cleared out and utterly destroyed Toontown (and all its inhabitants), finds out why as he looks to the mountains and cliffs in the distance that separate what was once Toontown from Videoville; ex-Brünnhilde [bugs2] is still alive, and is fast escaping into the mountains!!

Sunhatpuff: Strike, lightning! Strike the rabbit who so maliciously deceived me!


But then, as Sunhatpuff lets out an evil smile in delight, he hears a buzzing sound...the odd Swiss Army Knife-style contraption from several posts back is coming his way!

He does a take (with the music accenting it) and starts running, but the contraption is faster...cue a close-up on the contraption's scissors snipping right into one of Sunhatpuff's feet, accented by a loud cymbal crash in the music, causing a giant FLASH!

Then cut to Sunhatpuff his pain, as expressed by his face!

Sunhatpuff: Jigga-boooooooo!!!!!!

...and cross-fade between various frames of Sunhatpuff, each successive frame showing Sunhatpuff getting smaller and smaller until, finally, he is back to regular size and, landing on the ground, rolls like a bowling ball into the opening of the mountain into which [bugs2] had escaped.

Meanwhile, the contraption, seemingly having done its job, falls apart completely.

Having rolled into the mountain cavern into which [bugs2] escapes, Sunhatpuff finally settles on the top of a precipice; note that the angry color scheme has disappeared. Looking down from the precipice, his rage gone, this is what he sees:




The natural world itself weeps at [bugs2]'s death.

Sunhatpuff: 🎵What have I done?🎵 *stepping down* 🎵I've killed the rabbit!🎵 *walking up to the "corpse"* 🎵Poor little bunny!🎵 *picking up the corpse* 🎵Poor little rabbit...🎵 *starting to sob*

Sobbing, Sunhatpuff carries off the body of [bugs2], the one he loved, the one he danced with throughout this thread, the one who appreciated his ballet talents, the one who sang a song of love with him. Having lost his anger at the rabbit's deception, and now but a mere sunhat-wearing Jigglypuff, he feels remorse for his murderous actions.

In a truly majestic shot, with a dramatic rearrangement of "Return My Love" playing, we see Sunhatpuff carrying [bugs2] off to Princess Peach's castle, on the other side of the mountains—it was here, after all, that their love developed. As the music starts to end dramatically, [bugs2] escapes from his role and pretty much ruins the whole ending by revealing that he's alive after all:

[bugs2]: Well what did you expect in an opera? A happy ending?

Iris-out while the music finishes playing over this:


Fade out.

Announcer (voiced by Mel Blanc): Stay tuned for one of Toadette's Animated Musings, which should be up by midnight.
Very sorry for the delay! It's finally time for this thread's only Animated Musing.

Fade in on me sitting comfortably in front of the fireplace inside the screening room of Princess Peach's castle.

Me: Tonight, before this thread closes, I want to tell you about Bill Benzon, an intellectual who has written on a broad variety of subjects. And this includes animation; he has talked with Michael Barrier about Fantasia twice, and you can find those exchanges in the Essays section of Mr. Barrier's site. He also has a blog, called New Savanna.

I first found out about the latter through Michael Sporn's Splog, specifically this  post. Mr. Benzon has two posts about "What's Opera, Doc?", in fact; the first one is here , and the second one is here . Looking on the side of either of these two posts, you can see he also has a piece on Duck Dodgers, and if you scroll down you'll notice that a piece on Dumbo's "Pink Elephants" sequence  is the second-most popular post on the blog! (There's also at least two pieces about [coyote] and [road].)

As you can see from the examples above, he tends to analyze these cartoons from a very esoteric perspective. Casual fans might be turned off. For those who take the best animation seriously as works of art with something to say or make you think, though, his perspective is indeed very interesting, if not rewarding.

Anyways, let me close this thread with a few pretentious reflections:
-In this thread, I believe I managed to outdo last year's Thanksgiving thread, another party thread in which I was heavily involved, in terms of trying to stick to the Golden Age cartoons. The best Golden Age cartoons, especially the best Warner Bros. cartoons, are gems of cinematic brilliance that offer a variety of inspiration (paraphrasing Thad Komorowski here); they should be taken seriously rather than peed all over.
-With this in mind, one disadvantage of these party threads is that it is very easy to screw around with beloved characters with no respect towards the original, far superior cartoons. I myself have been trying to keep the honor of the original creators in mind; if there are any lapses on my part into the irreverent excess that swallowed up so many of the party threads on the GAC forums, then they result from my ignorance.
-I think it would be best if there were no more party threads until October. My real-life supervisor does not have much time on his hands now, and I myself would like to use the time to think up ideas. I think everyone could use the break. Plus, because of the last post, Toontown has pretty much died out completely, with Balletpuff and [bugs2] being the only survivors—they're now the main court ballet dancers here.
-Let us remember why we celebrate Valentine's Day: from what I can gather, St. Valentine was a martyr who was known for secretly marrying Christian couples during the time of Roman persecution. He actually tried converting the Emperor Claudius II to Christianity when he was brought before him, and ended up with execution because of it. It is said that he healed the blind daughter of his pre-execution jailer, and he left her one last note that concluded, "from your Valentine".

I hope you folks have had a Happy Valentine's Day! Good night! UserPostedImage

Cue the audio of Sunhatpuff and [bugs2] singing "Return My Love" while the following additional credits appear in bold Futura font over the Sweetheart-filled background used for the opening credits:


Additional Writers:
Billy C. (Mister Bighead)
Justin Delbert
Luke Brooks (ParamountCartoons)

Additional Voices:
Rachael Lillis as Sunhatpuff/Balletpuff
Walt Disney as Mickey Mouse
Dave Barry as Humphrey Bogart
Peter Robbins as Charlie Brown
Pamelyn Ferdin as Lucy
Christopher Shea as Linus
Ross Bagdasarian as the Sevilles
Dallas McKennon as Gumby and Pokey

"Return My Love" Lyrics by:
Michael Maltese

Sung by:
Mel Blanc and Rachael Lillis

Special Thanks:
Billy C.
Luke Brooks
Justin Delbert
Patrick Malone
Bill Benzon
Various animation historians
All the wonderful folks who made the Golden Age cartoons

Additional smilies from Mazeguy

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Justin Delbert
P.S. I'm not worried about the Sailor Scouts as they already left the story before any of this happened. I had written for a fan page (though I'll be too late to post it this year) a fan fic with those characters.
While we're at it, I would like to point out that the post in which Bluto kidnapped all the girls was inspired by this . Needless to say, I felt like adding in the other female toons as well; throw in some cynicism, the annoying Red, Sunhatpuff, two different [bugs2]es, and nostalgia for New York in the 20th century (inspired by "A Hare Grows in Manhattan"), and you end up with what I posted.