Yesterday at the Annecy festival, Disney premiered their newest theatrical short, titled Once Upon a Studio, which will be released in front of Wish this holiday season. It's a special "top secret" project that celebrates and pays tribute to the past 100 years of Disney Animation.

Here's what we know about it so far:

  • In a scenario comparable to Night at the Museum, the film involves Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters coming to life from the walls of Walt Disney Animation Studios after-hours, climaxing in a photo shoot.
  • The film will combine hand-drawn animation, CG animation and live-action, and will feature appearances by more than 400 characters from the past century.
  • It will feature a cameo appearance by Bunny Mattinson, who sadly died earlier this year.
  • Over forty actors will return to voice their respective characters. Archival recordings will also be used, with the Genie being "voiced" by the late Robin Williams via previously unreleased audio.
  • The film is directed by Trent Correy and Dan Abraham, who had collaborated earlier on the Frozen short Once Upon a Snowman. Eric Goldberg supervised the 2D animation (similar to his role in Get a Horse!), while Andrew Feliciano (Raya and the Last Dragon) supervises the CG animation.
The trailer dropped today!

It's premiering October 15th on ABC, and streams on Disney+ the next day.
S. C. MacPeter
Pooh's Adventures of the 100th Disney Anniversary
Nice so far. Would like to see the studio do another project blending traditional and CG characters like a feature (would be a good way to dip their toes back to more traditional animation films).
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