S. C. MacPeter
Thunderbean is now two sets in progress; The Other Betty Boops, Volume 1  & Volume 2 . Volume 1 is aimed to be released later this year, and currently has 18 scanned, though 20 is the goal. Volume 2 will contain at least 18 more Betty cartoons as well. Steve posted the contents to volume 1 on the blurayforums.  They are:


Betty Boop’s Ker-Choo
Betty Boop’s Crazy Inventions
Is My Plan Red?
Betty in Blunderland
No! No! 1000 Times No!
Betty Boop and Grampy
Henry, The Funniest Living American
Betty Boop and the Little King
Betty Boop and Little Jimmy
Happy You and Merry Me
Grampy’s Indoor Outing
Be Human
House Cleaning Blues
Pudgy Picks a Fight!
Ding Dong Doggie
Honest Love and True
Rhythm on the Reservation
Musical Mountineers

Steve also says:

I've been hoping to have 20 but have 18 right now- from 16mm and 35mm prints.

One of the films is especially rare (you diehards will know..), so we're finally getting it out before anyone else bootlegs it from our scan (Someone managed to get it off our partner's server)

S. C. MacPeter
This week's Thunderbean Thursday, which discusses Volume 1, shows about 2/3rds of Honest Love and True, and the first 50 seconds of Buzzy Boop at the Concert! Great read!
S. C. MacPeter
I got the set yesterday and went through most of it today, perhaps not much of it are highlights (though many are highlights of Betty during the Code), this collection has lots of charm. HONEST LOVE AND TRUE is really good, and the ones sourced from 35mm looked beautiful, and seemed to of had clean up done! Original titles are on some, and some don't. Overall, get Other Betty Boops for the once lost HONEST LOVE AND TRUE, and use this collection to give the post Code Bettys a chance if you haven't already