I just updated the MB software to the latest version. Things might look a little goofy visually, but the mechanics should be good. Let me know if you experience any technical (not visual) problems.
Why aren't all of the avatars showing up?
I've noticed a serious bug in the forum's parsing of URLs in post text since the update. Illustration:  - Example text.

Example text -  - Example text -  - Example text.

The first line, which has URLs without any tags, should render like the second line, where the URLs were manually surrounded with [url]...[/url] tags. All of the text preceding the last "bare" URL in a line is truncated. This affects any number of past posts wherein such bare URLs were supplied as links. The missing text still exists, as can be seen via the "Reply with Quote" link on an affected post, but is no longer displayed by the forum software.

Aside from this, and not so serious, I've noticed the page titles on the forum now end with "About" instead of "Forum"/"Forums" as they should. Also, the icons for the "TTTP In Exile" and Thunderbean forums are now broken, though I'm not sure why they still aren't using the standard icons like the others anyway.
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