I'm not sure whether or not this is useful to the forum, but considering the other cartoon package lists here I think I'll bite. This is the official list of cartoons from primary sources, with some of my own research sprinkled in.

Mutt & Jeff
-Accidents Won't Happen
-Dog Missing
-Egyptian Daze
-The Invisible Revenge
-Mixing in Mexico
-Oceans of Trouble
-Soda Jerks
-They Shall Not Pass
-When Hell Froze Over
-Where Am I?
-The Adventures of Mutt & Jeff and Bugoff
(aka The Weird Adventures of Mutt & Jeff and Bugoff)

The Little King
-Art for Art's Sake

Gramps & Scrappy
-Double Performance (aka Grampus and Scrappy)
-The Under Dog
-Spring Cleaning
-The Dancing Bear

Farmer Grey
-Tuning In

Cartoon Classics
-The Steadfast Tin Soldier
-The Villain Pursues Her
-Toy Shop
-Ain't Nature Grand
-Barnyard Frolic
-Batter Up
-Big City
-Bosco's Woodland Daze
(aka Bosko's Woodland Daze)
-Chinese Lanterns
-Country Boy Rabbit
-Jack Frost
-Love Bugs
-Magazine Rack
-Music and Charm
-Off to the Races
-On Duty
-Puss 'n Boots

Felix the Cat
-Mr. Do-All
-Sunken Treasure
-The Inventor
-Misses His Swiss

Not Listed
-Mickey's Follies
-The Mail Pilot

The package was advertised as having 42 cartoons, but at some point two cartoons were dropped. Notably, they are both Mickey Mouse-related. Mickey's Follies and The Mail Pilot saw Super 8 releases in Europe. The Felix short Scoots Through Scotland is often listed as being a part of this package, but I have found no evidence that such a redraw actually exists.