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Steve's hoping  he'll be able to get a "Christmas Fleischer cartoon" in 35mm IB Technicolor transferred for inclusion on this one.

The previous "Secret Christmas" and "Cartoony Christmas" special Blu-rays are also available again for a limited time on the Thunderbean shop. "Yuletide Flickers" is also supposed to become available again, although it hasn't yet been posted. 

Steve Stanchfield wrote:

More blu-ray burners arrived today to add to the towers; I'm super happy to have a tower with increased capacity. I'm hoping we can get at least 6 of the sets all dubbed this week finally- and sent. We're trying for seven!

I just got together all the films for this year's Christmas special- and hoping for one more thing in 35mm to get scanned elsewhere for the set if it's possible to get it done there.

It's called "Ghosts of Christmas Toons”. This special BDR set features vintage, rare cartoons not available otherwise on Blu-ray, and will be finished and sent near the beginning of December. If we’re lucky, we’ll be able to add an additional few films to the set as well! It's available for one week (until next Saturday).

The set is $15.95 plus $3 postage. Details and ordering at the Thunderbean shop.

Thanks to all of you for supporting these sets! 

I ordered this and finally received it this week. Not exactly in time for "the season", but oh well.

The (British) print and HD transfer of "Christmas Comes But Once A Year" is gorgeous, and if that weren't enough Fleischer there is a similarly good looking copy of "Time For Love".

Really what this makes me wish for is that Steve or somebody could do a really good HD release of all the Color Classics. Jerry Beck's old "Somewhere In Dreamland" DVD is better than nothing, but the prints are all dark, dingy, grainy or washed out. I guess the ideal scenario would have been Olive doing something with the original elements the way they did with surviving early Betty Boop's (and especially "Poor Cinderella") but that didn't happen. But there are moments on this Thunderbean blu-ray where these two examples are simply stunning and one longs for more.

There's also a decent but slightly washed out HD transfer of Popeye's "Let's Celebrake". Overall a great little disc.