Opinions on 50's Lantz Cartoons ? - Forum.
For me personally, I think there's a noticeable decline as the years go on. There's some pretty strong Woody efforts early on. I really enjoy "The Woody Woodpecker Polka." The Designs do get simpler overtime, but pair with the art styles alright.
PopKorn Kat
I think there's unanimous agreement that by the mid-1950s, there's a noticeable decline in quality. The early 1950s weren't as anarchic as the 1940s shorts that preceded them due to staff changes, but most of the cartoons are still solid. Some of my favorite Lantz cartoons are from the 1950s - "Convict Concerto", "Termites from Mars", "Crazy Mixed-Up Pup", the early Chilly Willy cartoons...

Paul J. Smith is by far the weakest director of this decade, but I'm willing to defend some of his earlier efforts, like "Arts and Flowers" and "Niagara Fools". His later works tend not to stand out in any way, and fall flat as a result.
I can agree with what you're saying. Paul J. Smith directed a majority of the Woody cartoons starting in 1955, and I can say they do start to feel a bit samey at times, especially the later ones in the decade. As far as non Woody cartoons go the Tex Avery efforts are definitely some of my favorites, and the strongest of the decade. The early Chilly Willy's are pretty good too.
I enjoy binge-watching every Woody short 1951-1955 just like when they aired on TV. I have so many good memories of them. "Hot Noon" and "Alley To Bali" are the most nostalgic to me, watching them is like time-travelling. Besides these, my favorites are also all the ones where Woody doesn't talk, "Bunco Busters", "Convict Concerto", "Niagara Fools", "Hypnotick Hick", all 4 Avery shorts, "Maw and Paw" and "A Horse's Tale". Post-1955, only "Niagara" truly stands out for me, the others are very popular in my country but I don't enjoy them as much.
I always come to TTTP in Exile in the hope of finding news about Warner announcing Tex Avery Collection.