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The IAD is in financial trouble.

I've always said that I'd keep the site going as long as people were interested and it paid for itself. The interest still seems to be there, but sadly, our sources of revenue have begun to dry up. It doesn't take a ton of money to keep the site going, but we do have to pay for the website hosting fees. And with the enormous amount of graphic material we offer, we have to use an external Amazon server to host all of the screenshots and such.

So, I'm appealing to our readers for help. It doesn't take much. If we can get 30 people to subscribe at the rate of one dollar a week, that will cover pretty much all of the costs of keeping this site alive. If you can do more, great! If you feel that you can only do a one time donation ... really, anything is welcome at this point.

If this site and all the work we have done and continue to do mean anything to you at all, please give some thought to helping us out.

Donate or subscribe here. 

Thank you!
PopKorn Kat
I'll try to do what I can to help. The subscription fees are a pittance, but people should be able to afford that.

There are a couple of typos: "And if that happens to much, it threatens the lifeblood of the site." and "Screenshots without the annoying logo which might beging to appear."
I just became a subscriber, so how many more do we need?
Originally Posted by: kintutoons32 

I just became a subscriber, so how many more do we need?

We only have two subscribers so far.
I'm now subscribed. I should ask, though: where are the ads? Tried removing my cookies for this site and Google (and thus was logged out), and had my ad blocker disabled for this site, but there's no sign of them, visually or among the URLs loaded by the browser. If I remember correctly, the ads were working back when the site was still using the previous design.
PopKorn Kat
I remember eutychus saying that researchers would not see ads on the site when logged in, regardless of their subscriber status.