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Given that there's multiple threads pertaining to HBO Max's animated escapades on this forum, I thought it would be a nice idea to create a general, all-purpose thread for the streaming service. The existing threads are, for those unaware:

Use this thread to discuss anything HBO Max-related that doesn't fall under either of those two categories, or create a new topic if you want to discuss, say, the new Not-Too-Late Show with Elmo.

I finally signed up for this service yesterday, and have started watching today. The initial lineup is solid, with WarnerMedia pulling out their well-recognized shows and movies (The Wizard of Oz, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, etc.). This is a great opportunity for WarnerMedia to plunge the depths of its back catalog for stuff it's neglected in the past, be it Warner Archive treasures or Cartoon Cartoons (hint hint, Cow & Chicken and I Am Weasel exist...)

(Oh yeah, and some little-known show called Friends is on there. Never heard of it. :P)

The one thing I'm hoping HBO Max doesn't skimp out on is the Turner library. Trust me, I love physical media as much as the next person, but those discs get expensive fast! Plus, it's a nice way for me to "sample" a feature before deciding if I like it enough to buy it on Blu-Ray.

The unanimous complaint I've heard about this service: it's about as expensive as HBO itself ($15 a month). For one, most of us probably already have Netflix and may be unable to justify paying for another streaming service. Apparently you are able to get the service for free if you are subscribed to a participating cable provider like Xfinity.

Those are my thoughts. What does everyone think?
I'm still surprise that indeed had a large amount of old Sesame episodes (although some are edited and the non-Friday episodes have the credits from the week that it aired tacked on).

Looking at some of the episodes on there, I sort of wonder if Joe from Tough Pigs (who happens to work at Sesame Workshop) helped picked out the episodes.