What if the Daffy and Speedy era (1965-1968) became a meme? - Forum.
I'm thinking about it happening in a similar vein to another particular show-reviving meme, the "We Are Number One but every "one" does X..." thing. A song from the second-last episode of LazyTown that aired 2 years ago becomes a sudden meme, and months into the meme it retrieves interest into the show and people make similar memes with other LazyTown songs.
There continues to be a wide debate of which W7-era Daffy/Speedy short is the worst (SGTT, SYLG and SC are the big suspects). I'd say it's Skyscraper Caper cause blandness (legend says the wholesome "best buddy" focus hints this could've been the last in production order ("Let's try something different for a change...") cause short project release dates always refer to the earliest known shipment/showing of the short). However, in my mind I'd picture it as people making YouTube Poops of the "Daffy/Speedy pairing era" shorts, with Skyscraper Caper kicking it off (there was one joke on the GAC forum about Disney buying Daffy and Speedy and ending up focusing on this very particular short).

The Cowboy BeBop At His Computer trope will be completely averted, results in "so bad, it's good" status and likely lulls WB into releasing as 99% unremastered set of these shorts (the reminaing 1% is, you know...)