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Release Date: Dec. 23, 1944
Direction: Bill Hanna, Joe Barbera
Story: no story credit, but Joe Barbera possibly with an assist from a gag writer
Animation: Ken Muse, Ray Patterson, Irv Spence, Pete Burness
Music: Scott Bradley
Songs Used: "All God's Chillun Got Rhythm" by Bronislav Kaper and "Lord and Lady Gate" by Don Raye and Gene DePaul
Film Editor: Fred MacAlpin
Voices: ? ("Don't you believe it!"), Sara Berner? (mechanical girl mouse)
Interesting Tidbit You Probably Already Know But Posting Anyway: The audio clip of Tom's "Don't you believe it!" line was later reused in The Missing Mouse (released in 1953).

Won't really say much here, except that this is one of this poster's favorite T&J cartoons, Scott Bradley's score is impeccable and catchy and to enjoy the cartoon and discuss among yourselves about it.
"With all respect to the great mousetrap."- Popeye, "The Spinach Overture" (1935)

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