Mark The Shark
I stumbled on this at Half Price Books.

Single DVD, says regions 1 and 4 on the back.

Tweety, Sylvester and the Tasmanian Devil are pictured on the front cover.

"La Colleccion de los Looney Tunes"
"Todas las Estrellas volumen 2"

In smaller print it says "Looney Tunes Collection All Stars 2." At the bottom it says: "Estelarizando: El Pato Lucas, Speedy Gonzalez y Sam Bigotes!"

Fourteen cartoon titles are listed on the back.

I am not multilingual. Can someone help me out here as far as what this is?

Paseo del Canario
Casa para Dos
Gato Congelado
Bugs y los Rufianes
Comida Enlatada
Tuzos Carpinteras
Speedy Gonzalez
Senales de Auxilio de Piolin
El Gallo Claudio con Quique Gavilan
Daffy Duck Hunt
Prohibido Apostar
Un Pollito Precoz
El Demonio y la Liebre

Well, I can identify at least two of them! I just want to know, if I have all the Golden Collections and all the Super Stars, is there anything on this that I don't have?

I don't know if there is an English language option.

It's twenty bucks.
You definitely have all of these cartoons already. In most countries outside the United States, the 4-disc Golden Collection sets were split up into single disc releases; some focusing on specific characters and others having a mix of stars. What you've found here is the Mexican edition of one of the "All Stars" discs . It was titled "Looney Tunes - All Stars Volume 2 " in English. I believe it corresponds with one of the discs on the Golden Collection Volume 2 set.
Mark The Shark
That's the one! Thank you.