Release Date: Sept. 29, 1939
Direction: Dave Fleischer (credited), Dave Tendlar (actual)
Story: Jack Ward, Bill Turner (uncredited)
Animation: Eli Brucker, Irv Spector, Bill Sturm, John Walworth, Bob Bentley, Tom Golden, Nelson Demorest, Bob Bemiller, Edith Vernick, Dave Tendlar (uncredited)
Music: uncredited, likely Sammy Timberg
Film Editor: ?
Voices: unknown, although I suspect Jack Mercer has at least one voice here

Most of the entries in Max Fleischer's Disney-wannabe (blame Adolph Zukor!) Color Classics series are admittedly lackluster and obviously derivative of Disney's shorts at the time (I'm looking at you, Somewhere in Dreamland!), but every once in a while you'll find a cartoon with gags or a plot that just screams "Fleischer Studios", and this month's entry is once such 'toon, with anthropomorphic produce, a mysterious kidnapper (I won't reveal who it is for those who haven't seen it), innocent foodstuffs being tortured, and a wonderful score that almost reminds this poster at times of Gounod's "Funeral March of a Marionette". Also, dig that weird sound effect used for the "shadow menace"! I won't say much else here, other than that it's a wonderful, fun cartoon, definitely one of the more memorable entries in the Color Classics catalog.
"With all respect to the great mousetrap."- Popeye, "The Spinach Overture" (1935)