Poll Question: What do you think is the most iconic/famous Road Runner gag?

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5 years ago
Alright, let's get the taste of that Felix the Cat fiasco out of our mouths, shall we?

Just wanted to introduce myself - I'm a longtime lurker and fan of this site and a former member of the GAC forums way, waaaaay back in the day. I haven't posted or done anything in over four years, but I decided to create a new account a few days ago.

Anyways, I just thought I'd say hi and post (what I think is) a nice, light, fun poll for everyone:

Out of all the gags Chuck Jones and Mike Maltese came up with for the Road Runner cartoons, some are more memorable than others. Which would you say is the most iconic or well-known gag?

If you pick "Other," be sure and say which gag and cartoon you're picking!

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