Steve posted this in the bluray.com forum. I thought people here might be interested also.[tweety]

This next week, a bunch of the 'special' sets are finally getting out to everyone, so if you ordered some of these, watch your mailbox. We've purchased another duplicator and are working stridently on the catch up right now, and the extra help is very needed here to do so. The Snappy Video Party disc in among these; it's a debate whether to make that set available on Amazon.

In the meantime, here's a new pre-order-- the last of the year!

The Complete Adventures of Van Beuren's Tom and Jerry is now available for pre-order.

This 2-disc Blu-ray set includes all 27 Van Beuren Tom and Jerry shorts, in all new digital transfers. The set has been in progress for some time and coming together very nicely. The 'special offer' includes a bonus disc of other rare Van Beuren cartoons The preorder is limited to 130 copies. The Pre-order ends November 10.

The set is $17.95 plus $3 shipping in the US, $8 to Canada, $12 to other countries. Paypal, as usual, is steves@thunderbeananimation.com. Please be sure to list 'Tom and Jerry' in the paypal notes. Details and stills to follow here soon. Thanks to all that have supported this little company and it's mission with orders as well as patience. The sets are coming along beautifully thanks to you folks.
Thanks for posting this! I've sent in my order.
Does this mean Steve has stopped making announcements on this forum? I thought this was his main habitat for pre-orders and special discs.