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Today, Will Vinton’s family reported on Facebook that the founder of the stop-motion animation studio Will Vinton Studios (now known as Lakia) has passed away at the age of 70.

The studio was notable for their work on the California Raisins and Domino’s Pizza commercials (the latter starring “The Noid”), and the 1985 feature film The Adventures of Mark Twain.

Official statement here: https://www.facebook.com/will.vinton/photos/this-morning-our-father-will-vinton-passed-away-surrounded-by-love-from-his-fami/2219205884981762/ 

some of his films were part of my childhood. Claymation Christmas (1987), Martin the Cobbler (1977) and a children's documentary of dinosaurs from golden books.


Jonathan Wilson
I'll never forget Wilshire Pig, one of my favorite asshole characters made by him (A Claymation® Easter is pretty much the most enjoyable Easter special to me).

And my parents and I adored The P.Js on FOX and [adult swim].

Goodnight, a true legend.
That sad news was a big shock to me as I've been getting interested in his work again in recent years. Like a lot of animators, his studio did animated segments for "Sesame Street" in the '90's using both Claymation and CGI. The most memorable were the animated songs with Cecile, an orange ball with lips which debut in season 22 (1990-91).
May he rest in peace.
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May he rest in peace.

RIP, From this clay horse..