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Steve Stanchfield
The Thunderbean sets are moving ahead quite well, and we're scanning more stuff on Tuesday for some of the other 'special' sets. We're told that the situation there is still workable, but it's still hard to say for how much longer we can do these scans there. When that stops, there will be no possibilities for these kind of releases, but we'll continue the 'official' sets.

And now, a 'special' set: 1967 Animated Feature in IB
One of the things I've wanted to do for a while is a 1967 animated feature, perhaps one of the best of the later animated feature films. It will be scanned from an original theatrical 1967 35mm IB Technicolor print in the full aspect ratio of the film print (this film was shot wider to accommodate various aspect ratios). This scan will include the entire frame with no digital erasing of the animator's lines, and with the film grain completely intact. It's a lovely print in really outstanding condition, and a rare (only?) opportunity to have the film in HD as originally filmed for your collection. The film was only released once in IB Technicolor.

This special blu-ray (BDR) offer is limited to 100 copies, and available for one week only. It's $15.95 plus $3 postage.

Paypal, as usual, is Be sure to include your address and specify '1967 Animated Feature' in the paypal notes. Thanks all for supporting these 'special' releases.
Payment sent!
I knew I couldn't resist this. Payment sent!
Unfortunately it seems I missed it.
Or didn't I?
Can I still send payment for this?
The Valeyard
Originally Posted by: SuperMuppet64 

but how accessible would the free release be. with all the private trackers out there (which i assume youll be releasing it on) it can be hard to get into just one

Well those aren't my projects, I will try to make my projects as accessible as possible when releases are ready. I apologise if I came off a little too negative yesterday so I've removed the post, I'm sure Steve will do a fine release. I'll make a release ready from my scan in due time (I'll aim for the first half of next year). Although I already know I'll have to do multiple aspect ratio formats (even though I'd prefer to only do the one correct version) to please everyone.

Everyone grew up seeing the 1.33:1 version of this film, but the theatrical ratio is 1.75:1 and yes it means in many scenes that the animation looks crowded. That's just the way this film is. Lady and the Tramp has some questionable framing as well due to being the first at 2.55:1 (not ideal for animation). I'm not going to plan to put out a version showing the animator's lines as having seen them so many times on different films I think the animation looks a lot better when you can't see that (plus there's lots of other distracting garbage at the top/bottom edges), so I'll likely just prepare 1.75:1 and 1.33:1 versions.
its nice that you will try to make your stuff as accessible as possible
personally i like the "distracting garbage" because i find that stuff interesting for some reason
either way i was worried about this "clashing" of sorts between two different ib tech scans of the same flick
Pokey J.Anti-Blockhead
(undone post just now by me?)
Hey, anyone please mention the title, unless (considering the yea,r 1967) "Jungle Book" is the title? Can;'t think fo any other Technicolor 1967, or ANY 1967,animated feature..dumb question I just mentioned, yeah I know. Than you in advance!
I kinda had been hoping it was Asterix the Gaul (subtitled) , but that was Eastmancolor.
I have got to check this forum more often!