Steve Stanchfield
It's nice to be catching up on everything here, finally. Flip is really moving forward fast now, and I've stepped out of cleaning to start working on bonus stuff for the set.

I've got a scan session this week, and have just gathered the last of the films for various sets, including things for 'special' sets. I was sad that I have to leave so many things out for the session- especially some cool things that wont' be part of any 'official' sets. Since all the other special sets are getting finished (and because I only have a few films left from Screen Songs) and three hours of scans scheduled) I decided to do at least one more set! At some point we can't keep doing them, but I'm about the only one that still uses the HD telecine here in Michigan, and am always told the days are numbered.

So-- here's another special Blu-ray set--- called 'Terry/Lantz/Famous' featuring 12 cartoons from these three studios that are nearly impossible to see! The scans will be from 16mm and 35mm prints, including Technicolor and Kodachrome Little Lulu shorts (long requested for these sets....). The die hard collectors should have good copies of these things.

This BDR disc is limited to 65 copies. It's $15 plus $2 postage in the US or anywhere (sent in an envelope to outside of the US). It is available for only until July 30th. Please make sure to specify Terry/Lantz/Famous in the paypal notes, and make sure your address is included! Paypal is

All proceeds will go toward funding this and other Thunderbean projects. Thanks to everyone for crowd funding this tiny company-- you've all helped make these set happen.
I just placed my order. A hearty thanks to you Steve, for continuing to do these special sets. ๐Ÿ™‚
PopKorn Kat
You had me at "Lantz", Steve!
Money sent, but Steve could you respond to my email please ๐Ÿ™‚
Damn it. I missed this one. Any chance that those cartoons will appear in official pressed release ?

Having known it sooner, I would have ordered in the requested time.

Thanks to let me know
Steve Stanchfield wrote:

I didn't copy 'The Explorer'. I don't have it. The other two prints I bid on and took the risk to get 'em- but Mark had explorer before that I think. It's a nitrate print, so a little hard to get here honestly!

Thomas Stathes wrote:

New to the TJS/Cartoons On Film #archives: a #16mm print of Paul Terry's early sound era #cartoon Monkey Meat (1930).

Thomas Stathes wrote:

New to the TJS/Cartoons On Film #archives: a #16mm print of a super rare Terrytoon, Funny Bunny Business (1942) with Farmer Alfalfa.

Steve Stanchfield wrote:

I wrote:

I would love to see what Eggs Don't Bounce looked like in it's full glory.

There's a collector that has a 35mm Nitrate of that film- likely with all the original titles.

Will any of these appear on this set, Steve?
Got the set last month and it was a thriller finally being able to watch it today! Fine selection of the Lantz Oswalds, and kudos to the rare prints of the Lulus, one of which has a very unusual title card (what distributor was this? Did Famous have any contracts to home movie departments in the U.S. at the time, or was it printed from the UM&M days?) and the ultimate projector splice $!#@tease in the other Lulu print (we were THIS close to having the original card)!