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EDIT 05/02/2018: eutychus has replied, and I believe his response is good enough to include in this thread.

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Things of this nature can be extremely difficult to adjudicate, especially in a case like this where emotions can run high and opinions can be sharply divided. But there are a few facets that everyone needs to be aware of:

1: It is possible to discuss the facts of a case without supporting the actions the person is accused of.

2: It is possible to respect a person's art without respecting the actions of the person himself.

But it's a very fine line, and we don't intent to shut down any discussion of this issue as long as it is not supportive of John [Kricfalusi]'s apparent sexual predation. It largely depends of the attitude of the poster. To wit, it can go one of three ways. For example:

A: Harvey Weinstein is accused of being a Hollywood sexual predator. Let's discuss the facts of the case against him and see if there is any veracity to them. That's fine.

B: Harvey Weinstein was responsible for some great movies! But I can't really countenance the things that's he's said to have done. Okay.

C: Harvey Weinstein was responsible for some great movies! Who cares what he did! Not okay.

Lastly, as far as being heavy-handed goes ... I've been a message board moderator for quite a while. I used to be a moderator on the Straight Dope Message Board. And I can tell you without exception that in cases like this, if you don't say things explicitly and directly, there will always ... ALWAYS ... be someone who is going to try to push the boundaries of what is proper and what is not. PopKorn Kat has a hard enough job here as it is, so do your best to make things easier for her.


It should also be noted that advocating for inappropriate adult/minor sexual relationships, rape, or other forms of abuse will not be tolerated and offenders will be banned. If you have any questions or comments about this policy, or are confused as to what statements will result in bans, please feel free to ask me.

EDIT 04/30/2018: In response to feedback from several people concerning the wording of this announcement, I have retracted it until further notice until I find a way to better phrase it (or decide if the announcement is even necessary).

I have opened this thread so that others can offer feedback on the message.

The original text of the message follows.


With the rise of the #MeToo movement and the exposure of many Hollywood actors as sexual predators, several prominent names in animation, such as John Lasseter, Chris Savino, and John Kricfalusi, have been exposed for their sexual misconduct.

Because of this, trying to defend the sexual misconduct of these people will no longer be tolerated. Not only is it insensitive to the people who were hurt by these predators, but it also gives these forums a bad reputation. Anyone who is found to be defending pedophilia, abuse, rape, sexual harassment, etc. from these people (or anyone in general) will be permanently banned from the boards.

However, it is perfectly fine to still like shows/movies/etc. produced by sexual predators. For example, you can still like Ren & Stimpy or appreciate John Kricfalusi's art for what it is without supporting him.

I hope my stance on the situation is clear to everyone.