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Hi everyone,

I always had in mind a new On Demand DVD service which could really be the answer to the fact many cartoons are extremely rare to find these days such as "The Fire Alarm" with Ham and Ex from 1936 just to cite an example., which would mostly never show up on retail home video releases.

Pretty much WB has dozens of broadcast masters for each cartoon, both in the 480i and 576i standards, which are already in a digital format, and it would take nothing to encode each of them in the DVD MPEG 2 format.

Often these have more than one track, including the music/effects track (only a few of these have been released on the Golden Collection DVDs) and other foreign tracks.

My idea was to make any of these available, and the user would choose up to 20 shorts to fit on a DVD, for an example at the price of 8 dollars like the Super Stars releases were.

This way they would have the money for new Blu Ray restorations, considering how there are notable shorts which still need one, like Beanstalk Bunny.

If you don't get the point, remember how bad the Porky Pig 101 new versions were? I've seen people looking everywhere on the internet to find the right opening music. For an example the TV copy of Naughty Neighbors I saw had the correct opening theme and looked even better than the DVD version, and I can't find it on my old VHS recordings. What if you would be able to have it at best quality on DVD?

This is an example (I'm not a graphic designer so forgive me if it doesn't look good) of how the service would be:

@Cool_Cat: Good Idea. In my opinion, this should be available in other languages, not only in English (if you don't know what I mean, I'll tell you):

For example WB release these shorts in English only, but not only people from US want to see them, but also people who live in other coutnries with their official dubbing versions Polish, Russian, Italian, Spanish (Castellano and Latin), etc.

By doing that, people will see the rare dubbing versions or rare shorts which they will never see nowadays.
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I came up with this in first place because the versions aired in the 90s here with the old dubs are getting more rare each time.

For an example they could put a section with all the broadcast masters with Italian audio and such. For an example I’ve seen 5 versions of The Unruly Hare, and I apparently have all the wrong ones.
Terrible idea, that will never work if this is supposed to be released for the American market. If you are un were of it there generally no alternative audios or subtitles on American made DVDs/Blu-rays. maybe spanish but thats it

Far as I'm concerned regarding what Warner Home Video / Warner archive decide to release in Europe, I would say that dubbings ruins the experience of "adultness" of watching these chartoons dubbed in my own native langague Icelandic. I would prefer if none of these dubs were ever offically released. So I'm perfectly fine with English only releases in Europe.
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I doubt shorts like The Lady at the Ironing Board and such would ever get on DVD otherwise.

I ended up hunting shorts on special features from various feature film DVD releases, but I doubt WHV aimed those DVDs at cartoon collectors.

Then again, this is from my perspective. I’m the kind of guy who literally collects anything, from the original versions to horrible dubs from the 70s and colorized versions, so that would be a dream pretty much.

All WB needs for this is some kind of algorithm to put the shorts in a DVD -R. Having them in MPEG 2 takes nothing. Then again, that menu is obviously NOT what I’d propose to the market, that was just a rushed picture to give an example.