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Hello all, I am currently trying to identify animators in scenes. I have figured out some of their traits, but I'm still missing quite a lot. Does anybody know what styles/traits other animators had?

For reference, animators and their traits that I have identified:

John Carey - rather crisp animation, usually draws detailed expressions
Herman Cohen - smooth animation, draws characters "wrinkly" sometimes
Joe D'Igalo - fluid animation, draws characters with big "bug eyes"
Cal Dalton - crisp animation, draws characters fatter than others
Chuck Jones - very fluid animation, great shading & expressions
Norman McCabe - smooth animation, not a lot of expression
Rod Scribner - crisp animation, unique eye movement
Gil Turner - rather crisp animation, draws characters rather off-model
I know a few descriptions, as best as I can word them:

Ben Sharpsteen - draws characters' mouths with an upward curve near the cheek
Ward Kimball - bouncy movement with emphasis on slow-in & slow-out, frequent wacky or cross-eyed expressions
Jack King - drew circular pie-cut eyes, put buttons on the soles of Mickey's shoes
Art Babbitt - earthbound movement, intricate leg movement
Frank Thomas - subtle, personality-based animation
Ollie Johnston - round cheeks, emphasis on emotion
Milt Kahl - intricate finger movement, broad poses with an proud head swag
Woolie Reitherman - broad action
Marc Davis - emphasis on form
Bill Tytla - taking natural, often muscular, movement and translating them into forms and personalities
John Sibley - comic action and exaggeration
Glen Keane - subtle personality animation, great shading
Eric Goldberg - similar to Kimball, with cartoony expressions and timing

Bob McKimson - well-constructed and dimensional, subtle personality animation
Ken Harris - well-defined posing and acting
Gerry Chiniquy - fast timing and jerky poses, known for dance scenes
Lloyd Vaughan - frequently used smears for fast movement

Ed Love - small eyes, large and squishy cheeks
Irv Spence - Exaggerated movement and wild takes. His animation at WB is known for being rubbery.
Preston Blair - well-constructed forms and clear poses

Carlo Vinci - theatrical poses, had fun with posing digits
George Nicholas - draws eye "takes" with tiny pupils
Ken Layton
Myron Waldman: A twinkle or elongation in the character's pupils of their eyes.

Jim Tyer: Quicksilver animation style and draws characters frequently off model.
Manny Gould: fast paced animation with a focus on hand movements and exaggeration of body parts.

Virgil Ross: smooth animation. Animated most of the personality scenes for Freleng and Avery and loved smear animation

Bob Jaques: over the top animation, frequently uses exaggerated character acting

Grim Natwick: fast animation. Utilized a rubber-hose aesthetic, animated a lot of women scenes, and had a surreal quality to his scenes
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