Steve Stanchfield
...and this busy week continues! It's a dubbing festival here, attempting to catch everything up- but here's the long awaited 'Rainbow Parade' pre-order, with a sneak preview disc (that is kind of amazing!): 
I hate to say this but---

YA-HOO! This is THE Rainbow Parade set you should get from Thunderbean-- not the incomplete DVD release or Classics from the Van Bueren studio (no offense to Steve and his customers). Steve now has access to the materials, so now you can enjoy the rarest of the rare prints in HD anytime you want!

One question Steve-- Have you found the Rainbow Parade titles to "Pastrytown Wedding"?
It says "27", so does that mean it includes "Foxy Terrier"?
Steve Stanchfield
There is no 'Foxy Terrier'- it's the working title for 'The Rag Dog'. I may have just counted wrong though! I don't have the titles for Pastrytown Wedding, but others have shown up in 35mm that I thought I'd never sen, including 'Japanese Lanterns' in an absolutely mint 35mm print master.
Gasmask Ted
But note some art Howard Lowery sold years ago as from Foxy Terrier was actually from Merrie Kittens; there's no indication on the art of the cartoon it's from tho, so it may have been a guess on HL's part (although if the materials had had some surrounding documentation with them, maybe Merrie Kittens was the renamed cartoon; altenrately, maybe it was just an inside name for the character). 
Am I correct in my understanding that the "Rainbow Parade" 2 disc Blu-ray set will eventually be widely available for purchase through both Thunderbean and Amazon?
Steve Stanchfield
YEs- although the special
preview' disc will be only available to the pre-order folks.. still working on it!
Happily, you found the original titles for both Pastrytown Wedding AND The Sunshine Makers!