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I had seen many negative comments about this program on various World Wide Web sites over the course of its time as part of the programming of the Cartoon Network and wondered what some folks would think of the new episode broadcast by the network this past Friday (its name was "Titan Saving Time") since I thought it was the most enjoyable and likeable episode I had ever seen and heard (I had never laughed at an episode as much as I did while and did not find its main characters as appealing as I did while watching and hearing this episode. In case you did not like this program for certain reasons, I suggest you watch and/or hear this particular episode.

Well, I saw it and still found it cringe-worthy. I still can't believe Sam Register choose this over Laura Fost's "Super Best Friends" as a full fledge series. The latter was more interesting and original. Speaking of which, what is Laura doing now since her Columbia project got canceled?