I was watching Van Bueren's Aesop Fable "The WIld Goose Chase" and they all danced to lift Depression-era audiences up. That got me thinking....since most of the 30s cartoon spoofs from the 80s-now basically sucked (Ditto Animaniacs and the FOP's Good Ol' Days, plus two Tiny Toons episodes), where you see nothing but dancing buildings and inanimate objects come to life and characters all have pie-eyes, what cartoons inspired certain aspects?

The Talkartoons and the pre-code [betty]
Screen Songs (millions of TV commercials have imitated the Bouncing Ball)

Steamboat Willie (among other early [mickey] cartoons)
B&W Sllly Symphonies

Early Merrie Melodies, especially with characters
Looney Tunes starring:

Van Bueren:
The Aseops Fables, especially the ones with lots of dancing.

What else can you think of?