Steve Stanchfield
I got word earlier today that the telecine will be here at least another handful of months, making these super limited 'special' sets still possible financially. They basically pay for themselves or almost (Rag dolls lost a bunch though!). There are a few films here that I'd like to transfer later this week for the set and send them home to the owners that lent them, as well as some Scrappys and other stuff that would be cool to transfer. More details in the next 3-5 hours. Cheers! Steve
Thank you very much!
Though it seems unlikely, I would hope for some animation features!
Great news, Steve. Any chance of some of those Fleischer items I suggested to you a few months back being included on this set, or any future ones at least? When I referred to things as being unavailable, I was speaking as one who owns Jerry's marvelous reference sets of those series, so yeah brother, they're unavailable to my knowledge!