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Hi, guys! :D

You all remember those fun Looney Tunes Themed Home Video Forum Games we used to play?

Well, I've decided to revive them from the graves (I haven't created the threads for them yet, but once they have been created, the links will be up and running):

Our Own Looney Tunes Golden Collections 

Our Own Looney Tunes Super Stars

Our Own The Essential Looney Tunes Series

Our Own Looney Tunes Platinum Collections

And just for the fandom of it, I took the liberty of coming up with 2 more series ideas:

Our Own Looney Tunes Diamond Collections (Based on the Golden Collection)

Our Own Looney Tunes All-Stars Series (Based on the Super Stars Series)

Once all of the threads have been made, we can start our games with them! :D

I just need time to create these threads.

In the meantime, can somebody pin this thread? You know like make it an official directory thread or something?

Until then... [porky] Th-th-that's not all, Folks! 😃
I own all the Golden Collections and Platinum Collections. I also own "The Looney, Looney, Looney Bugs Bunny Movie" and "Daffy Duck's Movie: Fantastic Island".
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I own all Looney Tunes Golden Collections, Most of the Super Stars (Minus Sylvester and Tweety), The Essential Bugs and Daffy and all 3 volumes of the Looney Tunes Platinum Collection.

I also own almost all of the Looney Tunes movies. :)

You'll have fun with some of these forum games that I'll make. :)

Just as soon as I start one off, that is.
speedy fast

Can't wait.

I wonder if it'd be good to do forum games for older VHS and laserdisc releases. Like adding additional volumes to older home video series (like giving Foghorn Leghorn a volume in the Stars of Space Jam series, or giving Elmer Fudd a video in the Cartoon Cavalcade series, or a Bugs and Pepe volume of the international Bugs and Friends collection, etc.).
I've done my own "Looney Tunes Treasures" series here , called "The Complete Looney Tunes"!

Actually, I've been using this collection listing that I made myself as a reference to track each character's "ideal" filmographies in a hypothetical complete WAC collection, for example: which cartoons would be in a complete Bugs collection? Which would be in a complete Road Runner collection? Which cartoons really would be in a complete Speedy & Daffy set? (this is a TTTP favorite!!)

It started with an idea by sppedyfast, and later in 2018 I created a thread here called "What LTGC could have been".

This year, I've really put out great effort to classify all 1002 cartoons by character. I ended up eliminating "Porky & Daffy" volumes and creating a hierarchy where the Daffy collection would include all his cartoons with Porky (and without Bugs).

I got really excited/proud of the result and I'd like to share here.
I always come to TTTP in Exile in the hope of finding news about Warner announcing Tex Avery Collection.