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I've been studying animation my entire life, roughly 27 years. I'm currently working on something digestible about the history of N. American Shonen Jump and Viz.

It's important to me to mention most of my animation research has been broad strokes of N. American animation, and strong interest of Japanese animation and blips of other nation's animation. In fact, prior to reading Hollywood Cartoons by Barrier, my understanding on how to approach older animation was understandable naive. Hence, here I am, to help add to the encyclopedia what I knows and learn from what you knows. So we can knows what we nose. Erm, know.

Animation's media siblings also interests me, I'm curious if y'all have seen the trailer for Cup Head? Pretty sweet video game coming out first quarter next year. I think ya guy's might dig it (not affiliated, merely a convo starter 😛 ) YouTube link: 

cheers 🙂
PopKorn Kat
Hello, and welcome to the forum! Hope you have a nice time!

As for Cuphead...yes, I have heard of it! It was mentioned at least once  about a year ago, but I don't think anyone's brought it up since. Haven't heard much about it since, but I am excited for it.