Pokey J.Anti-Blockhead
8 years ago
Saddened to report what probaly everyone else alreayd knows, Janet Waldo, the voice of Judy Jetson though also known as many other Hanna-Barbra characters, and some from other West Coast studios, has peacefully died, as reports her daughter Lucy Lee (who is heard with her on the 1985 Jetsons, though I don't know what role there, almost a 100 names credited on that one for voices).

Other HB characters (just to name that studio) she played with that female teenage girl voice alone as Penelope Pitsotp (Southern style), Josie James of the Pussycats, Shazzan's Nancy, and one timers Pebbles Flintstone in a Season 4 Flintstones, pre-Bamm Bamm Groom Gloom, and Jamie the babysitter in the 6 season classic The Wayouts aka The Costume Party, as well as Mrs.Slaghoople the mother in law (taking over from equally disctinive Verna Felton before her death 12/14/66).

Also worked for just about everyone else...

Started in some movies then became first famous as radio sitcom teenager Corliss Archer from 1943-1955..

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