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Just a heads up, the Oswald cartoon Hungry Hoboes will soon be made available as a digital downloadable extra thingy with orders of the latest release of Snow White.

Here's a great clip:

And here's a really thoughtful interview with David Gerstein:

It's great that Disney is bothering to get this cartoon out! Too bad it's coming with a more-or-less double dip (of an unfaithful transfer, no less).
The whole "digital exclusive" jazz is unfortunate, especially considering how the new disc drops the shorts that were buried on the Diamond Edition in favour of hip rap retellings. At least it's now readily available to purchase and giving David Gerstein opportunities to get interviewed: 
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Thanks, dbear. I've really enjoyed the interviews. I often read the misinformation that Oswald was just a character that became Mickey when they changed the ears, so it's great to see David point out Oswald's unique personality and talk about the talent behind the Disney Oswald series – who became major players in the field of animation across various studios. In the past I've seen some reviewers and even historians almost apologise for the cartoons being somewhat primitive. As some one who enjoys these cartoons very much, it's great to see someone so knowledgeable champion what is good, clever and new about them.

It's also really interesting to read a little more about how researchers have managed to find out some of the original foreign titles to lost cartoons in order to track down prints. I was hoping to see some hints that perhaps more lost cartoons are close to be being unearthed or restored through this kind of research, but there was no news of this kind.