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For linear notes and commentary by IAD user Toadette, please go here .

You are invited to the GAC Halloween Party!!! 
The GAC Halloween Party! All weekend! 
The 1st Annual GAC Christmas Party!! 

GAC Thanksgiving Dinner 
GAC Christmas Party 

A GAC Thanksgiving 2006 
GAC's 2006 Christmas Party 

A GAC Thanksgiving 2007 
The GAC Christmas Party 2007 

A GAC Valentine's Day 
GAC Father's Day party 
GAC Thanksgiving 2008 
GAC Christmas Party 2008 

GAC Valentine's Party 2009 
GAC Halloween Party 2009 
GAC Thanksgiving Dinner 
The GAC Black Friday Shopping Spree! 
GAC Christmas Party 2009 

GAC 2010 Valentines Day Party 
The GAC Halloween Party 2010 
GAC Thanksgiving Party 2010 
A Very Short GAC Christmas Party 

2011 (GAC)
The GAC Halloween Party 2011! 

2011 (IAD)
IAD's Getting Ready for the IAD Christmas Party 2011!!!! 
The IAD Forums Christmas Party 2011 

The GAC/IADB Halloween Party 2012! 

The 2013 Annual IAD Halloween Party! 
The 2013 IADB/GAC Thanksgiving Feast 
An IAD Christmas 2013 

The 2014 IADB Valentine's Day Party 
IAD St. Patrick's Day Jig/Easter Egg Hunt 
Trailer for Halloween Party thread: "Great Pumpkin" 
Great Pumpkin- An IAD/GAC 10th Anniversary Halloween Party- NO TOON IS SAFE! 
The GAC-IAD Thanksgiving Feast: The NEARLY 10th Anniversary Edition 
A GAC/IAD Black Friday 2014 
An IAD Christmas Carol 
IAD Christmas Carol After-Party 
The GAC-IAD 10th Anniversary New Year's Wrap Party 

Yet Another GAC-IAD Valentine's Day 
The First, Last, and Only GAC-IAD Fourth of July 
The 2015 GAC-IAD Halloween Party 
The Unofficial IAD-GAC Thanksgiving Feast 
The GAC-IAD Christmas Screening 
Don't forget UserPostedImage:
IAD Christmas Carol After-Party 
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Originally Posted by: Toadette 

Don't forget UserPostedImage:
IAD Christmas Carol After-Party 

I added it. Thanks for reminding me.

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The links to the party threads on the old forums don't seem to be working. Maybe I'll have those fixed once the old forums are archived.
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THE Chase was the first to use Sailor Moon...not me. As shown in the 2009 Valentine's Party
Originally Posted by: Mister Bighead 

The links to the party threads on the old forums don't seem to be working. Maybe I'll have those fixed once the old forums are archived.

The links should work now.
Here are some interesting curios from the GAC Forums, done in the style of the party threads. The first two, in fact, predate the party threads:

Picture Story: Daffy's Lower Half 
Picture Story #2: Portable Hare 
Picture Story: Daffy's Crazy Pitch 
THE LOONEY TUNES IN: Cartoons tomorrow, ANIME tonight! 

And just a heads-up: per eutychus's private suggestion to me (his announcement on April 1st turned out to be the longest-lasting April Fools' joke on these forums), something new is coming on June 24th. Stay tuned...UserPostedImage
Mazeguy has recently reorganized its smilies such that its Peanuts smilies are now grouped in the Comics section. I have fixed the smilies in the holiday threads I have been supervising here, but old-board IAD threads that used those Peanuts smilies now have those smilies broken.