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Let's play a little game. Let's assign members of the old Disney animation team (usually the Nine Old Men) to characters or scenes from a recent work, be it in features or TV.

I'll start...

The Emperor's New Groove
Milt Kahl: Kuzco (human)/Yzma
Eric Larson: Kuzco (llama)
John Lounsbery: Pacha
Frank Thomas: "Back climb" sequence
Ollie Johnston: Kuzco/Pacha together scenes
Woolie Reitherman: Sequences; "Panther chase"/"Race for the Bottle"

Gravity Falls
Frank Thomas: Dipper/Mabel
Ollie Johnston: Dipper/Mabel
Milt Kahl: Grunkle Stan
John Lounsbery: Soos
Eric Larson: Wendy

Anyone else want to give it a try?
This is quite difficult of a game unless you can ID animators from Disney features or memorize every documenaty. I can only identify a few character animators with the character (Eric Goldberg with the Genie, Marc Davis with Maleficent and Cruella De Vill).

Nobody wants to play it.
Milt Kahl animated the last scenes of "Chicken Little", if that helps. He also animated Goofy eating his pipe at the beginning of "Tiger Trouble", along with Alice's best scenes in "Alice in Wonderland" as seen here  and here . Kahl's underrated niche, frankly, was in genuine comedy.

How might a Beast (from Beauty and the Beast) be like at the hands of Bill Tytla? (It was implied in the first post that animators outside the Nine Old Men could be used.)
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