I'm up late and was watching Finian's Rainbow (Fred Astaire) on TCM and I remember reading on Michael Sporn's blog about John Hubley's unfinished animated version of the 1947 Broadway musical. It's a shame it was forced to be canceled by McCarthy and the HUAC. I would like to see someone make this as John Hubley and the other old animators would have, The storyboards survived and the sound track I think still exists.

Here is is the article:


and also some other artwork can be found in Amid Amidi's cool book Cartoon Modern
One of the art form's great missed opportunities!

I find it unlikely that a film like what would have been Hubley's "Finian's Rainbow" could possibly be made in today's animation industry, unfortunately. Not to mention Hubley was such a singular talent, no one could live up to his vision in trying to finish this movie.