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NOTE: This is an archive of Gumby's Me-TV airings from 2012. The show is currently not airing on Me-TV; if it ever does, the thread is here.

Hi Everyone. In this thread, I will list the listings of the Gumby shorts that air on Me-TV every Saturday morning. I shall start on April 7th. :)

Gumby 1967 Intro
Moon Trip Part 1
Gumby on the Moon
Trapped on the Moon

4/14/12 (Forgot to record that day, but fellow member Mario500 confirmed the listings, as well as the addition of the Gumby Adventures 1988 credits)
Gumby 1967 Intro
Lost and Found
The Little Lost Pony
The Blockheads
Gumby 1988 Credits

Gumby 1967 Intro (restored)
The Fantastic Farmer
Gopher Trouble
The Black Knight
Mysterious Fires (Most likely an older transfer as it had a c.1956 Clokey Productions at the bottom of the intro sequence to the cartoon)(No The End Card at the end of this cartoon. It cuts straight to The Credits) (Member Hey Steve reported that this short is sourced was sourced from the Gumby For President VHS released)
Gumby 1988 Credits (Nice addition to the show)

Gumby 1967 Intro (restored)
Too Loo (restored to original 11 min. form)(the short was cut in half, one part, commercial break, then second part)
Robot Rumpus (restored to original 11 min. form)(the short was cut in half, one part, commercial break, then second part)
Gumby 1988 Credits

Gumby 1967 Intro (restored)
Toy Crazy (restored to original 11 min. form)(the short was surprisingly not cut apart and was presented in full with no commercial breaks in between the short)
Lion Around
Lion Drive
Gumby 1988 Credits

Gumby 1967 Intro (restored)
The Eggs and Trixie (VHS Transfer)
Egg Trouble (VHS Transfer with 1956 Art Clokey Copyright, Ending Title was NOT cut off though.)
Outcast Marbles (restored transfer)(Had a break in between the short)(restored to Original 11 Min. Length)
Gumby 1988 Credits

Gumby 1967 Intro (restored)
Gumby Business (VHS Transfer)(1956 Copyright)(The End title card is still intact)
Toy Fun (VHS Transfer)(1956 Copyright)(The End title card was NOT intact)
The Mocking Monkey (VHS Transfer)(1956 Copyright)(The End title card was intact)
How Not to Trap Lions (VHS Transfer)(1956 Copyright)(The End title card was intact)
Gumby 1988 Credits

Gumby 1967 Intro (restored)
The Magic Wand (restored)(11 Min. Version; airing was cut in half, first part-commercial break-second part)
Pokey Express
Indian Trouble (1956 Copyright Version)
Gumby 1988 Credits

Gumby 1967 Intro (restored)
The Racing Game (restored)(Original 11 Min. Version)
Rain Spirits (restored)(Original 11 Min. Version)
Gumby 1988 Credits

Gumby 1967 Intro (restored)
Toying Around (Original Gumby Intro Sequence For Cartoon Cut Off)
Toy Capers
In The Dough (restored; Original 11 Min. Version)
Gumby 1988 Credits

Gumby 1967 Intro (restored)
Tree Trouble (restored; Original 11 Min. Version)(Cartoon was cut in half; First Part-Commercial Break-Second Part)
Train Trouble
In A Fix
Gumby 1988 Credits
NOTE: I forgot to tape the 6/23/12 show. I do not listings for that show. If you have a list of the shorts from this airing, please post them in this thread. :)

NOTE:The 6/23 feed is what I believe was on during that feed.
Gumby 1967 Intro (restored)
The Zoops
Even Steven
The Glob
Chicken Feed
Gumby 1988 Credits

Gumby 1967 Intro (restored)
Hidden Valley (restored)
The Groobee (restored)
The Witty Witch
Hot Rod Granny
Gumby 1988 Credits

Gumby 1967 Intro (Restored)
Ricochet Pete (Restored)
Northland Follies (1956 Copyright Version)
The Small Planets (Restored)
Sad King Ott's Daughter
Gumby 1988 Credits

Gumby 1967 Intro (Restored)
King For A Day
Rain For Roo
Santa Witch (Art Clokely Copyright Version)
Scrooge Loose (Restored)
Gumby 1988 Credits

Gumby 1967 Intro (Restored)
Pigeon in a Plum Tree (Restored)
A Gumby Special: Dragon Witch (1956 Copyright Version)
A Gumby Special: Who's What
The Reluctant Gargoyles
Gumby 1988 Credits

Gumby 1967 Intro (Restored)
Siege of Boonesborough
The Missile Bird
Good Knight Story
The Blue Goo
Gumby 1988 Credits

8/3/12 (I was only able to catch the first short - however, member DaffyDave helped me confirm the listings; another note by wiley207 - the program was time-compressed (pitch staying the same but tempo increased). The 1988 credits sequence for this day also only had the 2nd half of the theme)
Gumby 1967 Intro (Restored)
The Golden Iguana
School For Squares
Magic Flute
The Ferris Wheel Mystery
Mason Hornet
Gumby 1988 Credits

Gumby 1967 Intro (Restored)
A Hair Raising Adventure
Goo For Pokey
Candidate For President
S.F.A. (Gumby's Fire Department)
Making Squares
Gumby 1988 Credits

Gumby 1967 Intro (Restored)
Prickle's Problem
The Golden Gosling
A Groobee Fight
The Gumby League
Pilgrims on the Rocks (Restored; included Premavison Copyright AND Clokey Films copyright)
Gumby 1988 Credits

Gumby 1967 Intro (Restored)
Pokey's Price
Son of Liberty
Gumby Crosses The Delaware (Clockey Production Copyright Version)
Gumby 1988 Credits

Gumby 1967 Intro (Restored)
Of Clay and Critters (1956 Copyright Version)
Tricky Ball
Dragon Daffy
Super - Spray (1956 Copyright Version)
The Big Eye (Restored)
Gumby 1988 Credits

Gumby 1967 Intro (Restored)
Lawn Party (1956 Copyright Version)
Mystic Magic
Puppy Dog School (Restored)
Puppy Talk (Restored)
Moon Madness
Gumby 1988 Credits

Gumby 1967 Intro (Restored)
Shady Lemonade
Prickle Turns Artist
Piano Rolling Blues
Hot Ice
Haunted Hot Dog (Restored)
Gumby 1988 Credits

9/22/12 (King (Justin) Delbert points out that around this time, Me-TV stopped playing the "the following has been rated G" bumper before the show)
Gumby 1967 Intro (Restored)
The Moon Boggles (1956 Copyright Version)
Do-It Yourself Gumby
Behind The Puff Ball
Weight and See
Pokey Minds The Baby
Gumby 1988 Credits

Gumby 1967 Intro (Restored)
A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts
All Broken Up
Wishful Thinking
Turnip Trap
Dopey Nopey
Gumby 1988 Credits

NOTE: It looks like Gumby is gone from the schedule as of 10/6. Mr. Magoo, He-Man, and She-Ra are gone as well. Oh well, it was good while it lasted. (After this, Mario500 notes that He-Man and She-Ra were staying, but moving up to the 4am and 4:30am slots, respectively. Eventually, Me-TV removed the Classic Media programming from their lineup).