while Disney had given up on Hand Drawn animated features and CGI being the In house animation industry standerd. I'm going to bring up the the topic of an animation art that Disney did not do for their animated features. Hope you enjoy.

Nightmare before Christmas, James and the Giant Peach and Frankenweenie although Produced by Tim Burton Directed by Henry Selick Except for Frankenweenie (directed by Tim Burton) aren't made in house at Disney, Nightmare before Christmas and James and the giant peach were made in San Francisco California (Skellington Productions) and Frankenweenie was made in the UK (Tim Burton Productions) with Disney's involvement.

however during the time when Walt was at the studio they made short films

(Noah's Ark 1959,Snyopism on Popular Songs)

and title scenes(Parent Trap, Merlin Jones)

and short stop motion scenes (Mary Poppins, Babes in Toyland)

long after Walt had passed away, a tv special called Mickey's 50th Anniversary showen on television in 1978 has short scene animated by Mike Jittlov

Mike Jittlov also did some stuff for the first years of Disney Channel

Tim Burton and Rick Heinrichs did a stop motion short with Vincent Price titled Vincent (1982)

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