The Unofficial IAD-GAC Thanksgiving Feast - Forum.
Fade into the Paramount logo with the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving theme.......


which cross-dissolves to these credits:

Paramount Presents
An (Unoffical)
GAC-IAD Holiday Thread

A Not-So

The Unofficial Thanksgiving Feast
(C)2015 Paramount Pictures, Inc./IAD Films Inc.

Directed by

Seymour Knetiel
Bill Melendez
I. Sparber
Chuck Jones
Art Davis
Frank Tashlin
Bill Tytla
Bob Clampett
Tex Avery

Animation By
Orestes Calapini
Otto Feuer
Tom Johnson
Bill Littlejohn
Graham Place
Virgil Ross
....and a host of many others!

Vince Guarldi
Carl Stalling
Milt Franklyn
Winston Sharples


Toadette (you're welcome to contribute a post or two)

Aprroved MPAA #4564

RCA Sound System by Producers' Sound Service

Passed and Classified by The National Board of Review

Screen Cartoonist's Guild

Fade out.

Bill Melendez directs......

Rerun: I wonder what happened to me showing Willie Whopper Blu-ray on the end of Halloween?
[audryy] Ah, don't worry about it, besides we're bringing your copy to the mansion anyways!

They approach [bugs2] and [daffy] 's mansion. Rerun rings the doorbell....

[bugs2] opens the door and says

[bugs2] Ehh....what's up doc?

Rerun: I forgot to bring Willie Whopper Blu-ray. All the toons will enjoy it!

[daffy] And Top Cat and Professor Scarecrow will be hooked!
[bugs2] Not sure with Pinocchio............

Rerun: The rest of us Peanuts will be here shortly ..........

[daffy] Now let's see what the rest of you writers have "cooked up" for this thread!
[daffy] Uhh....anyone?

[bugs2] They think ParamountCartoons is too screwy of a writer next to Der Captain and some of the old-time GAC'ers......

[daffy] But I sent out all the invitations!

[bugs2] You put "Unofficial" down! Toadette doesn't do Thanksgiving parties!

[daffy] What about [coyote] . I thought he was going to post SOMETHING........

[bugs2] You never know, doc. You never know......
[bugs2] Well, doc, it's just the ParamountCartoons guy we're going to be written from

Everybody: Awww........

[bugs2] But we can gather round the HDTV and see the Willie Whopper Blu-ray that Rerun and [audryy] gave us!

Bugs then turns on the Blu-ray player and TV and pops in Willie Whopper. After the Blu-ray opening, Bugs presses play, the MGM lion roars and the cartoons begin!


Professor Scarecrow: is......Willie Whopper! He's my man!

Jasper: No wonder you lie so the end of every cartoon he says "Now you go and tell one"!

Professor Scarecrow: That's what you think! I never lied because Willie Whopper told me to!

Blackbird: I seriously think that's a lie......why not tell Jasper the truth about Willie Whopper

Professor Scarecrow: Willie Whopper didn't make me tell lies......but he sure didn't help when I saw him in the movie theater!

Cut to inside [bugs2] and [daffy] 's mansion

While seeing "Davy Jones' Locker"........

[daffy] WHoa,whoa, whoa look at these hot mermaids! They're topless!

[bugs2] DAFFY! Not in front of the kids! Now go get ready for the Thanksgiving dinner! I bought a Butterball turkey just for the occasion! The rest of the Peanuts are going to be here any minute!

[daffy] Time to break out in animation of me playing the 45 of "Get Ready"!

SpongeBob narrator: One song-filled Thanksgiving prep later....

[daffy] Hey, why did you cut my song?

[bugs2] The animators couldn't think of anything, doc!

Rerun: Ohh, there's my mom. We're flying to New York City to go to the Thanksgiving parade.


Thanks, Toadette, for getting me back into writing this!

Bill Melendez animates, Chuck Jones directs.......

[daffy] Do people CARE about Thanksgiving anymore? Do people want Christmas to come faster?

*Turns on radio*

Announcer: You're enjoying a nice Thanksgiving, aren't you?

[daffy] Yes!

Announcer: Ever wonder what makes the turkey extra juicy?

[daffy] Huh?

Announcer: And the crust in the pumpkin pie so tasty?

[daffy] WHAT!?

Announcer: I'll tell you what it is.....Natural Real Butter!

[daffy] Uh-Oh

Daffy then tries to find a station without Christmas music,then goes back to the country station

Announcer: There is no artificial ingredients in natural real Butter, and it makes your food sooo tasty!

So Don't forget natural real Butter!

Beat of silence until.......

VO: Paid for by Toontown's Dairy Farmers and Econmonic Developers.


[daffy] then smashes his radio until the last vacuum tube is broken!

[daffy] I can't believe only the DAIRY INDUSTRY cares about Thanksgiving! What a shame

[bugs2] You might want to see this

*With Famous Studios Golf/Gold Swing Sound Effect*

[daffy] Whew, Party City and Walmart also care about Thanksgiving!

[audryy] And don't forget about the parades and football game!


Writer's Note: The Inspiration for this was hearing (on the radio) a generic Butter commercial for my state's dairy farms- thanksalot, now I'll have nightmares again like the one similar to my experience.........seriously, though, are they the only ones that care about Thanksgiving on the radio commercials? (Allthough I later saw a Party City and Walmart Thanksgiving ad later in the day!)
Bill Melendez directs.....

The Peanuts gang arrive at the front door....

[daffy] Well come on in!

Peppermint Patty: Mmmmm....I smell a delicious Thanksgiving dinner! Who cooked this?

[daffy] I did!

[bugs2] Ahem!?

[daffy] With a little help from my friends, as the Beatles say!

Marcie: Just to let you know, "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" will be on TV soon again!

Peppermint Patty: Great!

The Peanuts gang stampede over [daffy]

Someone knocks at the door.....

[donald] A pizza for [huey] for delivery?

[huey] Duhh....I'll get it!

[daffy] There's no PIZZA on Thanksgiving

[bugs2] He asked for his mom's credit card to order a pizza. He does not want to be a cannibal this year!

[daffy] I think he's just picky! Us bird toons can eat turkey, people weren't shocked then! And you're also breaking tradition!.

[bugs2] Your corn-on-the-cob stove is overflowing.....

*[daffy] then zips to the WB zip sound effect to the kitchen and lowers the stove heat in just the nick of time!*

*Snoopy and Woodstock share a dream cloud and has a nightmare about Black Friday during a nap!*

[audryy] Whoa, too many scenarios there, buddy, ParamountCartoons

Me: But the toons are almost out-of-control! Thanksgiving can get hectic in Toontown!

Chuck Jones directs.......

[daffy] (in loud Mel Blanc Daffy voice)

[daffy] Dinner's going to be ready soon, so behave!

[bugs2] How about I calm you down with a nice wholesome TV special, "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving".....

The cable signal is dropped......

Everyone: AWWWWWW!

[bugs2] I'll find you another Charlie Brown Special!

Bugs looks in the attic to his old VHS collection

[bugs2] Bugs and Casper, Bugs and Daffy, Bugs and Popeye, Bugs Bunny and Other Friends....the executives should have "Warnered" me about these knockoff PD tapes I've found over the years *rimshot*

[bugs2]'s one they haven't seen in a while...."It's William Howard Taft Appreciation Day, Charlie Brown".....

[bugs2] Here's a tape I found.....let's pop it in

[bugs2] pops in tape. After opening home video logos, the special starts (and Bill Melendez directs from here on).......

Linus: William Howard Taft ate so much he got fat! And you'll be in our school as the former President himself

Charlie Brown (angry): You're saying I'm fat and not in shape!? In the name of Meghan Trainor Who I'll Never See, I'm only a little chubby. *Breaking the forth wall* I'll lose weight in the newspaper comics!

*We then go to the Toontown world and the moon comes up, then cut right back to the special*

Bill Littlejohn animates Snoopy's reenactment of getting stuck in a bathtub with a bucket....

Sally: ......And so he was stuck until people rescued him!

*The sky becomes night at the mansion and the final closing logo after the special is over shown, then [bugs2] stops the tape*

[bugs2] So, how was it?

*Everyone's face pops in shock*

[huey] I want to lose some weight

Taz: Me, Taz, not hungry. Uhhhhh!

Lucy: I want to still be beautiful and this special reeked!

Charlie Brown: It's safe to say, we have Thanksgiving Anorexia!

[daffy] Thanksgiving Anorexia? What an oxymoron! I have ALL THIS FOOD and everyone's not hungry anymore for scary weight loss and poor metabolism. Luckily I have some Ready-To-Bake cookie dough so I can bake Christmas cookies. The smell of the raw dough baking so it's safe to eat will make them tempted to eat! I gotta hurry!


A smell comes from the kitchen

Peppermint Patty: Is Daffy baking.....*sniff-sniff* cookies?????? MMMMMMMMMMMMM!

*Suddenly the heat lures her to the oven*

[daffy] Quit looking at the cookies, buster! If you want dessert eat your meal first!

Peppermint Patty: Then I'm now that right toons?

Everyone: Mmm-hmmm!

All the toons gather round the table....while Linus says a thanksgiving prayer. After say "Amen", the toons have a nice slow dinner with turkey.

Meanwhile [huey] eats his pizza........

And the toons have a happy Thanksgiving.....

THE END......


I'm going to be gone without a computer to type with, so I had to end it early. Happy Thanksgiving everybody and let's hope Toadette helps us make a good Christmas thread!