S. C. MacPeter
This news is hitting me hard today. Jim Korkis, Disney Historian, writer of dozens of books and countless articles, including on Cartoon Research , passed away this morning . I did not know Jim in anyway, but his writing was always the gold standard. Besides Disney, he wrote a great variety of stories and trivia on all things animation that enchanted everyone who read his work. His last few articles on Cartoon Research were particular high notes, and its depressing to it all end after all these decades of him writing, its hard to tell what information could've been lost to time without his writing. My condolences to all those who knew him directly, may he rest in peace
PopKorn Kat
That's incredibly tragic...may he rest in peace. He lived a long and fulfilling life...
S. C. MacPeter
More than just that. Jim had been writing about animation since the mid-1970s, and may very well of been the most prolific in that subject, considering his knowledge and large output. I'd like to share Jim's final words 

Jim Korkis wrote:

“There are so many books I wanted to read or re-read, so many movies and television shows I wanted to see or re-see and more many food treats I wanted to enjoy again like See’s chocolates. I know God loves me and this is part of his plan. Be happy and kind to each other. When you think of me, I hope you smile. I loved you all and appreciated your generosity, support and hope.”

Bobby Bickert
I bought The Encyclopedia of Cartoon Superstars (co-authored with John Cawley) new in 1992.