Homestar Runner is one of my favorite animated web series. I first discovered it back in August 2008 and I thought Strong Bad Emails are hilarious! Matt and Mike Chapman did a great jorb creating and voicing the characters!
PopKorn Kat
Have you played the Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People series from Telltale games? Sadly, it was delisted earlier this year, so it can't be bought legally anymore, but I've played the first chapter and it captured the humor of the series very well.
I played those episodes and they’re pretty funny.
I got the 5th and final game as an official free download game for Trogday in 2010 (when the site was mainly on hiatus). Unfortunately, when I got a new computer and had my old computer files transferred, the game file did not make it.

I should point out that the Brother Chaps are currently doing a new collection of click and point collection called "Dangeresque: The Roomisode Triungulate"  which will include an updated and fully-voiced version of the original Flash game, the unreleased and finished second game, and a brand new third game.